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Foro de Sao Paulo rechaza maniobras de Donald Trump contra Cuba
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New Hope For Working People

New Hope For Working People

New Hope For Working People

After a series of depressing elections over the last year (the rise of Donald Trump was not the only case), some positive news for working people has arrived at the ballot box. Here are two very different scenarios, with some interesting similarities.

In British Columbia, one of the most right-wing governments in recent Canadian history got the hook on May 9. The Liberals won a few more votes than the NDP, but lost their majority in the Legislature, and the Greens ended up with the balance of power. Barring unexpected events, the NDP will take office by the end of June, ready to implement an accord with the Greens based largely on demands raised by people’s movements across the province. The accord isn’t a program to attack the basic political power of the big corporations, but it can help to reverse the worst impacts of austerity and cutbacks imposed by the Liberals since 2001 (and in fact by the previous NDP government of the 1990s). By any measure, this is a victory. But the only way to build on this accord is through mass mobilization and pressure by the labour and people’s movements.

On a global scale, the setback for Theresa May’s Tories in the UK a month later was a much bigger development. Not just because Britain is a key ally of US imperialism, but also because Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn campaigned as a socialist, on a platform calling for radical reforms.

There is much to discuss and debate about these complex events, along with the continued popularity of Bernie Sanders in the United States. One thing is certain: the myth that working people reject the concept of socialism has been decisively disproven. A better world remains both possible and necessary!

Bernie Sanders Storms Senate Floor To Rip Trumpcare To Shreds: GOP ‘Should Be Embarrassed’

Bernie Sanders Storms Senate Floor To Rip Trumpcare To Shreds: GOP ‘Should Be Embarrassed’

“We have not had one hearing, not one open discussion. And I should think that every Republican should be embarrassed by this, and I know that many of them are embarrassed by it.”

Bernie Sanders Storms Senate Floor To Rip Trumpcare To Shreds: GOP ‘Should Be Embarrassed’

Sen. Bernie Sanders stormed the Senate floor on Monday to slam the secret Republican effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, saying to Republicans, “What are you afraid of?”

The Vermont senator slammed the GOP plan for its content, its secrecy, and the fact that there have been zero committee hearings on the legislation – unprecedented for a bill of this magnitude.

Sanders said:

It should tell every American, whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, whether you’re conservative or progressive. It should tell you something that major, major legislation is being written at this moment, and most Republicans don’t have a clue as to what’s in that legislation, let alone Democrats, let alone the average American. So I say to the Republican leadership, what are you afraid of? Bring that bill out. … We have not had one hearing to ask members of the administration, people throughout this country what the impact of this legislation will be on the children, on the elderly, on working families, on those who have chronic diseases, on ordinary Americans. What impact will this legislation have on the lives of 300+ million people? We have not had one hearing, not one open discussion. And I should think that every Republican should be embarrassed by this, and I know that many of them are embarrassed by it. 

As the revved up Sanders alluded to in his floor speech, Republicans are terrified of being transparent about this legislation because they know the American people will reject it.

There is much about Trumpcare that we don’t know, but what we do know is troubling: Millions of Americans will lose their health insurance, those who keep their insurance will pay more and have less assistance affording it, Medicaid will face drastic cuts, and essential benefits will be gutted.

And not only have the Republicans been crafting this massive piece of legislation in total secrecy, but the uncertainty surrounding their efforts have wreaked havoc on the health care system already in place.

As I wrote a short time ago, an insurer in the swing state of Iowa just announced that – because of efforts by Trump and Republicans to undercut the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare premiums will skyrocket next year by over 40 percent.

Whether it’s the process used by Republicans to ram their disastrous Obamacare repeal through Congress or the way they have undercut the current health care system, Democrats are right to hold their feet to the fire.

Donald Trump and Republicans now own health care, and they ae likely to pay a severe price for it going into the 2018 midterm elections.

The KKE slams Trump’s announcements, stands in solidarity with the Cuban people

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The KKE slams Trump’s announcements, stands in solidarity with the Cuban people
In a statement regarding the declarations of Donald Trump about the U.S. policy towards Cuba, the International Relations Section of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) points out:
“The KKE condemns the recent announcements of the President of the USA regarding the policy towards Cuba, his intention to continue and strengthen the policy of intervention in Cuba’s internal affairs and to maintain the criminal blockade by the USA despite international outcry.
The KKE consistently supports the Cuban Revolution, stands decisively by the side of the Cuban people and expresses its internationalist solidarity, opposes the invasive policy of the USA and the EU, demands the lift of the US blockade”.
Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
Syrian Air Incident: How Trump’s ‘Non-Interference’ Talk Turned Out to Be Cheap
Syrian Air Force base in Homs province

Syrian Air Incident: How Trump’s ‘Non-Interference’ Talk Turned Out to Be Cheap

© Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev

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US-Led Coalition Shoots Down Syrian Jet in Raqqa (15)

Russia should use tougher language with Washington following the air incident in southern Raqqa, Colonel General Leonid Ivashov told RIA Novosti, adding that it seems that the US-led coalition deliberately gets in the way of the Syrian Arab Army’s efforts to defeat Daesh (ISIS/ISIL).

