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Is The Donald trumped? Clinton scheming to seize White House through backdoor

Robert Bridge
Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist based in Moscow, Russia. His articles have been featured in many publications, including Russia in Global Affairs, The Moscow Times, Lew Rockwell and Global Research. Bridge is the author of the book on corporate power, “Midnight in the American Empire”, which was released in 2013. email:
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Next month, Donald J. Trump, with hand on Bible, will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Or will he? The recent talk about recounting votes and ‘faithless electors’ suggests this highly contentious power struggle is far from over.

In fact, it may be just beginning.

Anybody who believes Hillary Rodham Clinton has been sent to the political graveyard by a Manhattan real estate developer has forgotten the cruel surprises of recent history (Remember the Greek referendum? Brexit anyone?). Democratic due process has devolved into something like ‘The Hunger Games’ for the rich – a sensational televised spectacle to entertain the elite every four years, while keeping the people believing they can effect real change.

Although it may seem implausible to some, Donald J. Trump may be denied the presidency due to a democratic system that has been corrupted to the bone by excessive wealth, power and collusion at the highest levels.

Countdown to disaster?

As the world media continues to eulogize Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the neocon-liberal establishment is quietly positioning their chess pieces for a power grab of epic proportions. As far as I can tell, there are three stages of this silent coup presently being carried out on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

The first step in the process was to perpetuate the news that although Donald Trump won the Electoral College (306-232), he failed to win the popular vote – reportedly by 2.5 million votes, at last count.

Clinton’s alleged victory in the popular vote count, which continued for three weeks after Nov. 9 (keep in mind that most of the vote monitors had already gone home as these votes were being quietly tallied), could present serious complications for Trump and his chances of entering the White House, as will become clear a bit later.

Meanwhile, the blatantly anti-Trump media is conducting “thought experiments” to show how Clinton would have, could have, should have won the Electoral College if only the Electoral map had been spliced and diced here and there across the nation. The implicit media message behind all of this tomfoolery, of course, is that Wall Street-approved Clinton deserves her coronation, because, well, that is what the elite want, democratic procedure be damned.

This ongoing campaign on behalf of Clinton is much more than just sour grapes; in fact, it is a war of attrition designed to exert undue pressure on the Electoral College, the rickety institution that got Trump elected in the first place. And although it has never robbed an election from a candidate who has gained the majority of Electoral College votes, there is a possibility – and a very high one in this particular battle – of so-called “faithless electors” tipping this contest in Clinton’s favor.

This represents the second stage of Clinton’s attempt at reversing the results of the presidential election in her favor.

Will the Electoral College go rogue?

The Electoral College is scheduled to meet on December 19 to perform what, under normal circumstances, would be a mere formality of voting for either Clinton or Trump, according to the will of their constituents.

Needless to say, however, we are not dealing with “normal circumstances.” This is a battle the Democrats have no intention of losing, no matter what the Electoral College results tell us.

The 2016 presidential campaign represents an epic power struggle that will determine the trajectory of US domestic and foreign policy like no other contest in recent history. No surprise, then, that neo-liberal lobbying groups have been exerting immense pressure on these electors to ignore the will of the people and “vote their conscience.”

You’d be very wrong to think this couldn’t work. If 37 Republican electors essentially break the law and vote against Trump, it will block him from winning the presidency. The Democrat’s team of lawyers and political consultants are now working around the clock to make this happen.

Micheal Baca, a Denver Democrat and a member of the state’s Electoral College delegation, is one of the individuals attempting to persuade Republican electors to discard the will of the people and vote for anybody but Trump.

Baca makes no secret about his intentions to override the Constitution and go rogue.

“This is not about Hillary,” he said. “This is about trying to stop Donald Trump.”

The Democrat full-court press is getting results. Art Sisneros, a Texas Republican elector, confirmed this week that he would resign his position rather than perform his Constitutionally mandated task.

Before continuing, let’s take a moment and perform our own “thought experiment” and consider would would happen if Hillary Clinton somehow gets the nod for the presidency instead of Trump. If the country is not completely overwhelmed by coast-to-coast riots and protests, and there is somehow a peaceful transition of power, then Clinton can expect to face four years of the most hostile, uncooperative (Republican) Congress in American history. Although given the number of neocons who openly support Clinton and her hawkish tendencies, there could be points of agreement.

In a best-case scenario, there would be – aside from carrying out the necessary task of maintaining ‘law and order’ at home, while continuing on a war footing abroad – a four-year-long government shutdown. America would get its first real taste of what martial law feels like.

