Athens, February 13th,2012

Dear comrades,

We send you the 2nd Issue of PAME’s magazine, “WORKERS COUNTERATTACK”, which is published by the Secretariat of International Relations of PAME in English and next week, we will also have it available in Spanish.

In this Issue you will find information to the heroic struggle of the steelworkers, who are on strike for more the 100 days. To support their struggle, PAME has called a campaign for financial support of the strikers and their families.

Furthermore, the very important meeting of trade unionists from Europe, that took place with the initiative of PAME, in Athens, on December 15th, for the coordination of the class forces in Europe.

Finally, comments on the logic of class collaboration, as expressed by the GSEE in Greece, but also by other organisations internationally, as well as the various activities of PAME in Greece and in international level.

The magazine’s contexts are from December 2011-January 2012.

Next week, we will have also available the magazine in Spanish.

The Secretariat of International Relations