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Tsipras’ government dismisses 10,000 workers, promotes privatization in garbage collection

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tsipras’ government dismisses 10,000 workers, promotes privatization in garbage collection
Sanitary workers protesting near the Acropolis
in Athens.

Why there are tones of garbage in the streets of Athens and other Greek major cities these days? The answer is because the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government- within the framework of its anti-people, anti-workers policy and following the demands of the EU strategy- moves towards the dismissal of 10,000 sanitary workers, while it promotes the privatization of the garbage collection sector in municipalities. 

Greece’s local authority staff union federation POE-OTA launched a protest last week, after a court ruled against the new extension to late 2017 of the short- term contracts of more than 10,000 people working in trash collection in municipalities throughout Greece.
POE-OTA responded with work stoppages, strikes, and sit-in protests at landfills, rightfully demanding permanent employment of workers to replace the fixed-term contracts, which put workers in risk of being fired in a country suffering chronic unemployment of about 25% of the working force.
In a communication trick, Interior Minister Panos Skourletis submitted to the parliament on Monday a proposal for hiring 2,500 permanent municipal sanitation workers. The proposal was immediately rejected by POE-OTA as insufficient. The government’s mockery towards the sanitary workers is more than clear: It proposes the hiring of 2,500 municipal sanitation workers, while it prepares the dismissal of more than 6,500 of them! 
“Given that sanitation services are a daily operation in urban centers, we request permanent personnel earning salaries allowing them to make a living with dignity. There is no need for short-term workers which are recycled by governments and mayors under the formula ‘You leave, you are hired’. As a result, each time people are offered fewer workers’ rights and smaller wages,” Christos Panagiotopoulos, a protesting worker was quoted by the Chinese news network Xinhua on Monday.
In this anti-workers strategy, the SYRIZA-ANEL government is actually supported by the opposition party of New Democracy and all the bourgeois political forces, including many of the municipal authorities. In Thessaloniki, mayor Yannis Boutaris– known for his animosity towards the labor movement- unleashed a fierce attack against the striking workers and threatened them by signing an emergency tender awaiting a relevant short-term contract to the private sector. Such a move by Boutaris would cost to the city’s taxpayers approximately 192,000 euros for three days! The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) slammed the anti-worker delirium of mayor Boutaris thus accusing him of promoting the governmental strategy and the interests of private contractors.

“Fraud- hostage- dismissal- unemployment… This is the course of the government’s policy in the case of the municipal sanitation workers, the policy followed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government during the last 2.5 years” writes the Sunday edition of “Rizospastis” on 25th June. 

“In particular, the sector of sanitation and waste management consists a very promising “investment” sector for monopoly groups” points out the article of “Rizospastis” and continues: “Many are those who are lurking to strench their hands, since in this case “garbage is treasure”. What nowadays appears to be a “gordian knot” in the labor relation of the contract workers, consists a first-class opportunity to promote privatization projects. It is also no coincidence that many media, according to their favorite method, rushed to zoom at the “piles of garbage” in Athens, in order to connect the issue with the tourist season and pass the “message” about the need for privatization. After all, specific mayors are already moving towards this direction openly”.

KKE: “The people must support the struggle of the sanitation workers – The waste collection and management is state’s responsibility.”

In a statement, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) expressed its support to the struggle of the workers and denounced the policy of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, as well as the role of New Democracy and part of the mayors who promote the privatization plans. The KKE states that the waste collection and management is state’s responsibility and must be financed from the government’s budget. “Today”, the KKE statement points out, “the SYRIZA-ANEL government dismisses thousands of contract workers, hiding behild the constitution’s provisions. Instead of ensuring the right to stable and permanent labor of all these workers, (the government) is mocking them, promising supposed solutions which perpetuate labor insecurity and lead to dismissals”.

Full support to the struggle of the sanitation workers was expressed by the five communist mayors – of the cities of Patras, Chaidari, Petroupolis, Kesariani and Ikaria – who denounced the governmental mockery. The five mayors asked from the government to transform the temporary contracts of the municipal sanitation workers into permanent ones.  

And a 24-hour strike and a new rally in Athens was called for Thursday.

On the dangerous and provocative remarks by New Democracy’s Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On the dangerous and provocative remarks by New Democracy’s Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Adopting the “arguments” of Golden Dawn’s neo-Nazis, the president of the centre-right New Democracy (ND) party Kyriakos Mitsotakis made some dangerous and provocative remarks blaming the “Left” as the one responsible for “terrorism” in Greece. 

