By James Thompson

HOUSTON – The Houston Chronicle posted an editorial today advocating the passage of HR 4645 which would lift the travel ban and would facilitate the sales of agricultural products to Cuba . The article correctly points out that this legislation would create agricultural jobs in Texas. For very rational reasons, the article notes that Texas agricultural leaders are supporting the passage of this landmark legislation.
The article states with regard to lifting the travel ban and ban on agricultural sales to Cuba “That sounds like a win-win to us. Without getting bogged down in the endless argument over whether to continue economic sanctions against Castro to the bitter end, this much seems apparent. There’s an opportunity here to do two things: to offer Americans expanded access to a country of great interest to so many for cultural and historic reasons; and a chance to help American farmers open up a new market.”
The article concludes, “…polls show that more than two-thirds of Americans support ending the travel ban to Cuba. The added benefit of expanding markets for Texas rice and beef producers only strengthens the case for doing so. We urge approval of HR 4645 to achieve this worthwhile objective.”
Contact your Congressperson to express your opinion on the matter. Your voice is important.