The American Conservative painted the following picture as to what would happen if Trump’s Electoral College victory were rescinded: “Constitutional government would have broken down, and we would be facing something like a Latin American presidential dictatorship. For several years, Washington’s political debate would be reduced to something like a Hobbesian war of all against all.”

Is that something we really need? Apparently it is for some folks, and not least of all Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein.

And this brings us to the final stage of a possible Clinton coup.

Civil War, anyone?

It is generally assumed that it was Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate who masterminded the call for a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. That’s not quite right.

New York magazine reported that on November 17 Hillary Clinton was “urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump… The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.”

Just one day after the above article appeared (Nov. 22), Jill Stein, who came in dead last with about 3 million votes less than Gary ‘What is Aleppo?’ Johnson, announced she would be collecting money to recount votes in the swing states. One of the interesting things about Stein’s choice of swing states to hold recounts is that these are the very same places where Trump emerged victorious. Coincidence or not, that alone should have set off some alarms.

In any case, the reason Jill Stein and not Hillary Clinton is calling for the recount is evident: Throughout the campaign, the media hounded Trump with a single annoying question never asked of the future loser: Would he accept the results of the election in the event he lost? When Trump said he would take a “wait and see” approach, Clinton assumed a holier than thou position.

“Now make no mistake,” Clinton solemnly told supporters, “by doing that, he is threatening our democracy. The peaceful transition of power is one of the things that sets us apart. It’s how we hold our country together no matter who’s in charge.”

So now that the tables are turned, Stein is in the kitchen doing the dirty work. And the media suddenly can’t get enough of this woman who haunted the 2016 election campaign like a rare phantom sighting.

Here’s how News Busters tallied her sudden stardom: “When Jill Stein was the Green Party’s candidate for US president, the networks only gave her 36 seconds of coverage. However, as soon as she launched a campaign to contest the presidential election and demand a recount of ballots in several key states, the evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC managed to find 7 minutes and 26 seconds of coverage for her in just four days. That’s more than 12 times as much coverage as in the entire campaign.”

But it gets better. Stein has managed to accumulate a massive war chest to carry out the recount – $7 million at last count (or about seven times what she received during her entire presidential campaign). At one point, her recount drive was pulling in almost $5,000 every minute. Somehow that doesn’t sound like Joe Voter digging deep in his Levi’s; that sounds more like big league spenders stepping up to the plate. Incidentally, when Stein first started passing the hat around, she said $2.5 million would be plenty, thank you very much. Yet every time she hit the target, a higher threshold was introduced.

Is Stein’s recount campaign really about collecting some easy money while giving the Green Party some much-needed attention? Or is Stein just trying to shed some light on the dry rot gnawing away at the foundation of US democracy? All that, however necessary, seems very unlikely. After all, the recount plan was initially floated to Hillary Clinton, not Jill Stein. Thus, we must assume this is all part of a major power push for the Democrats to steal the White House from Donald Trump.

As Paul Joseph Watson summed up the situation: “Her entire campaign was backed by an establishment that wouldn’t hesitate to exploit a recount to carry out the vote fraud they thought they didn’t need on Election Day.”


And here is where we can fit the last piece into the puzzle to understand what is really going on here. If the recount effort alone won’t make much of a difference to either Clinton or Stein’s chances of overturning the massive edge that Trump now enjoys, then why are they bothering themselves? Hold onto your seats, folks, this gets interesting.

The answer boils down to simple arithmetic, as well as some monkey play in the system.

Presently, Michigan has already agreed to a recount, which will be carried out this weekend and require hand-counting of ballots in the regions. This process will take many days. Federal law requires the recount to be finished by Dec. 13 – just six days before the Electoral College is expected to cast its votes.

Wisconsin has already agreed to a recount, while Pennsylvania is dragging its feet. In other words, this process will probably take us right up to Dec. 19 – the date the Electoral College is supposed to cast their votes (Why the Electoral College vote isn’t valid without these voters, who could go rogue, is a question for another day).

Keep in mind that the total number of Electoral College Votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania equals 46. Now take Trump’s 306 Electoral votes and subtract that amount. This leaves you with 260, which is below the 270 required for a candidate to be automatically considered the winner of a presidential election. Do you see where this is going?

Now if this recount should start to point toward a Clinton victory in these three swing states, this will present Trump with a very serious quandary. Should he kick up a fuss and protest the recount on the grounds that he won the Electoral College, this could provoke some sort of “constitutional crisis” that prevents the recount from being completed by the Dec. 13 deadline.

Now, if the matter remains unsettled by Dec. 19 this could – technically speaking – give the Electoral College’s “faithless electors” yet more reason for not aligning themselves with their constituents. Or, on the other hand, the Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania votes could be considered forfeited because they failed to resolve the issue by the Dec. 19 deadline.

