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The Marxist Theory of the State
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By A.Shaw
The  reactionary, liberal, and centrist sectors of the capitalist press, the three most important sectors of the cappi or capitalist  press, have turned themselves into one sector in order to better promote or synchronize imperialist anti-Syrian lies proclaimed by their reactionary and aggressive bourgeois regime in Washington, DC.
Donald Trump and his bestial regime  are committing an act of horrendous aggression against the people of Syria.
The USA regime and its Jihadist allies organized the massacre of children which imperialists now use  as a pretext for their savage aggression.
The peace-loving, ethical, and truly democratic forces must fight to stop imperialist aggression against Syria.
These humanist forces must never forget that the slime that runs the foul regime in Washington DC represses not only independent foreigners but also independent USAs, especially those in the working and middle classes.
Immoral Outrage Against The Syrians
By A. Shaw
Aircraft of US imperialists recently attacked the Iraq city of Mosul, slaughtering over 200 people.
So far, the imperialists have not identified the type of bombs and missiles they drop on Mosul.
There is no doubt that US imperialists are responsible for the mass murder in Mosul.
The shameless US imperialists themselves admit they are guilty.
Why is it that there is so little moral outrage against the US atrocity in Mosul.
There is something like a limited coalescence of immoral outrage of the reactionary, centrist, and liberal sectors of the working and middle classes in the USA over the recent chemical attack in Syria in which 100 people were killed, many of the victims were children.
There’s no evidence that either the Russian or Syrian governments are guilty of the chemical attack.
The cappie [capitalist] press in the USA publishes the lies of self-professed terrorists, who enjoy cutting peoples heads off, as if these lies are irreproachable and incontrovertible.
The cappie media and the reactionary bourgeois regime in Washington  have unjustly accused the Russians and Syrians.
The USAs — or the US people — should not become as two-face as the cappie media and bourgeois regime over the USAs.
Periodically, some of the insane, terrorist groups fighting the Syrian Government stage chemical attacks killing children in order to drag US imperialists deeper into the war against the Syrian people.
Trump is a dirty politician

By A. Shaw

“The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly.  It is also unlawful to help foreign nationals violate that ban or to solicit, receive or accept contributions or donations from them.  Persons who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment, ” the Federal Election Commission says on its website.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) statement of the law, cited above, applies to “ANY FOREIGN NATIONAL.”

In the current investigation of Donald Trump and his campaign for treason or high crime, two Russian banks — SBV Bank and ALFA Bank — appear to be foreign nationals relevant to the investigation.

The FEC statement of the law also deals with ” funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly.”

The FBI is the lead agency investigating the treason or high crime case against Trump and his campaign.

Since Oct. 2016, the FBI has conducted electronic surveillance of the relationship between a Russian computer firm, located in Trump Tower, and the two Russian banks mentioned above.  The FBI has further watched the relationship between this Russian computer firm in Trump Tower and high-ranking individuals in the Trump campaign, including among others, Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Ivanka Trump, and Roger Stone. The FBI watched the relationship between these five above-named individuals involved in the campaign and financial vehicles connected to the Trump campaign, such as PACs and SUPER-PACs.

Money flowed from the Russian banks to the Trump campaign.

The money flowed “directly and indirectly.”

A presidential campaign is a “federal election.”

The phrase “in connection with” includes a wide range of relationships between the things connected.

“Persons who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment” the FEC statement says.

Article II, Section Four of the US Constitution says “The president … shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason … or other high crimes and misdemeanours.”

Fixing an US election in collusion with a foreign country is treason or, at least, a high crime.

There is now probable cause to impeach Trump, the so-called president.

RESPONSE TO: Bernie Sanders Rightfully Refers to Democratic Party as a Sinking Ship
Response to: Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office analysis of the House Bill
By A. Shaw
Sen. Bernie Sanders  (I-Vt.) said Monday that “thousands of Americans will die” under the House GOP’s plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare.
“I think that legislation is disgusting. It is immoral,” he [Sanders] said.
Sanders’ comments come after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that by 2026, 24 million people additional people will be uninsured compared to under current conditions with ObamaCare.
The rate of deaths is tied to the rate of uninsured people.
If the rate of uninsured zooms up to 24 million people, then the rate of deaths will zoom up to at least a million dead people, not just thousands.
The bill to repeal and replace Obamacare is a GOP plot to perpetrate, at least, a one million person genocide.
USA reactionaries — also known as conservatives or fascists — have been in love with the idea of mass extermination of human beings for centuries:
…….(1) Wiping out  90% of the non-immigrant peoples of North America [“Indians”]; 30 million non-immigrants were disposed of over a 250 year period
…….(2) After the Spanish-American War, wiping out over 1,500,000 Philippines. The Philippines had done no wrong to the USAs.
…….(3) The US imperialist invasion and occupation of Iraq occasioned over 1,000,000 war-related fatalities between 2003 and 2007
…….(4) etc.,etc., etc…
Now, USA reactionaries plot a  massive genocide on the USAs.
Racism! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

By A. Shaw and James Thompson

We are talking about race and the fight against racism.