In an article published on ‘’ under the title “Greece fears revival of far-left violence”, Mitsotakis fully adopts the rhetoric of Golden Dawn’s fascist thugs: “We are the only country [in Europe] that has domestic terrorism of the extreme left” said Mitsotakis who tried to downgrade the criminal activity of the Nazi Golden Dawn. 
More specifically, ‘Politico’ points out: However, Mitsotakis played down the impact of Golden Dawn on Greek society, saying it was “so extreme and so vulgar” that it was marginalized. “It’s as if they don’t exist” he said. “The violence has been almost exclusively from the left in recent years”.
With the above statements, Kyriakos Mitsotakis shamelessly “exonerates” the criminal role of Golden Dawn, a Nazi-fascist organization which is responsible for numerous murderous attacks on immigrants and workers. 
Apparently, Mitsotakis’ interview and his anti-left remarks consist another episode in the bourgeois bipartite “dogfight” between SYRIZA and New Democracy. However, it becomes clear that his effort to blame the “Left” as the womb of terrorism goes far beyond than the SYRIZA-New Democracy political rivalry: In fact, with his hideous and unacceptable remarks, Mitsotakis puts in target the workers-people’s movement, equating it with the activity of provocative groups (e.g. November 17).
Of course, Mitsotakis’ remarks on ‘Politico’ were hailed by the Golden Dawn Nazis who congratulated him for his statements: “Here is the big truth Mitsotakis said- well done to him” the neo-Nazis wrote in their website.  
Comment by the KKE regarding Mitsotakis’ remarks:
Commenting on Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ interview and his remarks on “terrorism”, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) pointed out:
“The effort of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to create dangerous associations, by actually connecting the activity of provocative groups with the workers-people’s movement, on the one hand strengthens the environment of repression and on the other hand adopts the arguments of Golden Dawn, the criminal activity of which he totally silences”. 
KKE: Message of internationalist solidarity to the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

Monday, June 26, 2017

KKE: Message of internationalist solidarity to the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

