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KKE statement on Tsipras-Zaev meeting: “The combat against irredentism requires FYROM’s constitution to be amended”
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

KKE statement on Tsipras-Zaev meeting: “The combat against irredentism requires FYROM’s constitution to be amended”
The meeting between Tsipras- Zaev and the statements that followed confirm that the general established set, focusing on the accession of the neighboring country in NATO and the EU, the so-called Euroatlantic integration in western Balkans and the bankrupted practice of nomenclature, cannot guarantee a solution for the benefit of our people, for the people of the neighboring country (FYROM) and the people of the region” writes a statement of the Communist Party of Greece regarding yesterday’s meeting between the Prime Ministers of Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in Davos.
According to the statement issued by the Press Office of the CC of the KKE, “the truth that both Mr. Tsipras and Mr.Zaev hid from the people during yesterday’s meeting” is that “within this process, nationalism meets cosmopolitanism, the same problems afficting the people are recycled, the plans of large monopoly interests are promoted and competitions between the USA, NATO, EU and Russia are fueled, sharpening the situation in the Balkans and the broader region”.
The KKE statement also underlines that “mr.Tsipras hid that nationalisms which afficted and continue afficting the people of the Balkans were incited by the USA, NATO and the EU, the plans of which the SYRIZA-ANEL government, like a flag-bearer, has assumed to promote”.
The KKE “calls the Greek people and the people of the region to strengthen their struggle against the imperialist plans, against NATO and the EU, against foreign military bases in the region”, underlining that “the combat against irredentism is important and requires the change of FYROM’s constitution, the explicit preservation of the borders and the prevention of agitation of any nationalist aspirations”.
Regarding the discussion regarding the name, the KKE stands firm in its position for a compound name that will include the term “Macedonia” or its derivatives, with a strictly geographical determination, for all uses. Such as solution, writes the KKE statement, “requires the settlement of all the above issues”.
Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
Αναφορικά με τη συζήτηση για το όνομα, το ΚΚΕ, πιστεύει ότι «το όνομα με σύνθετη ονομασία που θα περιέχει το όνομα Μακεδονία ή παράγωγά του, με αυστηρό γεωγραφικό προσδιορισμό, προϋποθέτει την επίλυση όλων των παραπάνω προβλημάτων και βεβαίως ξεκαθάρισμα πως πρόκειται για ένα όνομα για όλες τις χρήσεις, χωρίς “ήξεις- αφήξεις”».
Thanasis Pafilis on Macedonia Issue: “NATO and EU are the people’s murderers, not guarantors of borders”
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Thanasis Pafilis on Macedonia Issue: “NATO and EU are the people’s murderers, not guarantors of borders”

Speaking earlier today (Wednesday) at the Greek Parliament, the parliamentary spokesman of the Communist Party of Greece Thanasis Pafilis, mentioned that nobody must see the Macedonia name issue (between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) “detached from all the developments in the wider region and especially in the Balkans”. 

Thanasis Pafilis attacked both those who organize nationalist rallies – such as the one that took place three days ago in Thessaloniki- as well as those who express cosmopolitan views, underlining that both “do not challenge the accession of this country in NATO and the EU”. More specifically, the KKE MP said: “The government’s urgency [to solve the problem] – we don’t know what agreements made in the USA- is exactly related with that. Because the USA and NATO in general are interested to incorporate FYROM in NATO and the EU, in order to finish the encirclement of Russia”. 
Furthermore, Pafilis refered to an additional dimension of the issue which has to do with the interest of Greek business groups based in FYROM to utilize Skopje’s NATO-EU accession process in order to broaden their profit-making investments in the region.

The KKE parliamentary spokesman denounced the efforts of both SYRIZA government and the opposition parties to present NATO as a “guarantor” of security and peace. “Really, should the Greek people forget who dissolved Yugoslavia and sharpened this problem? Wasn’t NATO which dissolved Yugoslavia thus changing the borders that had been formed after the second World War? And you come today to say to the world that NATO, which slaughters humanity, is a guarantor of borders? Does the government, which pretends of being a left government, compete with New Democracy on who will integrate FYROM in NATO?”.

Thanasis Pafilis also criticized the hypocrisy of SYRIZA over the nationalist demonstrations, pointing out that the governmental partner [the far-right ANEL party] participated in the last one in Thessaloniki. Moreover, as he said, the predecessor of SYRIZA – Synaspismos- had participated in all nationalist rallies that had been organized back in 1992.

Expressing a firm and consistent internationalist stance, the KKE MP underlined that the working people of Greece have nothing to divide with other people. “Those who send the people in the slaughterhouse” Pafilis said, “are those who own the wealth, the business groups, your system where the 1% owns the 86 of the world’s wealth. These are the murderers of the people, these are the ones who slaughter the people in order to control their resources, the routes of energy” he added.

Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
Political event for the 100 years of the KKE held in Piraeus: “Capitalism- imperialism are the past – the KKE fights for a new world”
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Political event for the 100 years of the KKE held in Piraeus: “Capitalism- imperialism are the past – the KKE fights for a new world”
“A century of struggle and sacrifice, the KKE in the vanguard”. Under this slogan, hundreds of workers, self-employed people, pensioners, trade unionists, students, people of sports and arts participated in the political event held on Monday evening in Piraeus, in honor of the 100 years since the foundation of the Communist Party of Greece.
The event, which was organised by the Party’s Central Committee, took place at the Piraeus’ Municipal Theatre, just a few metres from the historic building when, on November 1918, the founding congress of SEKE (Socialist Labour Party of Greece), later KKE, was held.
The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, was the major speaker, presenting the Declaration of the Central Commitee for the Party’s 100 years which was published on “Rizospastis” on Saturday 13th January. The event also included a magnificent cultural performance dedicated to the 100 years of the KKE’s existence and activity.
Dimitris Koutsoumbas, the KKE General Secretary, began his speech by saying: “We are welcoming you in Piraeus, the city where the KKE was born in 1918, since it is here where the 1st founding Congress of the Socialist Labour Party of Greece (SEKE), which was later renamed into Communist Party of Greece, took place”.
“We are completing 100 years of struggles and sacrifices, remaining the only actually new party of the Greek society” said Koutsoumbas, adding:
“Because the KKE is the only party that fights for the definite abolition of the exploitation of man by man. In honor of the 100 years since the founding of the KKE, we will give all our powers for the Party to achieve even wider, deeper, stronger ties with the working class, the Greek people. We will give all our powers so that, with powerful Party Organisations, the struggle for the overthrow of the barbarity of capitalist power, for socialism, to be strengthened”.
In a powerful speech, Dimitris Koutsoumbas refered to both the heroic past of the Communist Party, as well as to the current political developments, sending a message of struggle for the future.
“Capitalism, imperialism are the past. The KKE fights for the new world.”
Photos from 902 portal.
Common appeal by Communist and Workers’ Parties: Solidarity with the people of Iran – No to any foreign intervention

Monday, January 22, 2018

Common appeal by Communist and Workers’ Parties: Solidarity with the people of Iran – No to any foreign intervention
With a common declaration, Communist and Workers’ parties from all over the world express their solidarity towards the people of Iran and condemn any attempt of foreign intervention in the country’s internal affairs:
The Communist and Workers’ parties that sign this statement have followed with concern the recent developments in Iran where tens of thousands of people in many towns and cities across Iran protested against the policies of the autocratic regime.
The protests were against the destructive economic policies of the regime, its brutal violation of human and democratic rights and disregard for the ILO conventions regarding workers’ rights and its widespread corruption. Young people have been the main victims of the regime’s policies, including more than five million unemployed graduates. Those who came out were predominantly young and from poor working class districts demanding fundamental economic, social and cultural change – jobs, a living wage, dignity, respect and justice.
We have received credible reports about brutal tactics used by the security forces and the regime’s paramilitary militia to violently break up these mainly peaceful demonstrations by ordinary people.  At least 20 demonstrators have been killed and more than 3700 people arrested and taken into custody.  The security forces have raided and occupied university campuses in different parts of the country to stop the student movement from joining the protests.  A significant number of university students not involved in any protest demonstration were arrested at home or on the campuses of their universities.  The authorities have claimed that this illegal measure is “preventative”.
The people of Iran and their progressive forces have repeatedly and resolutely stated that, based on their own history and experience of recent tragedies in the Middle East, they reject any outside intervention in the internal affairs of Iran under any pretext whatsoever and believe that the future of Iran should be decided only by the Iranian people themselves.
We believe that the realisation of the demands of the protesters for peace, progress and social justice is the best guarantee for Iran’s independence and for genuine popular sovereignty.  This is the only sure way to guard against foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country and for the Iranian people to stand firm and united against the machinations of US imperialism and its allies, in particular the Israeli government and the reactionary regimes in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf States.
The Communist and Workers’ parties co-signing this statement of support for the struggle of the Iranian people for peace, progress and social justice are united in:
  • Condemning the use of repressive measures against civilian protesters which have resulted in at least 22 deaths and the arrest of thousands of protesters and activists.
  • Demanding that the authorities publish a list of names of all those arrested during the protest demonstrations and where they are being held, and immediately release all those detained by the security forces.
  • Requesting that all those held are guaranteed access to legal representation of their own choosing.
  • Demanding an end to the use of all forms of torture.
  • Demanding the removal of all military and security units from university campuses.
  • Supporting the demands of the protesters for an end to privatisation, unemployment and corruption – all outcomes of the neoliberal-driven austerity policies of the regime.
  • Rejecting any foreign intervention whatsoever in the internal affairs of Iran and emphasizing that the future of Iran should be decided by the Iranian people themselves alone.
1.    AKEL
2.    Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
3.    Communist Party of Greece
4.    Communist Party of India
5.    Communist Party of India –Marxist
6.    Tudeh Party of Iran
7.    Communist Party of the Russian Federation
8.    South African Communist Party
9.    Communist Party of Spain
10. Communist Party of Turkey
11. Communist Party of Ukraine 
[The appeal is open for further signatures]
19 January, 2018.
Macedonia naming dispute: Commentary by the KKE General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Macedonia naming dispute: Commentary by the KKE General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas

In an interview to “Real FM” radio on Friday 19th January, the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas was asked about the ongoing developments in the naming dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Below you can read abstracts from D.Koutsoumbas’ answers to the questions regarding this matter:

“It is clear that during this period, the Greek government and to a certain degree the government of Skopje as well, are facing powerful pressures for a solution in the naming issue, especially from the side of the USA and NATO. These powers are keen for the accession of FYROM in NATO because, as well know, the contradictions and competitions, especially in the Balkans, are very intense.
Large economic interests are clashing and Russia does not want to lose its influence that traditional has in the Balkan region and the USA are interested to abstract countries from Russia’s influence and to integrate them in the so-called euroatlantic axis, NATO and the EU. […] For that reason, according to our opinion, the nomenclature is preceded disconnected from the other issues. Its not that the name issue is not an existing matter, but I think we must get out of this sterile nomenclature.
A firm position of the KKE since 1992 was that the term “Macedonia”- if used in the name of the neighboring republic- must have a strictly geographical determination and on the same time- thats is why we are saying that we must get away with nomenclature- particular importance must be given to guarantees, to prerequisites for a solution that will be far from irredentisms, nationalisms, chauvinisms; a solution which will defend the sovereign right of the country, away from borders changes.
(And) of course, according to the KKE, all these issues must be disconnected from the accession of the neighboring republic in NATO or in any other imperialist alliance. After all, these organisations, according to the KKE’s historical experience and view, are the basic sources of “divide and conquer” in the region, of borders’ redrawing, which of course can be done only through war, that is with the people’s blood.
From this point of view we believe that nationalist demonstrations aren’t necessary, as they were not necessary in 1992, especially today.”

Regarding the irredentist aspirations of nationalist groups in Skopje, the General Secretary of the KKE underlined the importance of this matter for the Party.

The guarantees for our borders, the overall international borders of the Balkans, are the needed changes in the constitution of FYROM, that they must recognize- and guarantee -that there is no issue of macedonian minority. And I am saying this because that is the way to find out that there is not any kind of assertion towards our country or any other country. Under no circumstances should there be irredentist goals for a “Macedonia of the Aegean”.

We are also completely against- and that must be combined with tha name issue- the assignation of our relations with neighboring countries to powers like the USA, other powers of the EU and NATO which are responsible for the situation in the region, for the dissolution and the bombing of Yugoslavia, for the rise of nationalism, fascism, chauvinism. Of course, we are doubly concerned by the fact that the current Greek government moves towards the solution of the name-dispute under the pressure of NATO, for the quick accession of the former Yugoslav Republic in NATO’s “wolves-alliance” on July.”
Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
100 YEARS KKE – A century of struggles and sacrifices
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Friday, January 19, 2018

