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Turkey: Communist Party’s Kemal Okuyan reflects on the first anniversary of the July 15th failed coup

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Turkey: Communist Party’s Kemal Okuyan reflects on the first anniversary of the July 15th failed coup
A year has passed since the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey. TKP’s General Secretary Kemal Okuyan answered to soL’s questions on July 15, while the July 15th debate continued uninterrupted throughout the year. 
Below are Kemal Okuyan’s answers in the interview with soL news:
Do you agree with the “controlled coup” argument after a year passed from the coup attempt? In recent days, there has been a lot of supporting news and commentary took place in the world media that supported Kılıçdaroğlu’s argument. Do you think the term controlled coup captures the reality well?
No. This means that Erdogan dominated all the critical points of state institutions on July 15, 2016, that he took risks by relying on his dominance and ruled the coup attempt personally after a point; the issue is not that simple.
Is it not possible that someone on behalf of Erdoğan did this?
When we argue against these arguments, we do not ignore the facts that are allegedly grounded. It is just there is a very big mistake in the systematic created, in naming it.
Like what?
First, it is almost impossible to stage a scenario in Turkey which is very fragile and where there are hundreds or even thousands of actors by minimising the risks – then why he would need something like that or Erdoğan is a genius with enormous powers. But neither is true! A political murder, a sabotage, a massacre … In the past, there are countless examples that governments want to take the information of such actions and crush the opponents. This happens. But July 15 is a complex and comprehensive attempt. This attempt was not led by a power external to the AKP but by one of the most critical elements of the coalition that supported and brought the AKP to power. There are limits to “controlling” this and it is very, very risky.
Is it possible that they thought “let them do it, they would not succeed after all and we would reinforce our power?
On July 15, four people critical for the power, Tayyip Erdoğan, Binali Yıldırım, Hulusi Akar and Hakan Fidan, were hanging around that was not really secure. Armed personnel were around these people. You can control fifty people, but when you encounter with one uncontrolled element, it is over! If it is not a total lie that there are factions within the state and AKP coalition, naming it as a “controlled coup” is not a right, objective option.
It is argued that Akar and Fidan are the ones who controlled the attempt. Also, many findings supporting this argument were revealed to the public.
From the beginning, we have said that this coup attempt could be an informed one and some critical actors could have played both sides. There are many strange things that need to be explained regarding the movements of Akar and Fidan on July 14 and 15. This can show a kind of “control” on one hand, and a “disintegration” on the other. What happened in Turkey supports the second scenario. July 15 is a good example to reveal the pathetic condition of the capitalist state of Turkey.
But isn’t it true that Erdoğan has become more powerful after July 15? He benefited from this.
On the morning of July 16th Erdogan was not strong or anything. TSK [Turkish Armed Forces], which he tried to connect himself for years by the way of liquidation, had come to the point of disintegration; he needed the support of Kemalist officers who he tried to liquidate; the situation was not better in the judiciary system and foreign relations bureaucracy. Erdoğan was a leader who realised that none of the imperialist countries that treated him good protected him and that the US did not need to hide the impact of one of its factions. He was a leader who panicked because of that. His image of being a great leader was shaken.
If so, how did he overcome this crisis?
The system could not create another leader. It is clear that the coup attempt targeted Erdoğan himself; the aim was to detain and try him so that his advantage of being the leader would be eliminated. Therefore, the aim of the coup mentality, if not the coup itself, was an AKP without Erdoğan. The greatest weakness of the coup attempt was that it had shown a TRT speaker against Erdoğan, a visible and ambitious leader. This fits very well with the Gülenists’ implicit, conspiratorial style; but it is not realistic. Especially when they couldn’t capture Erdoğan himself, a coup with a ‘UFO’ characteristic has no chance to succeed.
So you are confident that the coup attempt was done by Gülenists.
It is nonsense to argue that Gülen’s sect was not behind this attempt. It is clear that there were other actors but they were in the centre. Also, it should be known that some allegations put forward have been created by Gülenists. They know how to do this. After the coup attempt, both Gülenists and the AKP threw out misleading information; so we need to turn to the general tendency and Marxism for our own mental health.
My question was more about the after-coup process. If Erdoğan came about less powerful from this event, how did he manage to stay?
The very first addressee of this question is Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who argued it to be a “controlled coup”. He and his party were responsible for selling the dilemma of “Erdoğan or Gülen” to the anti-AKP base. There used to be a wide difference between being against coups and supporting Erdoğan. This difference had been closed with the public meeting in Yenikapı. And then, after the damage was done, they complained about the “palace coup”. After they said, “you can stage a coup, we would not object”…
Why have they turned to a more effective opposition?
Because a new strategy has been developed.
Who developed this?
A strategy is not developed by one person, or three people by putting heads together. Turkey has an important economic and political place within the imperialist system. In Turkey, conflicting fractions of capitalist hegemony have common class interests and these interests unite against the working class. As Erdoğan always reminds, it is these interests that are served for every time.
