By: Alfred Marder, President of the U.S. Peace Council

The U.S. Peace Council, recognizing the dangers of World War 3, organized a DELEGATION OF PEACE LEADERS to Syria. We reached out far and wide, inviting participation. The only stipulation was the desire to bring peace to that area, to see for themselves the situation, and to determine for themselves how to bring the facts back to the US peace movement. The participants had to pay their own way. We invited participation from peace organizations, faith-based groups, and outstanding peace activists. We realized from the start that there would be hesitation to go to a war zone, but we hoped that an understanding for the need to break the silence on the issue of Syria would motivate delegates.

Upon return, even prior to any of the participants reporting on their findings, the attack campaign began. Articles impugning the integrity and role of the U.S. Peace Council and the delegation appeared. They dredged up essays in the progressive press, maligning the U.S. Peace Council and accusing the delegation of serving as spokespersons for the Assad regime.

To this date, to the best of my understanding, not one of these outlets has requested an article or statement from a member of the delegation nor from the U.S. Peace Council. Shades of McCarthy in the progressive media. No requests for interviews despite the historic nature of the delegation!

Instead of welcoming the delegates and sharing their insights as a contribution to the struggle for peace, the so-called self-appointed leaders of some of the peace organizations continue the campaign against the delegation, trying to isolate it and the U.S. Peace Council.

In a moment of history, when it is vital that the U.S. peace movement come together in one voice, to mobilize our neighbors against the dangers of World War 3, these attacks are playing into the hands of the Obama / State Department / CIA policies of aggression.

We earnestly hope that all sincere advocates for peace will reject this McCarthy tactic and come together, in our tradition, for peace.

Yours in Peace,

Alfred L Marder
U.S. Peace Council

P.O. Box 3105

New Haven, CT 06515-0205