• The World Federation of Trade Unions was founded in Paris on October 3, 1945. It is the oldest international trade union organization and founder of the International Labour Organization (ILO)

• It follows the line of the class-oriented trade union movement and it struggles against capitalism and imperialism for a society without exploitation of man by man.

• Currently it has 80 million members in 120 countries. Its structure, its organization, its leadership consists of: Ö World Trade Union Congress ÖPresidential Council ÖSecretariat.

• From 1945 until 1953 it was based in Paris, France.

In 1953-1956 the headquarters were in Vienna, Austria.

In 1956-2005 the headquarters were in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

From January 2006 until today it is headquartered in Athens, Greece.

• It has a regional office in each continent and also a Trade Unions International (TUI) in all major sectors.

• Throughout its course so far, the WFTU played a main role in the struggles against apartheid, against racism, the struggle against colonialism, against the policy of the governments of U.S., NATO, Israel and its allies; against the barbarism of capitalism. It was at the forefront in the conquest of all labor and union rights.

Basic principles

• Democratic functioning – elections for all bodies at all levels.

• Internationalist orientation – International solidarity, internationalism.

• Struggle for peace and friendship between peoples – against imperialist wars.

• To defense the right of every people, every working class to decide for themselves about their present and future.

• The country’s natural resources belong to the people and workers in the country. The WFTU is opposed to privatization.

• Unity of the working class – Partnership with the poor peasants, the landless, the intellectuals.

• Involve young people, women and migrant workers in life, action and administration of trade unions.

• Priority to health and safety issues for workers, quality of life and the environment in general.

• Top priority inside transnational corporations and the organization of international coordination and working-class solidarity.

• To hit careerism, elitism, bureaucracy, the purchase of consciences – corruption.

• The right of all workers to public and free healthcare, education and social security. Continuous improvement of living standards, wages and pensions.

• The WFTU as a class-oriented trade union organization reinforces criticism, self-criticism and comradely emulation among leaders and members.

• It struggles for trade union and democratic freedoms. It is against state violence, authoritarianism and persecution of trade unionists. It is against the neo-fascism and racism.

• It organizes trade union seminars and training.

The WFTU has permanent representatives at the international organizations

United Nations: New York, UNESCO: Paris, FAO: Rome, International Labour Organization: Geneva. It struggles through these bodies, always defending the interests of workers and it highlights the monopoly that exists within these organizations.

Recently, the WFTU held the 16th World Trade Union Congress in Athens, attended by 828 delegates from 101 countries. 105 delegates took the floor and major decisions were voted on all current demands of workers.

The Conference elected the new 40-member Presidential Council by secret ballot.

You can also join forces with the big fighting family of the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Affiliates of WFTU can become the National Trade Union Confederations and the National Sectoral Trade Union Organizations.