However, the world system also has serious and unresolved internal contradictions, and despite these contradictions, they can stand side by side for common interests. There is an increase in the number of those who prefer a Turkey without Erdoğan among the strong actors of the world system, we can say, for 4-5 years. This is a tendency and a number of mechanisms are moving in the direction of this tendency; they can flow into a common pool or go against each other. To sum up, the strategies have an objective ground and there are decision makers and practitioners acting on that ground. We can talk about them in total. Yes, there is a constant search for an AKP regime without Erdoğan in Turkey and a strategy has been developed.
Was the July 15 attempt a strategy?
There is no doubt. It would serve the interests of the international capital. Fethullah Gülen said that if the coup had been successful, he would return to Turkey as Caliph, and declare Islamic State in Turkey. These are meaningless. The coup would shake up the reactionary extremes of the AKP, dampen the reaction in the society and try to make the AKP’s destruction permanent. At least it was the intent. That is where the uncertainties and oddities of the coup attempt are derived from. Because they would continue with the AKP. That’s why Erdoğan can not shake the inside of the AKP. It is unclear what will remain if he does!
If international capital is so determined why does it fail?
Because there are enormous internal contradictions. Everyone ignores China and Russia when the world system is considered. However, they both disrupt the imbalance of the very serious capitalist economies and the system. Erdoğan benefits from it. Erdoğan also benefits from Germany-US contradiction. There is no international winners and victims here, there are international winners and international winners. Let us add Turkish capitalist class there. They are also international players.
However, we can still speak of countries with more influence over Turkey. Like the US and Germany …
Let us include England. Aside from internal contradictions and worries, their biggest problem was being unable to create an alternative. Within the last period, they have wanted to bring all the “Western” elements of Turkey, social democratic, liberal, nationalist, or Islamist together against Erdoğan and make Turkish politics “controllable” by a social opposition that is willing to make a minimum correction to an uncontrolled power. There is a strategy here.
Then Kılıçdaroğlu walked for this strategy?
I cannot know that. His personal intention, how he decides, what he wants to do … But it coincides with it. We have to say this. There are leftists who ignore these strategic steps or say “it does not matter, we can do something else tomorrow”. Life is not that way. Some stains do not come out by investing in losing your memory.
If so why did Kılıçdaroğlu go with Yenikapı spirit on July 15th?
First, a test that everyone in Turkey thinks to be possible had been unsuccessful. This trial was not seeking political or social support. It relied on the anti-Erdoğanizm in the society and its own political connections. If the coup had been successful, they would not be bothered by the criticism that “democracy should return immediately”. As I said, we are talking about a group that is used to hide its actions. Secondly, I’ve told before, we are not naming an organisation called FETÖ. Because the Gülenists in Turkey was an official organisation that united the state and the social sphere for a while. Whether it is a parallel or a terrorist organisation, that is the problem of those who are involved in it. In Turkey, you cannot separate the political and economic actors of the system from the Gülenists. It is the truth that embraces everyone. And the total reflection of the Gülenists was to join the cursing ceremonies against the coup plotters. Everyone did the same. We are talking about internal forces, not counter-forces.
Back to the beginning, aren’t there so many questions waiting to be answered about the coup attempt?
There are countless questions. So many things that we do not know … But it does not necessitate to abandon what we should say. Politics is not a mystery. We do not write detectives. We are trying to show the main trends. What we said on July 16-17 was not crafty, but reactions that should be given in the nature of a communist party. When we look today, we see that these trends are getting stronger.
How do you see the position of the capitalist class in Turkey on July 15 and after? TOBB stated that “after July 15, we have grown 5 percent”. Erdoğan sent a message to the capitalists by saying that we banned the strikes for you. Also the wealth fund… What do you think about all of these?
Erdoğan had to give more to the capitalist class he always served to get out of this difficult situation. In fact, the capitalist class always shows a win-win approach. After the coup d’État of September 12th, they won a lot but this does not change the fact that Demirel served for the capital. For this reason, we argue that a class-based approach is essential. Each solution reproducing the system has to take the support of the big monopolies. It is difficult to oppose to this system, but it is not difficult to act “independent” within this system. After July 15th, the capitalists have been revived. Emergency rule and “strike-free” life for the capitalists were golden opportunities. Erdoğan realised that he was weak, and he transferred funds to some capitalists against whom he was ready to fight before.
Then why are the capitalists unhappy?
Capitalists are not unhappy, they are worried. Erdoğan wins the hatred of the dynamic sections of the society. If this cannot be solved, it will have devastating consequences for the system. A society cannot always stay quiet when the capitalists clearly say “we advantaged from this” or when the government says “we are working for the bosses”. This, of course, depends on our efforts. That is why we are walking against the current once more. We do not have to help the ruling party that says “Erdoğan first” and the opposition party to keep this goddamned order. It is someone else’s business.
Communist Party of Turkey (TKP): Trump’s Cuba policy is a product of despair