So if it did come down to this, who do you think will be selected – possibly by the very Supreme Court that Trump hopes to disband once in office – to be the 45th president of the United States?

Yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the candidate we have been told got 2.5 million more popular votes than Donald Trump (I would suggest Trump start a serious process to challenge those votes right now).

For those who still doubt this possibility, please consider the two latest failed grassroots movements of our times – Brexit and the Greek referendum – two examples of ‘democracy in action’ that the political elite has de facto canceled or put on hold indefinitely.

Such dramatic setbacks, which are becoming the rule rather than the exception, lend credence to Mark Twain’s famous observation that “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

In other words, the elite will always get what they want, regardless how the votes goes.

Clinton seizing the White House through the backdoor would not be the strangest thing to happen in old Washington. Just ask George W. Bush how he got elected president in 2000 by the Supreme Court, not We the People.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Green Party Nominee Stein Reaches Fundraising Goal for Recount in Two US States
| November 25, 2016 | 7:54 pm | Analysis, Green Party, Jill Stein, political struggle | No comments
17:59 25.11.2016(updated 01:18 26.11.2016)
Recounts in two of the three US battleground states, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, are funded, according to a message on the Green Party’s presidential nominee Jill Stein’s campaign website.
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Green Party’s presidential nominee Jill Stein has reached her funding goal for recounts in two of the three US battleground states she wanted to contest, a message on her campaign website said on Friday. “Because of you, recounts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are funded,” the message stated. “Next up is Michigan.” Stein’s recount effort has raised $4,760,813 of the stated $7 million needed for a recount in all three states. On Friday, the campaign will file for the recount of the presidential vote in Wisconsin, Stein’s campaign website added. The deadline for recount in Pennsylvania is Monday, and Michigan’s recount filing deadline is Wednesday. On Wednesday, Stein launched an online fundraising campaign to gather donations to pay recount fees after a group of hackers had called on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to request recount in the three key election states. US President-elect Donald Trump won in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but the race in Michigan is still too close to call even though the election was held more than two weeks ago. Stein did not receive more than 1.5 percent of the vote in any of the three states.

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Wisconsin receives Stein and Del La Fuente recount petitions
| November 25, 2016 | 7:41 pm | Analysis, Green Party, Jill Stein, political struggle | No comments

Jill Stein © Dominick Reuter
The Wisconsin Elections Commission has received a vote recount petition from Green Party’s Jill Stein, now running a fundraising campaign to cover recount costs in three swing states. Reform Party USA’s Rocky de la Fuente also filed a similar petition.

“The Commission is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States, as requested by these candidates,” Administrator Michael Haas said in a statement.

The Elections Commission has assembled an internal team to direct the recount and arranged for legal representation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Haas said.

“We plan to hold a teleconference meeting for county clerks next week and anticipate the recount will begin late in the week after the Stein campaign has paid the recount fee, which we are still calculating,” he added.

Stein is running a fundraising campaign to collect $7 million, which would cover recount costs in three swing states of  Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The deadline to file recount petitions in Pennsylvania is Monday, while Wednesday is the last day to do so in Michigan.

Stein received  31,006 votes across Wisconsin’s 72 counties. In her petition, she requested “a hand recount of all ballots in all wards in the State of Wisconsin,” alleging “evidence of voter irregularities” and “widespread breach.”

The Electoral Commission has also received a similar recount petition Reform Party USA’s Rocky de la Fuente has filed a similar recount as he received 1,514 votes.

De La Fuente wrote in his petition that “a mistake or fraud” was committed “in the counting and return of votes cast.”

The state is going to complete the recount within a federal deadline of December 13, Haas said, stressing that the process is very “detail-oriented” and that such limited time “will certainly challenge some counties.”

Stein has addressed her supporters on Facebook, asking them  or anyone they know living in the state “to consider volunteering to help in the recount process.”

Meanwhile, donations to Stein keep rolling in; she has surpassed $5.2 million as of Friday evening. After meeting her goal of raising $4.5 million in just over 24 hours, the Green Party’s nominee raised the goal to $7 million.

“We cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states we are targeting. We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states,” she said.

In case the recounts don’t happen, Stein vowed that any “surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.” However, she did not specify what those efforts would be.

