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European Communist Parties honored the Great Antifascist Peoples Victory in Berlin – Speech by the KKE Politburo Member Giorgos Marinos

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

European Communist Parties honored the Great Antifascist Peoples Victory in Berlin – Speech by the KKE Politburo Member Giorgos Marinos

An important internationalist event was organized by the European Communist Initiative in Berlin on Sunday 7/5, with as its theme: «May 9, 72 years after the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples: we are inspired and continue the struggle against the distortion of history by the EU-capital. For the overthrow of the rotten capitalist system that creates crises, wars, fascism.”
The event was supported by the Party Organization of the KKE in Germany and Party Organization of the CP of Turkey in Germany. The programme of the event included interventions from the representatives of the CPs that participate in the “Initiative” and a concert with songs of the Red Army and other revolutionary songs.
The following 15 Parties participated in the eventPole of Communist Revival in France, Communist Revolutionary Party of France, Communist Party of Greece, Workers’ Party of Ireland, Communist Party, Italy, Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, Socialist Workers Party of Croatia, Belarusian Communist Party of Workers-Section of the CPSU, Communist Party of Norway, Hungarian Workers’ Party, Communist Party of Poland, Russian Communist Workers’ Party, Communist Party of Sweden, Communist Party of Turkey
A representative of the German CP also attended the event.
Below is the speech by the representative of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and member of its Political Bureau, Giorgos Marinos:
Dear comrades,
From here, from Berlin, we salute the Victory of the Peoples against the fascist, imperialist monster in the 2nd World War, with the Soviet Union and the heroic Red Army as the protagonists.
The great country of socialism, the Soviet Union and the Red Army had the strength to repel the Nazi assault, to overcome the intrigues of US and British imperialism and contribute decisively to the victory of the peoples, liberating a large part of Europe, raising the red flag over the Reichstag, in the heart of Berlin on 30 April, leading to the surrender of Nazi Germany on May 9 of 1945.
It paid a heavy price for the victory. 20 million dead,10 million wounded and enormous material damage, in a war that cost the lives of 50 million people.

We honour the militant men and women who gave their lives, the thousands of martyrs of Dachau, Buchenwald and the other fascist concentration camps. We bow to the heroism of comrade Ernst Thalmann who was murdered in August 1944 by the Nazis.

We honour the liberation movements in every country, the struggle of the National Liberation Front (EAM) and the People’s Army (ELAS) in Greece.

The Communist and Workers Parties, and amongst them the KKE, acquired in very harsh conditions a leading role and emerged as the organizers, guides and heart and soul of the struggle of the peoples.

We are inspired and we intensify our struggles for the just cause of the working class, for socialism, we denounce anti-communism, we respond decisively to the anti-communist mechanisms of the European Union and the bourgeois governments, to every kind of bourgeois and opportunist historical revisionist, the dangerous organizations that equate communism with the fascist monster.

Whatever they do, they cannot diminish the role of the communists, of the class struggle, of the Soviet Union, of socialism in social progress. They cannot conceal that fascism is the child of capitalism and the struggle against it is consistent when it aims to abolish its root cause.


The 2nd World War, just as the First (1914-1918), was born from the womb of the capitalist system and was a result of the sharpening of the inter-imperialist contradictions and antagonisms for the redivision of the world, the control of the markets. This has historically marked the exploitative system which is guilty of hundreds of other local and regional wars.

The quest for profits and the inter-imperialist competition over the natural resources and the energy pipelines are to be found behind the imperialist wars that are under way today in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine. The interests of the monopolies are to be found behind the flashpoints in many regions of the planet and the danger of a more general military conflict.
The USA, NATO, the EU are ruthless enemies of the peoples.

At the NATO Summit on the 25th of May in Brussels, new, very dangerous plans will be set in motion. The inter-capitalist competition with Russia and China is sharpening. Concern is not enough. The task of the communists is to reinforce the struggle against imperialist war, the emancipation of the working class by the bourgeois classes in every country and the preparation of the peoples with the direction of concentrating forces to eradicate the causes of imperialist wars and interventions.