Monday, June 19, 2017

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP): Trump’s Cuba policy is a product of despair
On June 16, US President Donald Trump cancelled ex-President Obama’s policy to advance bilateral relations with Cuba and announced the new Cuban policy of his government.
The speech of Trump will go down in history as a disgrace not only for its content based on lies and distortion, but also for its arrogant, pretentious, ugly and menacing tone, which reflected all the aspects of the degenerate bourgeois political culture. 

The lies and distortions on which Trump based his new Cuban policy focused on the allegation that human rights and political freedoms are violated in Cuba. Such allegation, which is a product of an incurable anticommunist imagination, is obsolete in the face of the dazzling facts of Cuba. The achievements of the Cuban people in terms of human rights and political freedoms represent the most advanced examples in today’s world. The president of the imperialist US, which has responsibility in every drop of blood and tear in each square centimeter of the planet, is qualified to neither offer patronage nor give lessons to the Cuban people.

Trump announced that in order to “free Cuba” he would further strengthen the blockade, severe tourism bans, and foster support to dissidents. The imperialist US goes full circle and clings to the same rotes, the same policies that have already bankrupted. Condemnation to bankrupt policies means desperation. Trump’s bullying tone cannot veil the desperation of the US imperialism.
Only those who have lost their minds by hatred and greed can be thrilled by a policy destined to bankruptcy and this is what happened actually. It is not a coincidence that in order to announce his “new” policy Trump picked Miami where the counterrevolutionary Cuban diaspora is settled. Yet, Pandora’s box is already open and the powerful reality of Cuba has already reached that city too. Even among the US citizens of Cuban origin, the majority supports the elimination of the blockade.
Being a sovereign country, it is only the Cuban people who can decide on the future of Cuba. The decision of the Cuban people is clear: They will defend the Revolution and continue to struggle until the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the country is eliminated and the territory under the occupation of the US military base in Guantanamo is returned to its true owners.
The Communist Party of Turkey declares that it will be in solidarity with the fraternal people of Cuba and the Communist Party of Cuba.
Long live the Cuban Revolution!
Long live Socialism!
Central Committee.
Communist Party of Turkey.
“Hırsız, katil Erdoğan”: Turkish protesters sentenced to imprisonment for… defaming President Erdogan!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

“Hırsız, katil Erdoğan”: Turkish protesters sentenced to imprisonment for… defaming President Erdogan!
According to soL international10 protestorsincluding 3 members of the Turkish Communist Party (TKP)– were sentenced to imprisonment on June 9th for having held a press statement to protest the Islamic State’s bomb attack on October 10, 2015 outside Ankara central railway station.
More specifically, some protestors, including members of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), made a press statement in October 2015 in Turkey’s western city of Manisa to protest the Islamic State’s bomb attack that killed more than 100 people and wounded many hundreds during the mass rally of political parties and trade unions with the title of “Labor, Peace and Democracy”. The attack became the deadliest terror attack in modern Turkish history.
According to a libel suit about the press statement, the protesters “defamed” Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan through their slogans, “Hırsız, katil Erdoğan” (Thief, murderer Erdoğan).
Despite lawyers objected the court, the verdict of the court was terminated. Accordingly, 10 protesters, including 3 TKP members, were sentenced to imprisonment for 11 months and 20 days.
Spain: PCPE continues the struggle under Secretary General Ástor Garcia

