What has been happening in the past two weeks in the large cities of Egypt, from Cairo and Alexandria to Suez and others, reflects the resolve of the people, the youth and the educated, the women and public employees, peasants and workers, trade union activists and democratic and progressive political forces of Egypt for fundamental changes in the economic, political, and social governance of that country. The corrupt and dictator regime of Hosni Mubarak outlawed all the opposition forces by establishing a suppressive security apparatus. And by scandalous manipulations of the elections in the past decades (including widespread vote rigging during the last parliamentary elections a few months ago), facilitated the rule of the reactionary and lackey regime in Egypt. The objective of the struggle of the Egyptian people, in addition to putting an end to the despotic regime, is to end the unprecedented corruption of the state apparatus, the plundering of the national wealth of the country, and the fierce exploitation of the working people in all its dimensions. The current popular movement aims at liberating the country from the state of political subordination and dependency, under-development and the rule of fear and intimidation that has devastated the country and driven the majority of the people to abject poverty in the past nearly 4 decades.

Tudeh Party of Iran, together with all the progressive forces of the world admires the endeavour and perseverance of the people of Egypt in their liberation struggle, and expresses its firm solidarity with them. We believe that with overthrowing the dictatorial pro-imperialist regime, the Egyptian people not only mark the beginning of democratic and progressive changes and development in their country, but will also lead the struggles of the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa to a new phase with the prospect of realizing the aspirations of the peoples in those regions and a just solution to the Palestine problem. And it is exactly for this reason that the imperialist countries, the hostile regime of Israel, and the flunky and reactionary regimes in the region are all displeased about the current developments in Egypt. What has been happening in Egypt in the recent weeks is very similar to the events in Iran during the last weeks of Shah�s regime which was ousted by the �79 revolution. The valuable lesson that the people and revolutionaries of Iran learned was that imperialism and the reactionary forces made every effort, right from the outset, to prevent the advancement of the revolution to the next stages to make fundamental economic, social and cultural changes in the society.

Tudeh Party of Iran rejects and strongly condemns the attempts of the reactionary forces, and particularly the leaders of the ruling regime in Iran, to distort the character of the Egyptian people�s movement and to portray it as a pan-Islamist movement aimed at establishing a backward-looking and anti-people rule, of the type of the ruling regime in Iran.

Tudeh Party of Iran believes that despite all the objective and subjective difficulties and obstacles on the way, the progressive and democratic forces in Egypt could bring the current unprecedented uprising to victory and protect its achievements from being robbed by the reactionary forces and imperialism forces, provided that they act in a united and organized manner, and rely on the working people, labour organizations and genuine social movements.

We express our revolutionary solidarity with the Communist Party of Egypt that with its revolutionary insight and by relying on the historic lessons learned from its historic battles is playing an important role in organizing the effective struggle of the people in the current revolutionary movement, shoulder to shoulder with the working people of Egypt.

Along with other worker and communist parties and progressive forces around the world, we express our militant solidarity with the people of Egypt and hope to celebrate the victory of the revolution of the Egyptian people and their liberation from dependence, despotism, and the unbridled capitalism in the very near future, in a free, independent, prosperous and progressive Egypt.

Central Committee of Tudeh Party of Iran