Dear comrades,
The KKE expresses the warmest comradely greetings of the Greek communists to the 15th National Congress of the PCV .
Our parties all these years have developed very close, bilateral comradely relations of cooperation. We have met together in the efforts to overcome the difficulties, for the theoretical and ideological regroupment of the international communist movement, the reinforcement of Marxist-Leninist orientation in its ranks, for the creation and publication of the International Communist Review. We have waged battles together to defend the communist identity of the IMCWP and to preserve its communist characteristics. We have devoted significant forces to developing the anti-imperialist struggle and solidarity, to strengthening the international anti-imperialist organizations.
The KKE supported and decisively supports the PCV and the struggle it is waging in very complex and difficult conditions. It is our conviction that the strengthening of the PCV corresponds to the immediate and long-term interests of the working class and poor popular strata of Venezuela and we wish every success to your 15th Congress.
Dear comrades,
Truly, your congress is being held in a complex and difficult period. Capitalist barbarity, the intensification of the inter-imperialist contradictions, of the antagonisms between capitalist powers and alliances pose serious challenges for the communists. Capitalism in its imperialist stage has nothing to offer the peoples apart from exploitation, poverty, wars and misery.
The capitalist path of development in all countries inevitably is accompanied by capitalist crises, and these crises refute the false expectations the popular masses had that there could be a pro-people political line and that the peoples needs could be satisfied by the forces of social-democracy, in the form of the so-called left or progressive governments. The outbreak of the crisis and the needs of capital for the increase of profitability has led then to carry out a full-scale offensive against the working class, to abolish fundamental labour, social rights that had been won by the struggle of the workers’-people’s masses, the class struggle.
The experience from the anti-people political line of the SYRIZA-ANEL government in Greece stresses the characteristic role of social-democracy that is supported by big capital and the imperialist unions in order to impose harsh anti-people measures.
The ruling class in our country utilizes the developments in Venezuela and more generally in Latin America to sow confusion and disorientation, to blur the socialist perspective. However, what is in crisis is not socialism and Marxism-Leninism, but capitalism, and the dead-end positions of the so-called “21st Century Socialism” that operates in the framework of the exploitative system.
We honour the 100th anniversary of the world-historic event of the Great October Revolution and we believe that this year and the years to follow can be utilized for the defense of the historical truth, of the achievements of socialism and the irreplaceable contribution of the USSR in the struggle of the peoples all over the world.
The lessons of the October Socialist Revolution constitute a solid base for valuable lessons to be drawn which will strengthen the struggle of the communists, the labour movement, for the defense and utilization of the scientific positions of Marxism-Leninism in opposition to bourgeois ideology and opportunism.
The study of the experience of the October Revolution can contribute positively so that a substantial discussion can begin about how the International Communist Movement will overcome contradictions and difficulties that are created by the strategy of intermediate stages inherited from previous eras. A decisive step forwards must be taken so that the strategy of the international communist movement corresponds to the character of our era, an era of the transition from capitalism to socialism, the struggle for socialism must mark the daily activity of communists, their leading activity to organize the struggle of the working class regarding all its problems.
Dear comrades,
The KKE has always stood unwaveringly at the side of the CP of Venezuela and continues on this path. Our party denounces the imperialist interventions and expresses its internationalist solidarity with the working class, the people of Venezuela and the other countries of Latin America. The interests of the working class lie in strengthening its struggle against the bourgeois class and the capitalist shackles, in building the alliances needed to oppose the bourgeoisie and its state, in fighting for worker’s power and constructing socialism-communism.
We wish every success of the 15th Congress of the PCV.
The CC of the KKE.
Partido Comunista de Venezuela.
Comité Central.
Atenas, 19 de junio de 2017.
Estimados camaradas:
El KKE extiende los más cálidos saludos camaraderiles de los comunistas griegos al 15o Congreso Nacional del Partido Comunista de Venezuela.