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Spain: PCPE continues the struggle under Secretary General Ástor Garcia
KKE’s PB member Giorgios Marinos during
his speech (Source: PCPE Twitter).
Info: Rizospastis / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
On Saturday 20th May the PCPE (Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de Espana) organised in Madrid an internationalist anti-imperialist political event under the title “No water, no soil, no air to the imperialists”. The major speaker was the Secretary General of the CC of PCPE Astor Garcia, while a greeting message was also delivered by  Marina Gómez, Sec. General of the Collectives of Young Communists.
Representatives of the Communist Parties of Italy (Partito Comunista) and Turkey (TKP) attended the event while the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Mexico Pavel Cabrera sent a recorded greeting message. The KKE was represented by the member of the Political Bureau of the CC Giorgos Marinos and Lefteris Nikolaou.
In his speech, Giorgos Marinos reiterated the KKE’s solidarity and fraternal relations with the PCPE under the leadership of Astor Garcia. More specifically he said:
“Our Party corresponds with responsibility to your invitation and with its participation stresses that the KKE continues the close, internationalist relations with the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain that we knew and fought together all these years, the PCPE with its new leadership, the General Secretary and comrade Astor Garcia, while as it is known, the Communist Youth of Greece continues to have fraternal relations with the Collectives of Youth Communists and the General Secretary of the CC comrade Marina Gómez.
The KKE, steadily, based on principles, corresponded many times to the invitations and visited Spain, developed common actions with your Party Organisations and the events of the Collectives, participated in activities within the labor movement, in labor places (and) helped in electoral battles”.
Giorgos Marinos referred also to the slanderous attack against the KKE by the Carmelo Suarez-Julio Diaz group, which emerged after the split in the PCPE. More specifically, the KKE Politburo member said among other things: “The facts themselves prove that the slanderous attacks organised by the Carmelo Suarez-Julio Diaz group against the KKE and the CP of Mexico, which struggle alongside PCPE for many years, have no trace of truth, they are intentional attacks that show this group’s mutation”.
Furthermore, cde. Marinos stressed the danger that positions which promote the so-called ideologies of “21st century Socialism” or “Market Socialism” pose for the international communist movement. He pointed out that “We fight against the difficulties from a position of principles, based on the communist ideology and politics, with a line of rupture and overthrow and not with incorporation in the system and search for managment choices”.
In his intervention, Giorgos Marinos also talked about the need for struggle against imperialist wars, for the disengagement of the countries from the imperialist alliances with the people in power.
The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) declares 2017 as the year of Socialism