Jill Stein raises over $3mn in 24hrs for vote recount in swing states
| November 24, 2016 | 7:07 pm | Analysis, Green Party, Jill Stein, political struggle | No comments

Jill Stein © Dominick Reuter
The Green Party’s 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein has raised over $3.8 million in less than 24 hours to fund vote recounts in swing states Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Stein is nearing her overall goal of $4.5 million to cover the recount costs in all three states, and so far the Wisconsin funding has been completed in time to meet the recount filing deadline of November 25.

Funding for Pennsylvania’s recount is also well underway, where the deadline for filing for a recount is Monday. The fundraising site says that after meeting Pennsylvania’s cost goals, the team will turn its attention to Michigan, which has a Wednesday deadline.

Stein, who won about 1.2 million votes in the presidential election, launched an online fundraising campaign Wednesday in an effort to “ensure the integrity of our elections” and “demand recounts in these three states where the data suggest a significant need to verify machine-counted vote totals.”

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Stein says the $4.5 million in funds is required by state law to cover “filing fees alone” and claims the total cost including attorney fees is likely to reach $6-7 million.

Together, the three states carry a total of 46 electoral votes, and Trump would have to lose all three in the recount for them to impact the presidential result. Stein’s fundraising success has prompted mixed responses on social media, with some people suggesting the move undemocratic in refusing to accept the results as they stand, or is it too late to be effective.

Others poked fun at the situation through memes or by suggesting moments they would have sought a vote recall.

EXCLUSIVE: Jill Stein Tells Sputnik About Vote Recount Campaign
| November 24, 2016 | 6:41 pm | Analysis, Green Party, Jill Stein, political struggle | No comments
21:55 24.11.2016(updated 00:39 25.11.2016)
Jill Stein, the Green Party’s candidate in the 2016 US presidential race, has raised over $3.7 million in just over a day in an effort to force a vote recount in the key battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Speaking to Sputnik, Dr. Stein offered details about the motivations behind her effort. On Wednesday, the Stein campaign announced that it had begun raising funds for the three state recount in what it said was a “multi-partisan effort to check the accuracy of the machine-counted vote tallies in these states in order to ensure the integrity of our elections.” Stein cited a host of concerns brought to her by voters, computer scientists, and voting systems professionals as the reason for filing for the recount. Her announcement follows on recent reporting that the Clinton campaign was also considering filing similar hand-count recounts and forensic analyses of electronic voting in the same states. Stein’s online campaign has spread like wildfire, and has already raised well over the $2.2 million formally needed to file for a recount in the three key states ahead of deadlines on November 25, 28 and 30. Other costs associated with the recount, including attorney’s fees and statewide recount observers are expected to run anywhere from $6-7 million. Accordingly, Stein’s campaign is asking for at least $4.5 million, having already raised $3.7 million as of 2 pm EST. That figure officially surpasses the $3.509 million the Green Party candidate raised during her presidential run. Stein received 1.39 million votes, or just over 1% of the popular vote, in the election held earlier this month. Speaking to Brad Friedman, host of Radio Sputnik’s Bradcast, Stein offered details about what it was she was trying to accomplish with her initiative. Simply put, she said that the recount effort is meant to assure voters that their votes were accounted for and counted accurately. “We have to move really fast in order to basically verify the vote and be confident our votes were actually counted, that they weren’t flipped or stripped and that we have a system of elections we can believe in,” the candidate explained. Stein said that her “interest as a citizen, as a person in America, that the vote be valid,” is what’s driving the effort from her end. “Why would anyone in their right mind not want to have secure and verified vote? In a very vicious, hotly contested election that used hack-friendly voting machines, in a hack-riddled election, we deserve some confidence in the outcome of this election,” she said. “I’m responding to a [group] of people…observers and advocates, both experts and just ordinary citizens, who feel like this is unacceptable and that these machines as a baseline is not the way we should be voting.” “Then there are allegations of voting irregularities that I cannot testify to myself – as I understand these are rather debatable grey zones at this point. But I think there is plenty of evidence to say that we deserve confidence in our voting system,” she added. Stein stressed that it’s actually an “outrage we have to go to extraordinary lengths to verify the vote.” “This is something we shouldn’t have to ask a recount for. We shouldn’t have to spend a million dollars in Wisconsin alone in order to be confident of our vote. The tragedy is that this is not built into our voting system – that 25% of Americans vote on these electronic machines that have no paper record whatsoever. This is really a mockery of democracy – one of many incredible vulnerabilities of our democracy and our elections.” Ultimately, Stein suggested that “if ever there was a time to stand up and demand an accountable and secure vote, this is the time to do it. If we don’t do it now, when exactly – what would be the cause to do it?” Stein noted that “it feels really good to be standing up right now and to be surrounded by so many people who say that it’s time for us to take control of our democracy, to use the resources that we have right now to stand up – to give ourselves a gift on this Thanksgiving and have something to be thankful for…” The Green Party plans to hold a conference in Washington, DC in February devoted to the 2016 election, including the concepts and issues of verified voting, rank choice voting, the Electoral College and opening up the debates to more independent candidates.