Durante todos estos años nuestros partidos han ido desarrollando relaciones camaraderiles bilaterales de cooperación muy estrechas. Hemos unido nuestros esfuerzos para superar las dificultades, para el reagrupamiento teórico e ideológico del movimiento comunista internacional, el fortalecimiento de la orientación marxista-leninista en su seno, la creación y la publicación de la Revista Comunista Internacional. Hemos luchado juntos para defender la identidad comunista, para preservar las características comunistas de los Encuentros Internacionales de Partidos Comunistas y Obreros. Hemos dispuesto significativas fuerzas en el desarrollo de la lucha antiimperialista y de la solidaridad, en el fortalecimiento de las organizaciones antiimperialistas internacionales.
El KKE ha apoyado y sigue apoyando decisivamente el Partido Comunista de Venezuela y la lucha que desarrolla en condiciones muy complejas y difíciles. Estamos convencidos de que el fortalecimiento del Partido Comunista de Venezuela corresponde a los intereses inmediatos y a largo plazo de la clase obrera y de las capas populares pobres de Venezuela y les deseamos éxito en su 15o Congreso.
Estimados camaradas:
Efectivamente, su Congreso se celebra en un período complejo y difícil. La barbarie capitalista, la intensificación de las contradicciones interimperialistas, de los antagonismos entre las potencias y las alianzas capitalistas plantean serios desafíos para los comunistas. El capitalismo en su fase imperialista no tiene nada que ofrecer a los pueblos más allá de la explotación, la pobreza, las guerras y la miseria.
El camino de desarrollo capitalista en todos los países se acompaña inevitablemente por una fase de crisis capitalista y su desarrollo refuta las expectativas fraudulentas de las masas populares de que pudiera existir una política favorable al pueblo y que se pudieran satisfacer las necesidades populares por las fuerzas de la socialdemocracia utilizando como vehículo los llamados gobiernos de izquierda o progresistas. La manifestación de la crisis y las necesidades del capital para aumentar su rentabilidad han dado lugar a un ataque general contra la clase obrera, han llevado a la abolición de derechos laborales y sociales fundamentales que se habían conquistado a través de la lucha de las masas obreras y populares, la lucha de clases.
La experiencia de la política antipopular del gobierno de SYRIZA-ANEL en Grecia destaca particularmente el papel de la socialdemocracia que tiene el apoyo del gran capital y de las uniones imperialistas para imponer duras medidas antipopulares contra los pueblos.
La clase dominante en nuestro país utiliza los acontecimientos en Venezuela y en general en América Latina para crear confusión y desorientar, para nublar la perspectiva socialista. Sin embargo, lo que está en crisis no es el Socialismo, ni el Marxismo-Leninismo, sino el capitalismo y las posiciones sin salida del llamado “Socialismo del siglo XXI” que opera en el marco del sistema de explotación.
Rendimos honor al centenario del acontecimiento histórico de la Gran Revolución de Octubre y consideramos que este año y los años siguientes se puede utilizar para defender la verdad histórica, las conquistas del socialismo y la contribución irreemplazable de la URSS en la lucha de los pueblos en todo el mundo.
Las enseñanzas de la Revolución Socialista de Octubre son una base sólida para sacar conclusiones valiosas que fortalecerán la lucha de los comunistas, del movimiento obrero, para defender y utilizar las posiciones científicas del Marxismo-Leninismo contra la ideología burguesa y el oportunismo.
El estudio de la experiencia de la Revolución de Octubre puede contribuir positivamente a abrir una discusión significativa sobre el cómo el Movimiento Comunista Internacional superará las contradicciones y las dificultades que genera la estrategia de etapas de transición heredada de épocas anteriores. Puede contribuir para que se dé un paso valiente hacia delante para ajustar la estrategia del Movimiento Comunista Internacional al carácter de nuestra época, que es la época de transición del capitalismo al socialismo, en que la lucha por el socialismo pondrá su sello en la actividad diaria de los comunistas, en su actividad de vanguardia para la organización de la lucha de la clase obrera para todos sus problemas.
Estimados camaradas:
El KKE ha estado siempre al lado del Partido Comunista de Venezuela y sigue en este camino. Nuestro partido denuncia las intervenciones imperialistas y expresa su firme solidaridad con la clase obrera, con el pueblo de Venezuela y de los demás países de América Latina. Es en beneficio de la clase obrera fortalecer su lucha contra la burguesía y contra las cadenas capitalistas, construir las alianzas que necesita para confrontar la burguesía y su Estado, luchar por el poder obrero, para construir el socialismo-comunismo.
Deseamos todos los éxitos al 15o Congreso del Partido Comunista de Venezuela.
El Comité Central del KKE.
Patras’ communist mayor Peletidis in the forefront of the popular struggle against unemployment