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) declares 2017 as the year of Socialism
The Communist Party of Turkey’s (TKP) 12th Congress was held in Istanbul on May 27-28 with the slogan, ‘to empower the socialist alternative’. The Congress unanimously approved six basic documents, and declared 2017 as ‘the year of socialism’. The Congress has also announced that TKP will hold a ‘festival of socialism’ during the anniversary of the Great October Revolution.
Many important resolutions were taken during the conference sessions, in which 383 delegates from all party organisations participated, including 14 delegates from abroad.
The conference started with the opening speech of Kemal Okuyan, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey.
Party member poet Nihat Behram’s salutation message was also read during the conference. Nihat Behram has donated the revenues of his book to TKP. Communist poet’s bookmarks the 50th year of his poetry.
Many delegates took part in discussions and made contributions during the 2-day countrywide conference of TKP. The delegates unanimously approved such documents as “The Preface of the Party Programme”, “On the Party and Party life”, “Our Road is the Road of Revolution at the 100th Year of the Great October Socialist Revolution”, “Theses of 2017 on Imperialism Regarding Russia and China”, “Theses on the Party History”, “The Political and Organizational Goals, June 2017-June 2018”.
The Conference that was held with the slogan, “to empower the socialist alternative”, declared the existing working period as “the year of Socialism”, and decided to hold a grand “Festival of Socialism” during the anniversary of the October Revolution.
Apart from various documents and the report on the political and organisational goals, which were approved by the Congress delegation, some political resolutions were also put on the agenda.
TKP’s 12th Congress-Turkey Conference ended with the closing speech by Kemal Okuyan.
The Communist Party of Turkey’s 12th Congress approved and declared seven political resolutions.
The first resolution, “On the anniversary of the June Resistance”, echoes the fourth anniversary of Turkey’s mass anti-governmental protests and rallies in 2013, which attracted millions of people across the country, particularly in İstanbul’s iconic Taksim Square. 8 people were murdered by the police force of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) during the protests.
Indicating to the secularist position of the patriotic people in June 2013, TKP has declared that the people could not fit in the counterrevolution of AKP. TKP enthusiastically commemorates the fourth anniversary of the June Resistance in 2013, and bows respectfully before the memory of the people who lost their lives.
TKP’s 12th Congress has pointed out to the importance of the June Resistance and the role of the Party: “This mass movement, sustained by millions of compatriots for months, was a unique action in the history of our country. The Communist Party of Turkey took its part in the front lines of the resistance during the months of summer in 2013, made significant contributions in respect of militant struggles and also made critical interventions in the political character of the movement.”
TKP has also underlined the liberal and liquidationist attacks within the left: “The June Resistance could not gain continuity as a dynamic of the mass struggle because of insufficiencies in this very second aspect. It is not a coincidence that after 2013, a liberal political restoration and liquidation of the left was intended. The hegemonic powers tried to take revenge of the resistance by not only imposing nefarious policies of pressure but also intercepting the left.”
Following this political resolution, TKP has promised to bring the AKP power to account for all the crimes committed against Turkey’s people.
The second political resolution of the Congress, “On ‘the power of the rich’”, states: “A capitalist dictatorship reigns in Turkey. The capitalist dictatorship is run by deputy politicians in the name of bosses.”
For the struggle against ‘the power of the rich’, TKP has declared: “12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey emphasises that this is a robbery that deprives our working people, who are getting poorer day by day, of all their rights. It represents the gravest attack against the dignity of our people. Our Congress declares that the working class will bring this humiliation to account.”
The third political resolution underlines the Party’s solidarity with the glass workers, whose strike was banned by the AKP government under the pretext of “a threat to national security”.
Announcing that the working class will not yield, this resolution has also described the recent situation of the working people in Turkey: “It has been a custom for the AKP government, which does not hesitate to attack the most fundamental rights of the working class, to ban strikes and to justify it with concerns of national security. Recently they also intended to ban the strike of the metal workers, which was frustrated with the actual struggle of workers. Now our sister and brother workers are defending their labour against the ban on strike declared in facilities of Şişecam [Turkey’s biggest glassware enterprise]. The unyielding glass workers are leading this resistance not only for their own rights but also on the name of our people as a whole.”
Upon the Congress resolution, TKP has declared that it will continue with all might its solidarity with the workers’ resistance and called all pro-labour forces to be part of the resistance.
TKP’s 12th Congress has also pointed out to the unlawful implementations of the government that sacked tens of thousands of labourers during the existing long-termed state of emergency in Turkey. TKP, therefore, has declared that Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça should be set free. The two educators in question were sacked by the government, started a hunger strike for over 2 months for their right to work, and finally were arrested by the government.
TKP has clearly pointed out: “Finally, the arrest of Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, the education workers who chose to resist with the hunger strike for their right to work, with fabricated reasons has blatantly shown the inhumane and labour-enemy character of the reactionary capitalist government. The Communist Party of Turkey categorically protests that and demands the liberation of Gülmen and Özakça and immediate restitution of their jobs.”
12th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey has taken a fifth political resolution regarding the foreign affairs of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). TKP has particularly indicated to the notorious role of AKP in Syria, Cyprus and the Middle East:
“The foreign policy of AKP against the neighbouring countries as being totally irrelevant to the historical values of our people. AKP government is primarily liable of the current war and the bloodshed in Syria. AKP government initiates provocation against Greece and tries to antagonise our people, whenever it needs to manipulate the domestic or foreign political agenda. AKP government prefers to keep the Cyprus issue unsolved to be able to blackmail all the people of the Island. AKP government has been threatening the peoples of the regions and involving military activity implicitly and explicitly at times in the Middle East at others in the Black Sea. Those policies are amongst the primary reasons of the lost lives of thousands of immigrants, wars and bloodshed in our region.”
TKP has shown its fraternal solidarity with the neighbouring peoples in the region, emphasising that peace and justice could be achieved only with the struggle for socialism.
The sixth political resolution of TKP’s 12th Congress has pointed out to the imperialist-led intervention in Venezuela: “Venezuela is being a scene of a nefarious scenario of counter-revolution by imperialism and its collaborators. The purpose of the provocation of the right-wing opposition, the smear campaigns waged by international bourgeois media, and the violent counter-revolutionary actions, which caused lives of tens of people, is to drag the Bolivarian government into chaos and pay the way for counter-revolution.”
In addition to its message of solidarity with the people of Venezuela, TKP has also stated its support to the Venezuelan Communists: “The Communist Party of Turkey salutes enthusiastically the strategic preference and policies of the Communist Party of Venezuela to deepen the revolution to protect it and, through the Communist Party of Venezuela, conveys its message of solidarity with the people of Venezuela.”
The seventh political resolution of TKP’s 12th Congress has saluted Socialist Cuba, which has been targeted by imperialism, particularly the US imperialism, for long decades.
Declaring its solidarity with Cuba, TKP has underlined that the Cuban people have proved repeatedly that they would never retreat from the gains of socialism and the merits of patriotism.
In conclusion, TKP has shown solidarity with the Cuban people and their vanguard the Communist Party of Cuba, saluting Raul Castro as the comrade and leader of Cuban socialism.
Held with a slogan to empower the socialist alternative in Turkey and reinforced the decisive stance of TKP, 12th Congress of the Communist of Turkey received so many greetings and solidarity messages from the communist and workers’ parties around the whole world.
“Ni tierra, ni mar, ni aire para los imperialistas”: Internationalist event by the PCPE in Madrid