War is the continuation of the anti-people political line with military means, is defined by the interests and goals of the bourgeois classes. The character of war in our era is imperialist. The revolutionary war to abolish the exploitation of man by man is just.

With the interests of the working class and popular strata as its criteria, the struggle for the defense of the borders, territorial integrity, is a part of the struggle for the overthrow of capital, of capitalism that creates wars, crises, poverty, unemployment, refugees.


Many heroic events are a source of inspiration of communists in order to strengthen the antimonopoly-anticapitalist struggle but the Great October Socialist Revolution, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, stands out.

The historic mission of the working class was realized in the October Revolution. The great strength of the class struggle was highlighted as the motor force of social development and the importance and decisive character of the vanguard role of the communist party for the victory of the revolution and socialist construction was demonstrated.

The October Socialist Revolution demonstrated that the exploitative capitalist system is not invincible, that the working class with its allies can construct a society without the exploitation of man by man, that socialism can eradicate unemployment and safeguard the right to work for all, to increase free time, to provide free, high quality education, health, sports, culture, to satisfy the people’s needs and to activate the people’s strength in the construction of the new society.

The counterrevolutions have painful consequences for the peoples.

The temporary defeat teaches us how dangerous the opportunist deviations and violations of the laws of socialist construction. The political power of the working class, the socialization of the means of production, central scientific planning and workers’-social control are absolute prerequisites for the construction of the new society.

The class struggle continues, historical progress does not stop.

Capitalism is in its highest, final stage. It has decayed and the character of our era expresses the necessity of the passage from the exploitative system to a superior system, socialism-communism, on the basis of the irrefutable conclusion that the material preconditions have matured for the new socialist organization of production and society.

The intermediate, the transitional stages, the so-called left governments operate within the framework of capitalism and perpetuate the power of the monopolies, the exploitation of the working class. Capitalism cannot be humanized.


The European Communist Initiative has spread its wings. Last year it organized the Anti-NATO event in Warsaw, this year we in Berlin we honour the Anti-fascist victory of the peoples and the forces of the “Communist Initiative” will take part in the mobilizations against the NATO Summit in Brussels. We combine these important events with the stable annual meetings, the regular and precise interventions on the problems of the workers and youth, more general serious political issues, supporting, developing, the ideological struggle against the bourgeois classes, the exploitative capitalist system, the EU, the inter-state imperialist union in Europe.

We will continue with this experience to fight against the difficulties, to contribute more to the development of the class struggle, to weaken opportunism, strengthening the efforts for the unity and revolutionary regroupment of the communist movement, the struggle for socialism.
Trump Wants to Talk. But Can He Think?
US President Donald Trump speaks to staffers setting up for the Commander in Chief's trophy presentation in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, US, May 2, 2017.

Trump Wants to Talk. But Can He Think?

© REUTERS/ Joshua Roberts

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Finian Cunningham

Tentatively, it’s a good sign that US President Donald Trump had a productive phone call – again – with Russian leader Vladimir Putin this week, vowing to push for a diplomatic settlement in war-torn Syria.

At least the two leaders appear to be talking to each other – not at each other. Businessman-turned-politician Trump seems to have a refreshingly pragmatic way of respecting Putin as a potential partner, not viewing the Russian president with preconceived notions of Cold War-type hostility.

Another tentatively positive development this week was Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson giving a major speech to the US State Department on priorities for foreign policy. Tillerson called for cooperation with Russia and reminded his audience of a meeting last month held in Moscow with President Putin in which both of them acknowledged that there was an all-time low in US-Russian relations which urgently needed improvement.

So, admittedly, there appears to be a willingness in the Trump presidency for at least engaging in mutual dialogue with Moscow, as opposed to adopting an imperious attitude of lecturing Russia on alleged wrongdoings, which was all-too evident under the previous Obama administrations.

A willingness to talk is a welcome place to start building trust between the world’s two military superpowers. Nevertheless, the next and more difficult problem is: talk about what exactly?

Can agreement be found if one party to dialogue possesses such a thoroughly misguided understanding of international relations and conflicts?