Monday, June 26, 2017

Patras’ communist mayor Peletidis in the forefront of the popular struggle against unemployment

Back in March 2016, the communist (KKE-backed) mayor of the city of Patras Kostas Peletidis had initiated the Patras to Athens 220km march against unemployment.

This year, the mayor who is always by the side of the working class and the people of his city, undertook a similar initiative by organizing an anti-unemployment demonstration in order to raise the public awareness on the issue. 

On June 25 2017, a major demonstration was carried out in Patras at the initiative of the municipal authorities with the slogan “Work for all, Work with rights.” The demonstrators began from Patras’ city center and reached the Rio-Antirio bridge covering a distance of approximately 9km.

Thousands of protesters sent a clear message for work, for measures to protect the unemployed and their families, for projects that the people need, for an increase of spending on social policy, for the satisfaction of the needs of the people today.

As the communist mayor of Patras, Kostas Peletidis, stressed: “We do not believe that with such actions we will overturn the wave of unemployment and poverty that are surrounding us, but we want our people to raise the level of their demands, to advance their just cause and project their needs that are just and realistic, to decisively target the real enemy, bourgeois politics and its power.” 

The mobilization was supported by dozens of trade unions from the region.
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Tripartite Summit of Greece-Cyprus-Israel: Who will be benefited from this “strategic partnership”?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Tripartite Summit of Greece-Cyprus-Israel: Who will be benefited from this “strategic partnership”?
Another link in the chain of plans and antagonisms that are dangerous for the peoples
On 15/6 the 3rd Greece-Israel High Level Cooperation Council and the Tripartite Summit of Greece-Cyprus-Israel were held in Thessaloniki with the participation of the Prime Ministers A. Tsipras and B. Netanyahu and the Cypriot President N. Anastasiades.
The discussions and decisions taken there reflect the government’s goal regarding the geo-strategic enhancement of local business groups, the interconnection of capital from the three countries and the expansion of their joint business activity, mainly regarding energy resources and transport routes.
This effort is unfolding in the context of the sharpening antagonisms of the imperialist centers and countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, specifically over the control of the natural resources and transport routes, with enormous dangers for the peoples of the region.
A. Tsipras focused on the “strategic relationship”, as he characterized it, between the three countries, as well as on their plans for “stability and security” in the region, which is a necessary precondition for their next goal, which he described as “support for entrepreneurship”.
He also made reference to “energy cooperation”, which is based on the “geopolitical position of the 3 countries” at an important crossroads and on or close to energy deposits, serving the strategy of the bourgeois class by making the country an “energy hub”.In any case, he noted that this goal contributes to the implementation of the EU strategy concerning the diversification of its energy sources and supplies so that it can basically reduce its dependence on Russian fuel. In this framework, A. Tsipras referred to the Greece-Cyprus-Israel cable and “East Med” pipeline (which via Cyprus and Greece transports energy from the Eastern Mediterranean to the EU), as well to the development of renewable energy resources.
“There were also discussions at our table about the developments in the wider region, the Syrian and Cyprus issues.” added A. Tsipras, while in his reference to the Palestine issue he made a point of recognizing the “right of the Israeli people to live in security”, the pretext used by the state of Israel to carry out crimes against the Palestinian people on a daily basis.
The Israeli Energy Minister welcomed the participation of Greek companies in the sector of hydrocarbon utilization in the regions of Karich and Tanin. He called on them to strengthen their role in the utilization of Israeli natural gas deposits and underscored the impetus their increased role could lend to the EastMed pipeline plans.
A number of agreements were advanced in these meetings regarding cooperation with Israel in various industrial sectors, while in terms of military cooperation, even if it was not on the agenda of the meetings, the following was stressed “that it exists and is expressed both by the cooperation between the military industries of the two countries, as well as by their joint exercises and training.”
The newspaper ‘Rizospastis”, organ of the CC of the KKE, characterized the Tripartite Summit as being “another link in the chain of plans and antagonisms that are dangerous for the peoples.”
On the evening of 15/6 the working people and youth of Thessaloniki through their mass participation in the rally and march organized by the Committee for International Peace and Detente of Thessaloniki demonstrated their opposition to our country’s involvement in the imperialist plans, which accompany the antagonisms of the monopolies, in whose framework the Tripartite Summit of the Prime ministers of Greece-Cyprus-Israel is integrated.
The demonstration also sent the message that the peoples are united in their common interest to fight for a life without exploitation and poverty, without bosses, for a situation where they will enjoy the wealth they produce.
The demonstrators also denounced the presence of the Israeli Prime minister in Thessaloniki as a provocation to the pro-peace and anti-war feelings of the people, as he bears responsibilities for the criminal attacks against the peoples of the region and chiefly against the sorely tested Palestinian people.
SYRIZA: The “left” servants of NATO

Thursday, June 22, 2017

SYRIZA: The “left” servants of NATO

By Nikos Mottas*.

In the name of the so-called “geostrategic enhancement” doctrine of the country and following the path of the previous governments of New Democracy and PASOK, the SYRIZA-ANEL government has been proved NATO’s “best student”. Since its formation on January 2015, the governmental alliance between the social democratic SYRIZA and the nationalist ANEL party has aligned itself with the dangerous plans and goals of the imperialists.
The criminal decisions made in the recent NATO Summits in Brussels, as well as in the one in Warsaw a year ago, bear the signature of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. In an effort to serve the interests of the Greek capital, the SYRIZA-ANEL government works towards a more intense involvement of Greece in the interventions and imperialist wars in the Middle East and North Africa. That includes the expansion of the activities of the NATO-US forces in the Souda naval base (with the Greek side covering the enormous NATO’s expenditures) and the more planned utilization of other military bases and command centres in order to promote the euro-atlantic plans, within the framework of the US-EU competition with Russia over natural gas and oil, energy pipelines, the control of markets and strategically significant regions.
It is characteristic that just a few months after it rise to power, the government of Mr.Tsipras signed a 500 million dollar deal with the US company Lockheed for the maintenance of old airplanes for the needs of NATO. While it crushes the people, the working class with more and more austerity measures, the government of SYRIZA finds both money and time in order to correspond to the demands of the NATO imperialists.
We must remind that, among other things, the SYRIZA-ANEL government under Prime Minister Tsipras:
  • Has provided- and provides- military bases (Souda, Aktion) for the facilitation of the USA and NATO forces in the wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq. 
  • Maintains Greek military forces in imperialist missions abroad (from Afghanistan to Bosnia and from Libya to Mali), thus engaging Greece deeper into the dangerous inter-imperialist plans in the broader region.
  • Under the pretext of the refugee issue, the government agreed to the enhancement of NATO’s naval presence in the Aegean Sea. Such an action is connected to the sharpening competition in the wider region of the Middle East. The SYRIZA-ANEL government, like the previous bourgeois Greek governments, argue that NATO consists a force of “peace” and “stability” in the Aegean Sea and the Greek-Turkish relations. However, it is the opposite that happens: NATO not only does not recognize any borders between its member-states but, furthermore, it reinforces the aggressive plans of the Turkish bourgeoisie for the “greying” of the Aegean and the promotion of “disputes” over islands, sea borders etc. What does NATO, or the EU, say about the systematic violations of Greece’s airspace by Turkish fighters?
  • Actively participates in joined military exercises of NATO, as well as other bilateral and trilateral exercises with the USA and Israel, while it provides any facilitation (ports, airports, camps, military and other infrastructure) for multiple NATO military training in the Balkans (e.g. the recent “Noble Jump” military exercise in Romania). Within this framework, the government uses Greek soldiers as “assistant staff” to NATO’s forces.
  • Following the policy of its predecessors (New Democracy, PASOK), the government spends 2.4% of the GDP in military expenditures. At the same time, their policy has increased youth unemployment up to 50%! The “left” government of Mr. Tsipras cuts wages and pensions but when it comes to military expenditures, demanded by NATO, it shows remarkable obedience.   
Defense Minister P. Kammenos- the nationalist
governmental partner of Tsipras- with NATO’s Gen.
Secretary Jens Stoltenberg.

