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Today, now more than ever, we need committed people to join the Houston Communist Party and stand against imperialism. The Houston Communist Party need people like you to join their ranks and fight back against the tide of reactionary politics.

The Houston Communist Party is an organization of activists in labor and all the people’s movements with three main political aims:

  1. Winning a wide-ranging program of reforms that put the well being of the people before private profits.
  2. Defeating the right-wing agenda.
  3. Eventually replacing big business with labor and its allies as the dominant power so as to insure that the rights, economic security and expanding needs of the people become the overriding concern of society.

You don’t have to be a Communist to be part of this effort or make important contributions to it, but it helps!

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In this case, long-standing pent-up needs of the people can be addressed. Unions can get the same freedom to organize that exists in Canada and most of Western Europe. Discrimination against minorities and women can be sharply curtailed. Massive public works programs with affirmative action can be established to create jobs, revive basic industry, rebuild our cities and crumbling infrastructure and clean up the environment. Quality, integrated public education can become available to everyone from nursery school to graduate school. National health care, social security, housing and necessary utilities can be guaranteed as basic human rights.

The wealth and resources for these and other programs are abundantly available in our country but are monopolized in the hands of a tiny group of billionaires whose sole, overriding aim is to maximize private profits.

The struggle for the rights of the people takes place in many different arenas – economic, intellectual, cultural and political. But the result of the growing unity and mass mobilization, is that the privileged few will be defeated. Labor and its allies will become the dominant force in our country and will establish the structures needed to guarantee the rights and security of the people. To facilitate this revolutionary change and to make it as peaceful and painless as possible is the ultimate aim of the Houston Communist Party. The outcome will be a society with social ownership of the means of production built on the progressive and democratic gains that our people have won in over 200 years of class struggle and on our own unique multi-racial, multi-ethnic culture, traditions and history.