By Arthur Shaw via VHeadline

The people of Venezuela, not just Hugo Chavez, are setting up a working class state to replace a bourgeois state. The working class state will have a pristine democratic form, largely defined by the 1999 Venezuelan Constitution. Bourgeois propaganda outlets, like VenEconomy, see a working class state that is not chiefly composed of the bourgeoisie and that doesn’t chiefly exercise state power for the bourgeoisie, as “despotic,” no matter how pristine the democratic form of the working class state.

VenEconomy tries to palm-off its vile class arrogance as democracy. That is what it truly “looks” like.

* Trying to make trouble, VenEconomy wrote “Ramiro Valdes is here as the head of a Cuban technical commission that has come to cope with Venezuela’s current electricity crisis.”

Ramiro Valdes is the Cuban Minister of informatics and communications and one of six vice presidents of Cuba. The technical commission, which Valdes heads, will consider cost-efficient ways to expand the generation of electricity and to reduce the consumption of electricity in Venezuela. Cuba, with a huge force of highly-trained electrical engineers, has extensive experience on the national and international levels in what Cuba calls the “energy revolution” and Valdez has been deeply involved in the energy revolution on the national and international levels. The mass of electrical engineers of many countries largely believe in the monopoly capitalist approach to energy problems, not what revolutionaries call the “energy revolution.”

Many countries, especially in the Caribbean, have sought and accepted Cuban cooperation in their energy revolutions. Most of these countries speak highly of Cuban cooperation in the field of electrical generation and consumption. In addition to cooperation from Cuba, Venezuela has sought and accepted cooperation from Argentina, Brazil, and China on cost-efficient ways to win the energy revolution.

US imperialism is violently opposed to Cuban ideas on how poor or less developed countries can win the energy revolution. US imperialists believe that Cuban ideas about the generation and consumption of electricity adversely affect the interests of monopoly capital, especially the worldwide AES company, in the energy industry. VenEconomy, of course, grovels before US imperialists.

VenEconomy doesn’t believe Valdes is in Venezuela to help win the “energy revolution” … VenEconomy believes Valdes is in Venezuela to do something else. So, VenEconomy asks “The question, then,what is task has Ramiro Valdes been assigned to carry out in Venezuela by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez?” VenEconomy answers its own question when it says “Chavez revving up the repression apparatus.”

Why is he allegedly doing this?

At this point, VenEconomy goes queer on us, saying it has two contradictory reasons why the alleged “repression apparatus” is being revved up.

First, Chavez is too weak to survive unless he revs up.

Second, Chavez is so strong that he can afford to rev up…

Obviously, VenEconomy has no idea of what it is talking about.

Relying chiefly on Colombian and Venezuelan terrorists, the bourgeois-led opposition in Venezuela has resorted to violence, especially murder and assaults, as its main electoral tactic.

The opposition is trying to intimidate the Venezuelan voter, by mass murder and mass assaults, into abandoning the revolution. But the increasingly working class state in Venezuela will maintain law and order without revving up some “repression apparatus.”

Indeed, there is no “repression apparatus” to rev up under the current revolutionary government.