By Paul Hill

HOUSTON – The Houston Chronicle and Channel 13 (ABC) news have posted an article and video documenting the destruction of priceless art works at TSU last week. The scene of the crime was the main administration building where many beautiful murals adorn the walls. Two of these world class art works were unceremoniously destroyed last week.

You can find the Houston Chronicle article at
Please take time to view this video from Channel 13 (ABC) news. It takes about five minutes or less and will fill you in on what is currently happening at TSU.

You may be aware that TSU has a world class art museum (The University Museum) which is the showcase for some of the art of Dr. John Biggers. Dr. Biggers’ work is well known throughout the world. Some of his students embarked on a project in which they painted beautiful murals on the halls of Hannah Hall at TSU. This project started in the 1960s and depicts the struggles of the times as seen through the eyes of Houstonians. The murals are historical and are a Houston treasure. I have viewed the murals myself and they are indeed stunning.

If you are so moved, please contact the Texas Governor’s office to express your displeasure with what has happened. The opinion line is (800)252-9600. The phone number is (512)463-2000 and the fax number is (512)463-1849. You can also ask that the murals be designated as an historical site.

You can also contact the TSU Board of Regents to express your displeasure by calling (713)313-7900 or send an e-mail to Griffin_ka@TSU.EDU . You can fax a letter to (713)313-7901 or mail it to:

Karen Griffin
Executive Director/Office of Board Relations
Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne St., Hannah Hall 104
Houston, TX 77004

Thanks for your support. Your voice counts!