Moscow may adopt a tougher position in Russo-American dialogue on Syria after a Syrian army Su-22 was shot down by the US-led coalition over northern Syria, Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, believes.

“Probably, we [Russia] need to talk tougher with the Americans,” Ivashov told RIA Novosti. “These agreements on the coordination of military operations should be turned into reality. They [Washington] do not react to [our] diplomatic protests and continue to behave impudently, not entering into any commitments and acting only in their own interests.”

On June 18 the US-led coalition’s F-18A fighter jet brought down the Syrian Arab Army’s Su-22 southwest of Raqqa.The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) specified that its aircraft was shot down while conducting a counterterrorism mission against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL).

For its part, the Pentagon confirmed that it hit the warplane of the Syrian Air Force, claiming that the Su-22 was attacking positions held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The US-led coalition qualified the attack as “collective self-defense” and reported that it contacted the Russian military to de-escalate the situation after the strike.

The incident has become the fourth time the US-led coalition has attacked the SAA and pro-government forces in Syria.

The Russian Defense Ministry denounced the “cynical” US airstrike against the Syrian government forces, adding that it could be considered an “act of aggression.”

“The destruction of the Syrian Air Force aircraft by US aviation in Syrian airspace is a cynical violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Russian Defense Ministry stressed.

“The repeated hostilities of US aviation against the legitimate armed forces of a UN member state under the guise of ‘combating terrorism’ are a gross violation of international law and de facto a military aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic,” the ministry’s statement said.

Russia's Su-25 aircraft take off from Hmeimim airbase escorted by Syria's MiG-29 fighter jets. (File)
© Photo: Russian Defense Ministry
Russia’s Su-25 aircraft take off from Hmeimim airbase escorted by Syria’s MiG-29 fighter jets. (File)

Commenting on the strike Ivashov pointed out that US President Donald Trump de facto continues his predecessor Barack Obama’s policy in Syria.

“He talked [a lot] about non-interference, then he gave the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon the task of restoring America’s control over the entire Middle East, and then he voiced the need to overthrow the president of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar al-Assad,” Ivashov emphasized, adding that it has become clear that Washington’s Syria policy will bring no good to the region.

To complicate matters further, it appears that the US-led coalition is deliberately throwing sand in the SAA’s gears to hinder Damascus’s progress against Daesh.Ivashov stressed that it was the US who contributed to the emergence of Islamist terror groups in the Middle Eastern region due to its irresponsible foreign policies.

According to the expert, Washington turned a blind eye to the rise of the “Islamic State” — later known as Daesh — back in the 2000s. Today, the US appears to have become an indirect facilitator of the terrorist group in Syria, he added.

“The US does not wage any real war on terror in the region,” Ivashov underscored.

Russian Senator Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee on Defense and Security, shares Ivashov’s concerns regarding the US-led coalition’s strikes on Syrian government forces.

“The US [coalition’s] actions are lawless and criminal, this behavior can endanger not only our [Russian] aircraft but, more importantly, the life of our servicemen [on the ground],” Ozerov told RIA Novosti, referring to the recent air incident in southern Raqqa.

“We will take all measures to ensure the security of our aircraft during their combat and other tasks by all air defense and aviation assets, both from the ground and from the air, including the S-300 and S-400,” the Russian senator emphasized.Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry announced Monday that it halts all interactions with the US within the framework on the memorandum of incident prevention in Syrian skies.

Furthermore, Russian missile defense systems will intercept any aircraft in the area of operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria.

“In areas where Russian aviation is conducting combat missions in the Syrian skies, any flying objects, including jets and unmanned aerial vehicles of the international coalition discovered west of the Euphrates River will be followed by Russian air and ground defenses as air targets,” the Russian Defense Ministry’s statement said.

The ministry slammed the US-led coalition for not using the deconfliction channel with Russia to prevent the incident in southern Raqqa.

“We consider such actions of the US command as an intentional violation of its obligations in the framework of the memo on avoiding incidents and the safety of aviation flights during operations in Syria signed on October 20, 2015,” the statement read.

