By Raskonikov Radek

TOMBALL, Texas – Today I went to support the exploited immigrant workers in Tomball. Every week, a few Minute Men, Border Watch and Tea Party members come and terrorize these workers. They shouted horrible things at them and even used violence against the workers. About 20 courageous people came to support the workers and oppose the cowards on 9/4/2010, just two days before Labor Day. There were also two television stations (Univision and Fox News) who were reporting on it. We were there in solidarity to both protect the workers and drive the Minute Men and their pals out. The racists never came to the day laborer site. They instead lined up across the street in an HEB parking lot on a busy main road. The right wingers had sent a spy who was sniffing us out and waiting for us to leave. We did leave, in fact, in order to counter the anti-immigrants at HEB. A few of us remained with the workers in case the racists came to the day laborer site.

We outnumbered them and had far more unity. They were so demoralized they used children in their vicious attacks. They called for all immigrants to be put into concentration camps. We protested them for an hour and had formed a large collective body. The right wingers were scattered all over the place and lacked unity or solidarity. The spirit of revolt was strong amongst us, whereas the anti-immigrants were merely repeating racist anti-immigrants slurs that required not the least bit of thought.

In order to drive the fascists out, we will protest them each week in Tomball. We should outnumber them since any person of conscience who hears such terrible things and sees such disgusting people will want to march in the streets to demand that they leave. The workers need your help. Without you, the immigrant workers will continue to be exploited and the racists will continue to carry out their criminal activities. Unite with the Tomball workers to stop the anti-immigrants and drive racism out of Tomball.

The next action will be held on Saturday morning, September 11, beginning at 8 AM. This action will be held in front of the HEB store at Tomball Parkway (Highway 249) and Main Street (FM 2920).

These actions are being Organized by the Latin American Immigrants Rights Organization And the Progressive Workers Organizing Committee. If you have questions or would like more information, please call (832) 692 – 2306, (281) 935 – 9258, or (832) 282 – 6997.