For its policy, the SYRIZA-ANEL government has received multiple “congratulations” and praises from the NATO, the USA and the EU. The intention of the Greek government to support and facilitate the imperialist plans of NATO in the region of Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans was confirmed, once again, during a meeting between Greek and US officials in Athens on June 8th. Praising the government for its willingness to serve the aims of the imperialists, the deputy commander of the EUCOM (US European Command) Lt. General Timothy Ray said: “Souda (base) served us during the Cold War and today continues to support our missions in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, in Northern Africa. Greece is a factor of stability in times of insecurity and instability […] today, more than ever, we ask from Greece to continue playing her leading role in ensuring security in Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans”.

The U.S. ambassador in Athens Geoff Pyatt also expressed his pleasure for the policy of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and underlined: “With her unique geostrategic position and her Armed Forces, Greece supports our missions, especially throught Souda, which gives us a strategic advantage and the capability to confront challenges with flexibility and efficiency in the broader region”.
Lies, deception and illusions.
For those who have followed the rapid political transformation of SYRIZA, from a small opportunist leftist coalition into Greece’s major social democratic party, the above stance consists no surprise. After all, during the last seven years, SYRIZA has been proved an extraordinary case of political deception and ideological manipulation. Foreign policy is another field where SYRIZA and its leadership has turned black into white.
The supposed “radical anti-imperialism” of SYRIZA as an opposition party has been fully transformed, thus proving the real illusionary political character of social democracy. More specifically:
On May 2012, in its electoral program, the party of Alexis Tripras was stating among other things:
Our policy includes…The closure of all the foreign military bases in Greece. Immediate abolition of the bases of Souda and Aktio. We want neither Greece is NATO, nor NATO in Greece and we are fighting for its (NATO’s) dissolution”.
After its electoral victory on January 2015, SYRIZA did exactly the opposite from what it had promised: Not only the US and NATO military bases remained, but the SYRIZA-ANEL government (through Defence Minister P.Kammenos) proposed the opening of a new NATO military airbase in the island of Karpathos (21/5/2015)!
On July 2013, the “Political Declaration” of SYRIZA’s congress was stating: “the disengagement from NATO, the abolition of the foreign military bases, the prevention of the military collaboration with Israel and the application of the doctrine “no Greek soldier in war-zones abroad” consist the axes of our Foreign Policy”.
The convenience and rapidity with which SYRIZA changed its positions would be a a ridiculously entertaining issue, if it wasn’t so seriously dangerous for the country’s people. After its electoral victory SYRIZA “forgot” all the above statements and became an obedient ally of the imperialists. Under Alexis Tsipras, Greece becomes more and more involved in NATO’s dangerous imperialist plans, the Greek-Israeli military co-operation has been strengthened and the government is determined to participate actively in future NATO missions.