100 YEARS KKE – A century of struggles and sacrifices
The text below is a translated version of the first chapter of the Declaration of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece for the Party’s 100th anniversary. The Declaration was published and circulated with the weekend edition of “Rizospastis” on 13-14th January 2018.
This year the KKE completes a century of struggles and sacrifices, remaining the only actually new Party of the Greek society, because it is the only one that struggles for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man. It was founded in a period when the flame of the October Socialist Revolution in 1917 gave a boost to the revolutionary labor movement internationally as well as in Greece.
With the foundation of the KKE, the working class acquired for the first time her own party in our country. From the first day of its foundation, the KKE firmly struggles for the only progressive future for humanity, so that the working class and the popular strata will be saved from the torments of exploitation, oppression, poverty, unemployment, state violence and repression, wars.
It fights for the abolition of any mode of exploitation and repression, for a new organisation of society, with social ownership in the means of production, in the land, through the scientific central planning of economy, with the active participation of the workers in the organisation and direction of social production.
It fights for socialism-communism, the only society which can ensure job for everyone, according to each one’s specialization, with actual free time and enjoying high quality, free of charge social services of Health and Education, Sports, cultural activity, housing, vacation and high living standards in general, responsible participation to the organs of management and control in the whole climax of the workers’ state.
The KKE hold high the flag of socialism-communism, even when the counterrevolutionary overthrow in the Soviet Union and the other countries of socialist construction was at her peak. The KKE had collectively conquered the needed class criterion and finally clashed with anticommunism, the domestic and internationalism opportunism which was projecting “perestroika”, the vehicle of counterrevolution, as progress and socialist renewal.
The KKE came into collision with the bourgeois and opportunist apologists of the capitalist system who were supporting that the “end of history”, the end of class struggle, had come. It highlighted that nobody can stop the course of revolutionary class struggle in historical evolution towards socialism-communism.
It highlighted that socialism, the immature level of communism remains necessary, realistic, hopeful. It illuminated that socialism’s necessity doesn’t depend on each time’s correlation of class struggle in a country or internationally, a factor which is undoubtedly crucial about when a socialist revolution can be erupted, under what conditions it can win in a country or group of countries.
KKE projected that the working class, which creates the social product, is the only social force that can organise economy and society, having as a motive the satisfaction of the more and more increasing social needs. It is the class which can correctly estimate and ensure the interests of the popular strata of the city and rural areas.
The KKE, strongly believing in the right and the capability of the working class to know and change the world, fights from the very first time of its foundation so that it (working class) will be prepared through the daily class struggles as a leading force of socialist construction. It asserts and fights for the development of the scientific knowledge of the workers, for their physical and intellectual abilities, for their cultural development and cultivation of their esthetic criterion. It underlines and contributes so that the working class can utilize and use the book, new technologies, the internet.
The KKE highlighted and highlights the decay of capitalism, the relative stagnation and crisis in relation to the progress that can be made if capitalist ownership and the motive of profit are abolished.
Above all, with its positions and activity, the KKE illuminated that the only way that leads to social liberation is the way of socialist revolution, of the planned and organised revolt and attack of the working class and her social allies for the overthrow of the capitalist class’ power.
The KKE is fighting on a daily basis for the development of the objective factor (labor movement, alliance with popular strata of the middle class), so that it will be ready, in circumstances of capitalist power’s shaking, to correspond to its duty as a driving force of the victorious socialist revolution. It gives the fight daily in order to justify its pioneering role as a visionary, but also as an organiser of the struggle for the ultimate revolutionary overthrow of capitalist barbarity, for the construction of socialism-communism.
* The Declaration of the Central Committee for the 100 years of the KKE will be presented during a political and cultural event at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, on Monday 23 January 2018, at 7.00 pm. 
KKE expresses solidarity with the Communist Party of Turkey, denounces the conviction of Kemal Okuyan

Friday, January 19, 2018

KKE expresses solidarity with the Communist Party of Turkey, denounces the conviction of Kemal Okuyan
The International Relations Section of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece has issued a solidarity message to the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) regarding the provocative conviction of TKP’s General Secretary Kemal Okuyan.
The KKE condemns and denounces the unacceptable conviction of the General Secretary of the CP Turkey, Kemal Okuyan, by the Turkish courts to 11 months and 20 days in prison with the pretext that in an article of his “he insulted the President of Turkey, Erdogan.”
This a provocative decision that aims to impede the activity of the communists who are playing a leading role in the struggle against the anti-worker political line and enormous repression which has been unleashed by the Turkish government, as well as against the barbarity of the capitalist system itself. The aim of cde Kemal Okuyan’s conviction is to terrorize the Turkish people so that they do not organize their struggles against the anti-people political line, against the aggression of capital. The provocative decision of the court (which in the end transformed the sentence into a fine) is added to the long list of other reactionary judicial decisions in Turkey.

We express our full solidarity with our comrades of the CP of Turkey, with the struggle of the Turkish people who have the strength to decisively answer the attempt to terrorize them, the repression that goes hand in hand with class exploitation and the system which cannot be corrected, only overthrown.

* * * 
TKP General Secretary Kemal Okuyan sentenced to 11 months in jail for “insulting Erdogan”.
The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and soL columnist Kemal Okuyan, is sentenced to imprisonment for 11 months and 20 days on the pretext of “insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan”.
A local criminal court in Istanbul has decided on Jan. 18 to impose imprisonment for 14 months on Okuyan decreasing the punishment to 11 months and 20 days due to “mitigating circumstances” for having written a column that allegedly defamed Erdogan.   
The court has converted the prison sentence into a fine, adding that Okuyan would be imprisoned if the fine were not paid. Many people and politicians have faced such sentences in recent years in Turkey.  
The court alleges that Okuyan insulted Erdogan through a column dated July 28, 2015. “Did the country surrender to a maniac?” was the title of the column by Okuyan.  (soL international)