The US political leadership in Washington, whether Republican or Democrat, seems to be so bereft of realistic understanding about the world. It is cocooned in a bubble of self-deluding hubris and propaganda about American power and the nature of many pressing world conflicts.

Rex Tillerson told his State Department staff that in order to improve US-Russia relations he has instructed his top policy staff to carry out a study on how to “remove irritants” between Washington and Moscow. The US chief foreign policy official went on in the same breath to accuse Russia of “behaving badly” in Ukraine.It’s rather daunting to hear that Washington needs to conduct a high-powered investigation into finding out how to “remove irritants” in relations with Russia.

How about the US and its 28-member NATO military alliance beginning to de-escalate the unprecedented build-up of offensive forces along Russia’s border? If Tillerson can’t see how that threatening military encirclement of Russia is a major irritant then the prospects of a productive conservation are hampered from the outset.

Or how about Washington and its European allies letting go of their unfounded mantra accusing Moscow of destabilizing Ukraine? To anyone with an open mind there are ample grounds to argue that Ukraine has in fact been destabilized by US and European illegal meddling in its internal affairs. Washington and Brussels are living in denial if they cannot acknowledge that an illegal coup d’état took place in Kiev back in February 2014.Subsequent American and NATO military support for a dubious regime in Kiev that is flagrantly violating international law from its offensive campaign on eastern Ukraine is a far more brazen manifestation of actual Western interference than is presumed about Russia.

Getting back to President Trump. He says he now wants to work with Russia to bring peace to Syria. One additional good sign was that for the first time this week, the US sent an official delegate to the peace talks that were held in Astana, Kazakhstan. There, a breakthrough was brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran on creating “de-escalation zones” to help towards implementing a broader ceasefire.

However, the deal worked out in Astana was immediately undermined by hardline anti-government militant factions who objected to the role being played by Iran in brokering any agreement. The US and Saudi Arabia also rowed in behind the militants, making provocative disparagement of Iran’s role as a “supporter of terrorists”.The irony, of course, is that the militants opposed to the Astana process and their Saudi and US state sponsors are the main practitioners of terrorism in Syria and beyond.

In his first overseas official trip as president, Trump is to visit Israel and Saudi Arabia later this month. The White House says Trump will seek to strengthen the “cause of fighting terrorism, reining in Iran and uniting the world against intolerance.”

The Financial Times this week reported: “US president plans to unite a coalition against Islamist terrorism and Iran.”

It’s hard to imagine a worldview so divorced from reality than that. Saudi Arabia uniting the world against intolerance and terrorism? This despotic feudal kingdom has unleashed jihadist terrorism all over the world, from the Russian Caucasus to Europe, across the entire Middle East to as far as North and West Africa. Saudi oil money along with CIA “expertise” has been the engine of global terrorism since the 1980s.

For Trump to say that he is going to Israel and Saudi Arabia to form an anti-terror coalition really shows that this president is totally clueless about the world. The people actually fighting terrorism are Russia, Iran and Syria, terrorism which has in large part been fomented and fueled by the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

As we began earlier, it is a welcome sign that the Trump White House is at least prepared to talk with Russia on a basis of partnership and respect. Trump and his top diplomat Rex Tillerson have both this week intimated that this kind of engagement should be the way forward to improve badly frayed relations.But that is only a tentative beginning. Far more serious is the obstacle of American delusions and downright ignorance about the real state of the world and the destructive role of American power.

If Trump and his team can’t see that NATO’s military forces pointing into Russia’s face is an outrageous provocation, or if they think that Saudi Arabia can be a reliable partner to fight terrorism, then that does not bode well for resolving problems.

Besides, an additional, perhaps ultimate, problem is that Trump and his officials have limited control over US foreign policy and power. Trump might want to talk and even be prepared to learn a new concept of world relations (which is doubtful).