The supposed “radical leftist” Mr.Tsipras – the one who has signed NATO Summit’s decisions in Warsaw and Brussels and who emerges as the “best student” of the murderous alliance – is the same person who, during a nationwide televised press conference in Thessaloniki on September 2014, was stating: “Our assessment was and still remains that in the new international balances of a multipolar world, this military formation (NATO) which reflects the Cold War era has no reason of existence”. 
The KKE had exposed the “multidimensional foreign policy” of SYRIZA as an instrument of serving the bourgeois interests a long time ago, when Tsipras’ party was rising as Greece’s “radical” opposition. Here is a characteristic part of an article published in ‘Rizospastis’ daily on December 18th, 2012 under the title “What SYRIZA says about foreign policy”:
When SYRIZA talks about a “multidimensional foreign policy” it means friendships with imperialist powers, according to their contradictions and what interests the domestic bourgeoisie or some powerful portions of her. SYRIZA also says that the aim of its foreign policy is to “politically enchance both Greece’s participation in the european institutions as well as her geopolitical value”. Even if we skip the unevenness in capitalist development, which makes impossible the equal participation of capitalist states in inter-state Unions, who is benefited by Greece’s strengthening in european institutions? And on behalf of whom (the government) will be negotiating a supposedly “more powerful” Greece in the bodies of the imperialist Union? Apparently, not on behalf of the people […] Therefore, SYRIZA’s agony is for the interests of the domestic bourgeois class and on behalf of her it promises a stronger Greece, like the previous governments did, either “liberal” or social democratic ones”.
What has been demonstrated in practice is that the SYRIZA-ANEL government is another anti-people government, which under “left” slogans served in an equally faithful way the bourgeoisie, the imperialist unions of EU and NATO as the previous governments had done. Foreign policy consists another field where SYRIZA has been totally and irreversibly exposed as the “left” servant of the bourgeois interests.
The working class, the popular strata of Greece, shall not forget nor tolerate the policy of the SYRIZA-ANEL government. Together with the workers of all countries, Greece’s workers-people’s movement must organise its counterattack and intensify the common struggle against the wolf-pack alliances of NATO and EU, the imperialist wars, the bourgeois classes and their warmongering policies for their own profits.

* Nikos Mottas is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘In Defense of Communism’, a PhD candidate in Political Science, International Relations and Political History.

KKE: “The 65.6 million refugees are victims of a system that brings war, horror and death”

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

KKE: “The 65.6 million refugees are victims of a system that brings war, horror and death”
Giant banners raised by the KKE at the
Acropolis, in support of the refugees, Oct. 2015.
In a statement regarding the World Refugee Day, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) points out the following:
“The 65.6 million refugees and domestically displaced people are not just a “humanitarian crisis”. It is the tragic confirmation of the actual character of a system which, when it cannot give solutions to its contradictions by crushing peoples’ rights, resorts to war sowing horror, death and refugees. The imperialist war crushes whatever imperialist peace leaves intact. 
The SYRIZA-ANEL government, which cultivates the myth of the supposedly humanitarian stance towards the refugees, isn’t innocent. It is responsible for the entrapment of 62,000 refugees in (mainland) Greece and the double entrapment- under miserable conditions- in the islands. It brought the special NATO naval force in the Aegean, using the refugees and immigrants as a pretext. It gives 2.4% of the GDP, 4 billion euros every year- stealing from workers, unemployed, pensioners, young people- to the murderous NATO machine. 
It offers to the NATO-US imperialists multiple facilitations and services, the upgrade of the Souda base and extends the time of its use. It participates in the imperialist missions and the imperialist war, serving the goal of the domestic capital’s geostrategic enhancement. It implicates the people, deeper and deeper, to the dangerous plans of the USA-NATO in the region. It bears responsibility for the uprooting and the refugee flows.
The KKE, steadily struggling against every imperialist war and every imperialist alliance such as NATO and the EU, calls the Greek people, the refugees and immigrants to struggle united and organised:

– Against the imperialist plans and any participation of the country in these.

– For the closure of all foreign bases and military infrastructure. To get NATO out of the Aegean and the Balkans. “Neither soil nor water to the murderers of the people”.
– No tolerance to nationalism and racism.
– Solidarity with the refugees and immigrants.
– Release of the refugees and demand of their right to move to the destinations they want, against the agreements and rules of the EU. 
– Decent living conditions for the refugees and their children, for as long as they stay in Greece, far from mechanisms established and funded by their own offenders, such as the NGOs”.
Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.