Bernie Sanders Joins Democrats In Calling For Senate Shutdown To Stop Secret Health Care Bill

Bernie Sanders Joins Democrats In Calling For Senate Shutdown To Stop Secret Health Care Bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is supporting Democrats who are calling for the Senate to be shut down to stop the Republicans from keeping their health care bill a secret.

Bernie Sanders Joins Democrats In Calling For Senate Shutdown To Stop Secret Health Care Bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is supporting Democrats who are calling for the Senate to be shut down to stop the Republicans from keeping their health care bill a secret.
Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: Let me move here now to health care. You mentioned some of the policy differences. But there is a procedural debate going on about how this is being handled in the Senate. Some Democrats are suggesting because the- because you don’t know what’s in the bill and the bill’s being worked on in secret to just stop all Senate business, to just shut the place down as a way to kind of force play. Are you onboard with that?

SANDERS: John, here is the situation. We know the legislation that passed the House. It was the worst piece of legislation frankly against working class people that I can remember in my political life in the Congress. Throwing 23 million people off of health insurance is beyond belief. Now, in the Senate what you have is you have I believe it is 10 Republicans working behind closed doors to address 1/6th of the American economy. That’s what health care is. Republicans. The average Republican doesn’t even know what’s in that legislation. My understanding is that it will be brought forth just immediately before we have to vote on it. This is completely unacceptable. I mean, nobody can defend a process which will impact tens of millions of Americans, and nobody even knows what’s in the legislation. And, John, the important point here is the reason they don’t want to bring it public is that it is a disastrous bill. I suspect similar to what passed in the House. Who is going to defend cutting Medicaid by $800 billion at the same time as you give massive tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent? So they want to keep it secret. They don’t want the media involved. They don’t want members of Congress involved. And in the last minute, they present it. They push it through. And that is 1/6th of the American economy and millions of people thrown off of health insurance. That is unacceptable. I believe Democrats should do everything they can to oppose that legislation in any way that we can.

The reason why Democrats should shut the Senate down is that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants a vote on the bill before the Senate’s Fourth of July recess. There is no way that McConnell will make his deadline if Democrats shut down the Senate. The Senate should not be open for business until the bill is made public and an open hearing is held on the legislation.

Democracy doesn’t work in secret, and Democrats should shut down the Senate until Republicans are ready to govern democratically.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP): Trump’s Cuba policy is a product of despair

Monday, June 19, 2017

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP): Trump’s Cuba policy is a product of despair
On June 16, US President Donald Trump cancelled ex-President Obama’s policy to advance bilateral relations with Cuba and announced the new Cuban policy of his government.
The speech of Trump will go down in history as a disgrace not only for its content based on lies and distortion, but also for its arrogant, pretentious, ugly and menacing tone, which reflected all the aspects of the degenerate bourgeois political culture. 

The lies and distortions on which Trump based his new Cuban policy focused on the allegation that human rights and political freedoms are violated in Cuba. Such allegation, which is a product of an incurable anticommunist imagination, is obsolete in the face of the dazzling facts of Cuba. The achievements of the Cuban people in terms of human rights and political freedoms represent the most advanced examples in today’s world. The president of the imperialist US, which has responsibility in every drop of blood and tear in each square centimeter of the planet, is qualified to neither offer patronage nor give lessons to the Cuban people.

Trump announced that in order to “free Cuba” he would further strengthen the blockade, severe tourism bans, and foster support to dissidents. The imperialist US goes full circle and clings to the same rotes, the same policies that have already bankrupted. Condemnation to bankrupt policies means desperation. Trump’s bullying tone cannot veil the desperation of the US imperialism.
Only those who have lost their minds by hatred and greed can be thrilled by a policy destined to bankruptcy and this is what happened actually. It is not a coincidence that in order to announce his “new” policy Trump picked Miami where the counterrevolutionary Cuban diaspora is settled. Yet, Pandora’s box is already open and the powerful reality of Cuba has already reached that city too. Even among the US citizens of Cuban origin, the majority supports the elimination of the blockade.
Being a sovereign country, it is only the Cuban people who can decide on the future of Cuba. The decision of the Cuban people is clear: They will defend the Revolution and continue to struggle until the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the country is eliminated and the territory under the occupation of the US military base in Guantanamo is returned to its true owners.
The Communist Party of Turkey declares that it will be in solidarity with the fraternal people of Cuba and the Communist Party of Cuba.
Long live the Cuban Revolution!
Long live Socialism!
Central Committee.
Communist Party of Turkey.