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Voting system prone to mistakes & malfeasance – Jill Stein on 2016 recount (EXCLUSIVE)

© Justin Sullivan / Getty Images
The 2016 election results for three states are in doubt, and an effort led by Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein is raising millions of dollars for a vote recount.

The Green Party has a fundraising goal of more than $2 million to challenge the vote counts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states where President-elect Donald Trump has been declared the winner or, in the case of Michigan, where he is leading an ongoing count.

“We’re calling for a paper count to validate the machine count,” Stein clarified to RT.

“The Green Party has actually taken a lead role in safeguarding our election system for many years,” Stein added.

“It also puts the Green Party on the map as the leadership that the American people are looking for,” she said. “In this extremely toxic and sick election, we’re taking steps to actually redress some of the really grave concerns about this election.”

The three states carry a total of 46 electoral votes, and Trump would have to lose all three states for the presidential election result to change, something no one is predicting.

The campaign manager for Stein’s presidential run, David Cobb, took to Facebook to promote the recount effort via video message. More than $2 million is needed to meet filing fees, not including legal and processing fees, to facilitate recounts in the three states. Wisconsin alone requires $1 million to file for a recount, and its deadline is Friday, November 25. Pennsylvania’s deadline is Monday, and Michigan’s deadline is next Wednesday.

The three states carry a total of 46 electoral votes, and Trump would have to lose all three states for the presidential election result to change, something no one is predicting.

The 2016 Election Debacle: What Was the Message of the US Working Class?


By James Thompson

According to the website , here is how the popular vote shakes out:


Donald Trump

Republican Party








Hillary Clinton

Democratic Party







Gary Johnson

Libertarian Party







Jill Stein

Green Party






Other candidates  




What does this mean?

The US working class made strong statements in this election. However, few people got the messages.

For many years, the US working class has allied itself without question to the Democratic Party. This year, something different happened. Let’s cut the cards according to the issues, rather than the despicable, confusing bourgeois candidates.

  1. War with Russia

Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein all opposed the Obama strategy of deepening the war on Syria. All the above candidates in one way or another opposed the risk of war with Russia over Syria. Only secretary Clinton advocated continuing the Obama policy of confrontation with Russia and Syria. 51% of voters in the US stated by their votes that they oppose war with Russia and continued efforts to depose President Assad of Syria. This means that 65,668,258 people voted for peace and 60,839,922 voted for continued war. It appears that peace has a mandate.

  1. Women’s rights

Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein all advocate for women’s rights. Donald Trump has made many disparaging comments regarding women which suggest he is a sexist misogynist. 52% of voters in the US stated by their votes that they favor women’s rights. This means that 66,215,322 people voted to support women’s rights. It appears that women’s rights has a mandate.

  1. Opposition to Donald Trump

52.7% of the population voted against Donald Trump in his bid to become POTUS. 67,039,872 people voted against Donald Trump. 60,265,858 people voted for Donald Trump. Clearly, Donald Trump does not have a mandate. 52.7% of the population oppose President-elect Donald Trump’s misogynist, racist, xenophobic, chauvinistic platform and policies.

  1. Climate change

Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein all recognize the serious issue of climate change facing the world. Only Donald Trump denies the importance of climate change. This means that 52% of voters in the US are mindful of the seriousness of global climate change. 66,215,322 voters recognize that climate change is a serious issue, whereas only 60,065,858 voters are oblivious to the devastating effects of climate change. Concern over climate change has a mandate.

  1. The US Electoral System Is Rigged

Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein recognize that the US electoral system is rigged. Only Hillary Clinton maintains that the US electoral system is functioning properly. However, even Hillary Clinton seems to have some reservations about the intervention of the FBI in the outcome of the general election. Even discounting Ms. Clinton’s reservations, 51% of voters made a statement that the US electoral system is rigged. 65,668,258 voters agreed with Donald Trump that the US electoral system is rigged, whereas 60,839,922 were unclear about the fairness of the US electoral system. It is clear that voters recognize the unfairness of the US electoral system. The exposure of the rottenness of the electoral system is obvious and can never be retracted.

Although some pundits have pronounced that the US working class is dead politically, nothing seems further from the truth. The US working class has made strong statements for peace, women’s rights, opposition to fascism, support for efforts to reverse climate change, and support for real change in the US electoral system. Anyone listening?