But the shadowy, unelected forces that actually run American power – the Pentagon, CIA and corporate elite – are the real players behind the throne. Their track record is one of belligerence, militarism and hegemony – not one of peaceful resolutions.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

No Cash for Fascists: US Congress Won’t Fund Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion
Azov battalion soldiers take oath in Kiev before being sent to Donbass

No Cash for Fascists: US Congress Won’t Fund Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Alexander Maksimenko

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The US House of Representatives has passed a bill that prevents the country from arming and training Ukraine’s infamously ultra-nationalist Azov Battalion. Speaking to RIA Novosti, Russian political analyst Kirill Koktysh suggested that the legislation sends a strong signal to Kiev.

The US House of Representatives has passed the bill containing the provision which prohibits using funds allocated by the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2017, to provide arms and training to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion.

“SEC. 8131. None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to provide arms, training, or other assistance to the Azov Battalion,” the document says.

In accordance with the bill, $150 million will be appropriated for Ukraine in the form of training, equipment, “lethal weapons of a defensive nature,” logistics support, as well as intelligence support to the military and national security forces of Ukraine.

“For the ‘Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative’, $150,000,000 is hereby appropriated, to remain available until September 30, 2017,” the bill reads.

It specifies, however, that “none of the funds made available by this Act under section 9014 for ‘Assistance and Sustainment to the Military and National Security Forces of Ukraine’ may be used to procure or transfer man-portable air defense systems [MANPADS].”Commenting on the matter, Russian political analyst Kirill Koktysh, ‎Associate Professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), expressed his surprise at the US Congress’ sluggishness.

“Ukrainian nationalism grows into Nazism — the Azov Battalion cultivates Nazi symbols, proclaims Nazi goals. It’s rather surprising that the US Congress has paid attention to it just now. The topic is sensitive for a weighty lobby in the United States,” Koktysh stressed.

According to Koktysh, the bill’s provision sends a strong signal to Kiev.

“Kiev is shown the boundaries within which it must remain. For Kiev itself, this, of course, will be an unpleasant thing since it undermines the ideological foundations of the current regime… The US sends a signal that moderate nationalists, and not radicals, should play the first fiddle in the country,” the expert said.

Recruits sworn in for Azov Battalion in Kiev
© Sputnik/ Evgeny Kotenko
Recruits sworn in for Azov Battalion in Kiev

Back in 2015, similar provisions were offered by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) who warned the US legislature against supporting ultra-right forces in Ukraine.During the consideration of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2015, Congressmen John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) and Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) offered bipartisan amendments to block the training of the Azov Battalion and prevent the transfer of MANPADS to Ukraine.

Conyers’ official website cited a March 2015 Reuters revelation that the infamous Azov Battalion “originated from [Andriy] Biletsky’s paramilitary national socialist group called ‘Patriot of Ukraine’, which propagated slogans of white supremacy, racial purity, the need for authoritarian power and a centralized national economy.”

Biletsky was also known as the founder of a neo-Nazi group, the Social-National Assembly (SNA) in 2008, the media outlet added.

The amendments had been passed by the US House of Representatives.

However, in January 2016 James W. Carden, a contributing writer at The Nation and the executive editor for the American Committee for East-West Accord, raised the alarm over Congress’ opening the door for funding neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine.

“An official familiar with the debate told The Nation that the House Defense Appropriations Committee came under pressure from the Pentagon to remove the Conyers-Yoho amendment from the text of the bill,” he wrote.

“What is clear is that by stripping out the anti-neo-Nazi provision, Congress and the administration have paved the way for US funding to end up in the hands of the most noxious elements circulating within Ukraine today,” Carden warned.

Time will tell whether the current bill’s anti-neo-Nazi provision will be put in jeopardy.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