Saturday, May 20, 2017

“Ni tierra, ni mar, ni aire para los imperialistas”: Internationalist event by the PCPE in Madrid
“No land, no sea, no air to Imperialists”.
An international event against the imperialist wars takes place on Saturday, May 20, at 6.00 pm in Madrid (Auditorio El Madroño, C/ Villardondiego, 36). The event, organised by the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE), will be attended by representatives of other communist parties, including the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Italy Marco Rizzo and the member of the International Relations Bureau of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) Can Seven
The KKE will be represented by the member of the Political Bureau Giorgos Marinos and Lefteris Nikolaou, member of the International Relations department of the CC of the Party. 
The event will be addressed by the General Secretary of the PCPE Ástor García as well as Marina Gómez, Secretary General of the CJC (Colectivos de Jovenes Comunistas).
Internationalist event on May 7 in Berlin: 72 years after the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Internationalist event on May 7 in Berlin: 72 years after the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples
An important internationalist event is being organized by the European Communist Initiative in Berlin on Sunday 7/5, with as its theme:
«May 9, 72 years after the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples: We are inspired and continue the struggle against the distortion of history by the EU-capital. For the overthrow of the system that creates crises, wars, fascism.”
The event is supported by the Party Organization of the KKE in Germany and Party Organization of the CP of Turkey in Germany. The programme of the event will include interventions from the representatives of the CPs that participate in the “Initiative” and a concert with songs of the Red Army and other revolutionary songs.
The 15 Parties that have declared their participation are:
Communist Revolutionary Party of France
Pole of Communist Revival in France
Communist Party of Greece
Workers’ Party of Ireland
Communist Party, Italy
Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
Belarusian Communist Party of Workers-Section of the CPSU
Communist Party of Norway
Hungarian Workers’ Party
Communist Party of Poland
Russian Communist Workers’ Party
Communist Party of Sweden
Communist Party of Turkey

A representative of the German CP will also attend the event.
The representatives of the parties of the European Communist Initiative will visit and lay a wreath at the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park, where thousands of soldiers of the Red Army who gave their lives in the tough battle to capture Berlin in April and May of 1945 are buried. The imposing statue of the Soviet Soldier is at the centre of the memorial.
The Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative in its statement-invitation for the events being organized in Berlin and in reference to the importance of the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples notes the following:
“On the 1st of May 1945, the red flag with the hammer and sickle, the flag of the Soviet Union, flew over the Reichstag. On the 9th of May, fascist Germany surrendered unconditionally. The victory was sealed in this way against the fascist imperialist bloc. The Red Army, the USSR played a decisive role in crushing it, with enormous losses and sacrifices for the liberation of the peoples.
The EU, the bourgeois classes in every country are attempting to delete this historical truth. They are seeking to rewrite history so that the lessons are erased which can today strengthen the struggle of the peoples. They are falsifying the history of the events of this period and are continuing the efforts to name the 9th of May as the “Day of Europe”, provocatively equating communism with the fascist monster. At the same time, the EU on the 6th of May will open the so-called “European House of History” in Brussels with the aim of making the historical falsification systematic, which has been poisoning working class and popular consciousness for a long time, targeting the youth in particular.
In the face of all this, we, the European Communist Initiative, are inspired and continue the struggle against the historical distortions of the EU-capital. For the overthrow of the rotten capitalist system that gives rise to crises, wars, fascism.”