Race seems to be short hand for all of us –the human race.

Race suggests some kind of totality among people.

Racism, on the other hand, necessarily implies segments of the race that are hostile towards one another.

So, racists are hostile segments of the people. For example, some racists hate all of the human race.

These are called misanthropes. Misanthropes hate and often want to destroy everybody. They often want to destroy the human race merely because members of the human race are human.

Other races hate and often want to destroy only half of the race.

These are called misandrists. They hate and often want to destroy boys and men simply because they are boys and men.

Another type of racist hates and often wants to destroy girls and women who constitute half of the race. These are called misogynists.

How can we fight the racism whether it aims to destroy the totality of the human race or the destruction of only the males or only the females?

Today, perhaps a doctor can give them a pill or an injection or lock them up or lie them on an injection table or hang them. In Texas, it is not feasible to electrocute all the racists because it would drain all the electricity. Texas administers so many lethal injections that it sometimes has to deal with shortages of the poison that it pumps into the veins of its people so it is not a viable option.

By the way, in the USA, a misogynist can become President and reside in the White House, Donald Trump.

At some point, it became obvious to even the racists that a racism based on gender was unsatisfactory. A gender based racism requires racists to destroy some of their parents and some of their siblings. So, the racists modified their racism to be based on color more than on gender in order to protect their kinfolk.

The racists then imagined that there is a multiplicity of racists based on color chiefly of the skin. The racists thereby discovered blacks, whites, yellows and later on during the latter 19th and 20th centuries, browns and reds.

Initially, the division of humanity consisted of blacks and whites. Later on the racists added the yellows. The prevalence of these sexual mixtures (miscegenation)made it difficult to determine whether an individual was this color or that color. Sometimes blacks who look like they were white insisted that they were black. Vice versa, sometimes whites who look like they were white insisted they were black. When the yellows entered the mixture, the problem of determination of racial identity grew more complex and hopeless. Nobody could tell whether somebody else was white or black. Among the whites, people discovered that other whites were the principle foe, for example, yellow haired and blue eyed people who were white hated some other people who did not have yellow hair and blue eyes even though they were white. So clearly color was an inadequate basis for racism.

In order to fight racism progressive people fought a legal struggle-both judicial and legislative-in which laws were passed to prohibit racist acts called discrimination, e.g. in the USA the civil rights act in 1964 and the voting rights act in 1965. The state in the USA mildly enforced these legal measures against racism over the last 50 years but the state in the USA did not enforce these anti-racist laws with the vigor to eradicate racism.

Around the middle of the 19th century the form of racism based on skull shape became popular among the intelligentsia and almost replaced color based racism.

Skull based racism known as phrenology became popular, advocating that there was a relationship between skull shape and psychological characteristics. Almost all phrenologists insisted that non-whites lacked the kind of skull shape that results in the development of strong and smart individuals.

People relied on other scientists to debunk the non-sense of the phrenologists and after the defeat of the Nazi racists who were enthusiastic phrenologists, people widely saw that skull based racism was non-sense. So, to fight skull based racism and the residues of color and gender racism requires war.

This brings us up to the present time where the original basis of racism, the emergence of an economic surplus or deficit, generates race hatred mostly of the misanthropic form. There is a group of highly trained racists who argue that at least 80% of the world population must be exterminated so that the 20% can strive and survive. These are basically misanthropes. These misanthropes claim that they only want to get rid of about 80% of the world’s population.

If these racists were successful in wiping out 80% of the world’s population, they would then attempt to get rid of the remaining 20%. These racists so far believe that pestilence and famine are the best ways to get rid of the 80%, but these modern day racists do not overlook the Nazi contribution to racism. This racism can be described as industrialized genocide.

Contemporary racists primarily rely on the manufacture and distribution of lethal germs to produce the pestilence that can wipe out the 80%.

And this pestilence in turn produces the famine that greatly contributes to wiping out the 80%. Research institutes around the world are developing the viruses that will accelerate the rate of mass murder that is underway.

For decades, these institutes were mostly interested in the research of deadly biological agents but today their focus is mainly on the development of these agents.

There is a consideration that impedes the use of these deadly biological agents to attack the 80%. That consideration is the existence or absence of a highly effective antidote that will cure members of the 20% if they are inadvertently infected by the biological agents distributed by modern day racists.

People who talk about the conspiracy to wipe out 80% of the world population are ridiculed as hopeless and incurable paranoids.

The information concerning wiping out the 80% has been hacked but what do you do with the documentation that demonstrates that imperialists are conspiring to wipe out the 80%? Anyone who has possession of the data that proves the imperialists are wiping out the 80% would get the same kind of treatment as Edward Snowden. You cannot take the data hacked from biological research institutes to the bourgeois media because under bourgeois law they are required to notify the state.