With the workers of all countries, for a world without exploitation, wars, and refugees.
This 1st of May we are in the eye of the imperialist storm. The outbreaks of armed conflicts are spreading through from Ukraine to the Black Sea, the Balkans, the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.
Powerful forces are involved in the competitions, such as the United States, the EU, Russia with the active participations of the governments of our countries in for the control of oil, natural gas, the roads of energy transfer, markets, in the interest of the monopoly groups.
The war in Syria, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and turned millions of others into refugees, is the result of intra-imperialist competitions, a multiform imperialist intervention. It shows how capitalism, which increases the wealth for a “handful” of exploiters, at the same time, it creates crisis, social problems, war, refugees, with devastating consequences for millions of workers.
The imperialists divide the world with the blood of the people; they create nationalist rivalries among the peoples.
The Balkans have experienced the bloody and destructive dissolution of countries by imperialist war, the change of borders.
NATO army and fleet spread over from the Baltic to the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, defending the interests of this “alliance of wolves”, the interests of its monopolies in the area against their competitors.
The all-out attack which condemns the working classes in every country in unemployment, poverty and misery, is the one side of the coin of class policy.
The other side is the unfair imperialist war, which they wage in the interests of large monopoly groups.
Faced with the possibility of a widespread military conflict in our region, we build a wall of protection for the working class of our countries, for our people, in joint action and solidarity between the peoples and with the Trade Unions in the first line of this fight.
We fight for all of our rights, demanding the satisfaction of the contemporary needs of working-class families. We are fighting against exploitation and against our exploiters.
This fight is inextricably connected with the fight against any participation of our countries in the war prepared by our exploiters with their power, their governments and their alliances with USA – NATO – EU, against the workers in other countries.
The bourgeoisie promotes their class interest for profits as “national interest” both in times of “peace” and war.
We will not bleed for their profits; we will not become meat in their cannons.
There is nothing to divide among the working classes of other countries, among other people. On the contrary, we are united by the common interest of fighting for a life without riches and poverty, without bosses, this is the life that belongs to us.
That is why we are fighting for:
  • No involvement in the imperialist interventions and wars outside the borders. No involvement in the slaughterhouses of NATO and the EU.
  • Closure of all foreign military bases. NATO Out from the Aegean Sea and the Balkans.
  • No involvement in any capitalist political-military alliance.
  • Against the change of borders and the change of treaties that guarantee them.
  • Against the abolition of trade unions rights and other freedoms.
  • We say no to war expenditure for military action outside the borders, we demand funding to satisfy the needs of the working class, of workers’ families.
  • Against nationalism, racism, chauvinism.
  • Solidarity with refugees, migrants, solidarity to all people.
We Do Not Stand Behind The Foreign And Hostile To Us Flag Of The Capitalists And Their Allies. We Raise The Flag Of The Interests Of The Working Class.
We Are Fighting Against The Unjust Wars, To Eliminate What Causes Them.
Solidarity Is The Weapon Of Peoples.
Currently signed by:
PAME- Greece
Nakliyat Is – Turkey
Sosyal Is – Turkey
Birlesik Metal Is – Turkey
Autonomous Trade Union of Employees in Agriculture, Food, Tobacco Industry – Serbia 
SLOGA – Serbia
GFTU –Syria
WUCP – Palestine
Left Bloc – Austria
Cyprus – KTOEOS
USB – Italy
SGB – Italy
Party of Communists, USA: Statement of the PCUSA Peace and Solidarity Commission on Global War

