By James Thompson


GOP Presidential front-runner Donald Trump has now succeeded in catapulting himself into the position of the epitome of the ugly American. No other candidate for the office of the president of the United States, a highly esteemed office recognized around the world, has ever sunk so low as this degenerate reactionary.


His most recent atrocity was a juvenile, bullying, mocking of a person with a disability. Donald Trump, multibillionaire, is now engaged in a desperate struggle for the support of the lowest common denominator in the US bourgeoisie. He has clearly trumped his most despicable rival, Ben Carson.


Trump’s current antics follow his previous attacks on women, minorities and immigrants.


His most recent antics are despicable and should be roundly condemned by workers in this country and around the world. We must pose the question as to what former president George HW Bush would say about his hateful theater. Former president Bush worked hard to pass the Americans with Disability Act. Would he support a class-action suit against Donald Trump for his vicious attack on an innocent person with a disability?


Donald Trump, who is clearly hair challenged, may have any manner of disabilities. Certainly it is clear to any rational person that he has some sort of major personality disorder, most likely narcissistic and sociopathic. His oratorical skills are second only to Adolf Hitler. We must wonder if the demagogic Trump ingests some combination of chemicals to enhance his oratorical abilities as many great orators through the history of US politics have. If he does, this might qualify him for services based on disability as well.


Do the people in the US really want to elect such a scumbag to the high office of the President of the United States? If so, the US people deserve what they get.