(Published in Nameh Mardom, The Central Organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran, Issue No. 889on 26th February 2012)

The developments in Syria have picked up pace in recent months. With the hesitation of the Syrian regime in rendering fundamental and real reforms, the initiative of the democratic, progressive and patriotic forces has been restricted increasingly. On the other hand, the pro-imperialism and reactionary forces in the region are preparing for a “regime change”. The imperialism-backed forces that are already creeping into Syria through the borders with Turkey and Jordan enjoy tens of millions of dollars of financial support from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the most advanced weapons provided by the imperialist states. These forces persistently encourage armed conflicts, sabotage the infrastructure of the country, and infiltrate mercenaries and smuggle weapons into the country, attempting to destabilize the country and prepare the ground to justify foreign intervention, and to repeat what we witnessed happen in Libya.

After failing to get the resolution to rationalize foreign intervention in Syria ratified in the Security Council of the UN, due the veto by China and Russia, the imperialist states and the reactionary regimes in the region have intensified their efforts to fan the flames of the civil war in Syria by blatant and formal support of pro-West reactionary forces like the “Muslim Brotherhood” and “Salafi” circles. On the other hand, the United States, Britain and reactionary Sheikdoms organized the conference of “Friends of Syria” to turn the Syrian crisis into an international crisis. A wide range of peace-loving, progressive forces and advocates of Syria’s sovereignty, both inside and outside of thatcountry, have supported the just and legitimate demands of the people, and at the same time have resolutely condemned the interventions of the reactionary forces and imperialism.

Tudeh Party of Iran supports the noble slogans of the struggle of the Syrian people for democratic changes and fundamental reforms in the interest of the people and the power of the working people, and condemns any foreign intervention in the developments of this country. Tudeh Party of Iran is of the belief that the United States and its NATO allies are advancing their “Great Middle East” plan, whose objective is to control the rich sources of energy of the region, domination over the market and raw material resources of the countries of the region, and to maintain their political and economic hegemony in the Middle East.

Tudeh Party of Iran expresses it support for the strategy of the Syrian Communist Party (United) in relentless opposition to domestic, regional and international plots against the people of Syria, in condemning and rejecting the interfering policies and actions of foreign powers and lackeys of imperialism and reaction, and their efforts to fan the flames of a full-scale civil war. As in the case of Libya, the outcome of such interventions would be the rule of dark-minded and reactionary forces and dominance of imperialism over Syria. While maintaining this position, Tudeh Party of Iran also expresses its support for the demand of the communists and democratic forces of Syria for “the urgent need to expedite the social and political reforms” and to utilize “the means for more democratic and comprehensive reforms” in Syria in order to ensure a democratic, progressive and peaceful future for that country.

What is needed in Syria is serious, responsible and accountable talks and negotiations between the government and pro-reform, pro-democracy forces. This is the only way to prevent continuing bloodshed in that country. Tudeh Party of Iran supports the proposal of the Syrian Communist Party (United), the democratic and progressive forces of Syria, and the international peace advocates for resuming talks between the parties and making efforts to find ways to advance the reforms through negotiations.

Published in Nameh Mardom, The Central Organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran, Issue No. 889 on 26th February 2012

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