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Party of Communists, USA: Statement of the PCUSA Peace and Solidarity Commission on Global War
Statement of the PCUSA Peace and Solidarity Commission on Global War.
US imperialist aggression and military preparations throughout the world are solely menacing an imminent outbreak of WWIII. All its desperate confrontational maneuvers in every embroiled theatre, whether through a growing number of European states to threaten the Russian Federation, or in Syria, Iraq or Yemen, on the Korean Peninsula or in the South China Sea threatening China, are toward that unified (rationally unthinkable) strategic objective.
US provocative actions globally are one in purpose; they are not at all comprehensible as interventions in separate conflicts. US disturbance in other countries is posed conjunction with its major front, NATO, through US inspired neo-Nazi movements in several European countries (notably the Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Romania); with its highly reactionary regional vassal states in Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Persian Gulf principalities), with its subordinates in Asia (Japan, South Korea, and Australia); by its promotion of civil unrest in Latin America (prominently in Venezuela at the moment); and by its rapidly increasing militarization of the Artic in conjunction with its servant Canada.
US military and political involvement raising protracted regional tensions has instigated violent crises in several countries in both hemispheres, whether by wars of indirect or direct aggression or subterfuge. Intervention is simply an empty pretext: it is not predicated on independent or pre-existing civil conflicts in other countries or propagandistically imagined threats to the peace of the world by other states. Neo-Nazi movements in Europe would not exist without US organization and funding for previously suppressed and dispersed criminal elements in those societies. There is no civil war in Syria, inherently a stable, secular society and republic, not divided ethnically or religiously. The war there is one of indirect aggression on the part of the US since 2011 through brutally barbaric foreign mercenary terrorists, not Syrian rebels, from over 80 countries, ostensibly seeking to impose a theocratic autocracy but serving as a purely invented rationale for intended US-Saudi-Turkish partition of Syria. Indirect aggression and the pursuit of pretext for intervention leads of false flag operations, such as the sarin gas attack in Syria in 2013 and the currently alleged sarin gas attack in that country, when the known supplies for sarin gas to US-backed terrorist elements in Syria is coming from NATO through Turkey. The struggle in Yemen is not one of an Iran allied Houthi minority posing a threat against a US ally, the Absolute Monarchy of Saudi Arabia, but the opposite: a national resistance struggle of all popular democratic forces in Yemen against US-Saudi imperialist aggression. Oppositional elements in Venezuela are being directly organized and funded by the US, which would otherwise have no power to disturb the political order of that popular Bolivarian state. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, seeking only to defend itself from constant US threats for its destruction throughout its existence after an artificially US imposed partition empowering Japanese collaborationists among Korean capitalists and landlords against the unified Korean anti-imperialist resistance, is being demonized absurdly as if a representing a threat of global aggression. All conflicts threatening the peace of the world today have been instigated or contrived by US imperialism, which are being resisted at national levels by popular and progressive forces in the different forms confronted.
The political style of US aggression, whether conducted at the sole initiative of the presidency or with the consent of the Congress (by either declarations of war or authorizations for the use of force), is not the issue: US imperialist designs now threatening WWIII are. The constitutional question is a serious misdirection of the US peace movement. From 1812, the Congress of the United States has overwhelming supported all US wars, whether apparently defensive or aggressive. The US Congress today is fully behind all current US wars of indirect aggression and of military strike build-up throughout the world. Formal declarations of war or stronger resolutions of authorization will only give the appearance of popular support for continued and intensified aggression that does not exist and provide a pretext for treating opposition as treasonous, as is already occurring within the government under the anti-Russia hysteria generated during and since the 2016 US presidential elections.
What needs urgently to be done as a first step to stop US imperialist aggression in the world is the illegalization by the General Assembly of the United Nations of all wars of indirect aggression, as the Soviet representative to the League of Nations, Maxim Litvinov, appealed for prior to WWII but failed to achieve, and of any moves outside the UN framework to disarm other states. The Peace and Solidarity Commission of the Party of Communists, USA, calls on all domestic peace and anti-imperialist organizations to support the illegalization in international law of wars of indirect aggression and to support universal disarmament by negotiations under multilateral treaties (the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in particular), and the illegalization of any show of force by one state to compel other states to disarm.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


13 APRIL 2017.
KIEV- Lysychansk City Court of Lugansk region considered criminal case on charges of Communists Tsymbal and Ryzhevol under Part 2 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sentenced to 3 years in prison each. This sentenced term of improsinment is calculated from 29.09.2015- from the moment of their actual detention. And the term of detention from 29.09.2015 to 21.03.2017 is calculated at the rate of one day of detention for two days in prison bazing on the Criminal Code of Ukraine, credited in the term of punishment imposed by this sentence,
Using abovementioned rate time of imprisonment of Comrades Tsymbal and Ryzhevol is ended. But they are still imprisoned. So, they are now serving sentences longer than the defined by the sentence, which is unacceptable, so deprived of their liberty unlawfully.
At this time of three years term of the sentence is ended even without crediting one day of detention for two days in prison.
Nevertheless, complaint of our lawyers was rejected by the court. This extra imprisonment is contrary not only the legislation of Ukraine but to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and jurisprudence of the European Court for human Rights (see “Bozano v. France” of December 18, 1986, p. 60, “Khodorkovskiy v. Russia” number 5829/04 , p. 142, of May 31, 2011, “Khayredinov v. Ukraine” number 38717/04, para. 27-28, of October 14, 2010 etc.)
According to Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights everyone has the right to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law decide its determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any against him criminal prosecution.
Currently, there is pure reason to believe that the detention of comrades Ryzhevol and Cymbal is arbitrary and consists a violation of Art. 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Communist Party of Ukraine, Central Committee
Department for the International Relations.
* * * 
ROME- In front of the capital’s best known landmark- the Colosseum- members from the Communist Party and the Front of the Communist Youth (FGC) demonstrated against the imperialist military aggression against Syria. The purpose of the demonstration was to show that in Italy there is another response to the war- different from the one of Gentiloni’s government (which has already declared its support to the US military intervention).
In its message, the Communist Party of Italy points out that this anti-imperialist stance must reach the working people and the youth of the country’s popular strata who have nothing to benefit from this war. This is a war pursued by the multinationals, the big monopolies from the energy sector.
* * * 
ATHENS- On Tuesday morning, a delegation of the KKE comprised by the member of the CC and MEP Kostas Papadakis and the member of the Central Committee’s International Department Nikos Seretakis, visited the Embassy of Venezuela and met with Ambassador Farid Fernandez. The purpose of the visit was to protest against the efforts of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela to ban the Communist Party of the country.
The KKE cadres underlined that it is unacceptable to use a law passed during the period of a police-state and anticommunist regime in order to prohibit the activity of the communists. They pointed out that this attempt against the CP of Venezuela (PCV) is taking place at a time when the deadlocks of the capitalist way of development in Venezuela are being manifested and the threats against the people and the popular movement are sharpening. The government of the country and the political forces which support or tolerate this attack bear big responsibilities, said the KKE members.
The Ambassador pledged to deliver the KKE protest to his government.
* * *
Source: KCNA.
PYONGYANG- A spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) answered the question put by KCNA on April 10 as regards the fact that the U.S. is pulling up the KPA over its measures for self-defence while shamelessly conniving at the provocative actions of its stooges.
Noting that the U.S., accustomed to groundlessly taking issue with the DPRK, went reckless in its anti-DPRK campaign even in the UN arena with riff-raffs involved, describing each military drill of the KPA as a “serious provocation” and “threat”, the spokesman said:
This reckless action of the U.S. hell-bent on the hostile policy toward the DPRK is not something new and surprising.
However, the double-dealing approach taken by the U.S. towards the provocative actions of its stooges against the DPRK can never be overlooked.
The south Korean puppet forces are now claiming that “they could strike the whole of the north” and that “they would deploy ballistic missile Hyonmu-2 with the firing range of 800km for an actual battle within this year” but the U.S. keeps mum about it as we expected.
This is a brazen-faced stance quite different from its reaction to the routine rocket firing exercise of the KPA.
Crystal clear is the reason why the U.S. is resorting to such mean gimmick. The U.S. seeks to stifle the DPRK by force at any cost, even discarding any decency and impartiality.
It shows the true colors of the U.S. styling itself the world’s “judge”.
Emboldened by their master’s unfair double standards and double-dealing attitude of making profound confusion of right and wrong, the south Korean puppet warmongers and the Japanese reactionaries, are now going reckless, not afraid of any punishment from the Heaven.
The U.S. should ponder over the serious consequences to be entailed by its self-righteous and unilateral actions against the DPRK.
The south Korean warmongers and the Japanese reactionaries had better stop behaving foolishly.
The brigandish double standards of the U.S. can never be pardoned.
* * *
Source: Granma.
HAVANA- The Young Communist League (UJC), founded on April 4, 1962, has seen its membership increase. The organization currently has 300,752 affiliates and over 33,000 grassroots committees. It continues to respond to today’s challenges by calling for increased participation in its aim to represent all Cuban youth
As part of activities to mark the 55th anniversary of the Young Communist League (UJC) this April 4, schools across the country held special assemblies, while membership cards were presented to new affiliates of the organization and outstanding students and young workers were also recognized.
Speaking during a press conference in Havana held prior to celebrations, Susely Morfa González, first secretary of the UJC National Committee, stated that “Every activity will have the color, joy and optimism which have characterized this organization for over half a century.”
Fifty five years after its founding, the UJC is proud to be composed of the vanguard of Cuba’s youth, and of the work it continues to do in support of children across the island.
The organization, created on April 4, 1962, has 300,752 members and more than 33,000 grassroots committees. Not only has the UJC’s membership increased, but the organization has made and continues to make concerted efforts to listen and respond to proposals by young people across all sectors.
“Despite the high figures, we want to keep adding more young people and ideas. What is more, we continue to strengthen the organization and its political processes, encouraging and motivating new generations to learn more about Cuba’s history in a more inclusive, humane and creative way,” stated Morfa.
Throughout its existence the UJC has worked to foster the value of making a useful contribution to society in Cuban youth. “There are those who question whether younger generations are conscious of their social role. I believe that they are,” noted the organization’s first secretary, who is also a member of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee.
Of the almost three million young Cubans living on the island, “I dare say that the immense majority are revolutionary,” Morfa added.
Many continually put their intellect and interests toward supporting the development of Cuban society something which “the organization attests to on a daily basis, every time we interact with them. There is broad representation of young people across all sectors of our economy, from where they contribute to our country’s development.”
One example, she noted, is the sugarcane sector, where young people represent 65% of the workforce. Similar levels of participation can be found in spheres such as public health and agriculture. “We recently met with young tobacco growers in Pinar del Río, whose efforts not only contribute to boosting the economy, but also preserving a tradition,” stated the first secretary.
Over the last 55 years, the UJC has also been consolidating the way in which institutions and ministries respond to the needs of the island’s youth, who are represented and participate on governing boards and commissions responsible for making decisions which will impact the new generations.
Susely Morfa described as exemplary the relationship between the UJC and National Association of Small Farmers, where the organization has over 8,000 members, as well as its efforts to protect and motivate young Cubans once they enter the workplace, whether it be in the state or private sector.
In 2016, the UJC organized various activities with young non-state sector workers, “where we saw many positive results, shared, exchanged, and listened to these young people. We were accompanied by representatives from the Party, government and relevant institutions in order to respond to queries by those starting out in this form of management,” she added.
This year the UJC has proposed “to continue supporting them (young private sector workers) to combat illegalities, fortify our patriotic symbols, explain to them their rights in this sector, and which ministries and organizations to approach with their queries.”
Among its priorities, the UJC is also proposing to intensify work with secretary generals of grassroots committees. “We cannot forget that although we are an organization that represents the youth, we are also a political organization, home to the vanguard. Therefore, we must continue to strengthen the functioning of our grassroots committees and to encourage youths to take on leadership roles.”
As long as young leaders love the organization, and search for something to do to improve their surroundings every day, consolidate the UJC’s ideological work, and bring together more ideas to continue building the Revolution, members and youths will want to be like them, and will accompany them in this integrationist work, commented the first secretary.
The UJC will continue promoting historic tours, summer camps, workshops, and forum-debates, among other important activities for Cuban youth, where they will also have the opportunity to learn more about the island’s history and culture.
“We are working with the Ministry of Culture so that our youth can enjoy recreational offers which feature both our best values and are affordable,” she added.
Cuba’s youth is the continuation of the generation that founded the Revolution, not its substitute, stated Susely, who went on to note that the new generations, strongly committed to the legacy of historic leader Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, and the support of the Communist Party of Cuba, will continue to defend socialism and participate in the economic and social transformations that the country needs.
“Those of us who wish to defend, transform, create and preserve everything that has been achieved over these last 55 years will always be with the UJC. Our aim is to increase participation in order to be an organization for all, so that every young person feels a greater attachment to it,” she concluded.
Imperialism’s Cold War dividend

Imperialism’s Cold War dividend

Imperialism’s Cold War dividend