Johannesburg, South Africa, September 19th, 2012

At the 11th National Congress of COSATU that took place in Johannesburg, South Africa on 17-20th September 2012, during a robust debate for the WFTU and the ITUC, the working class and the International class-oriented trade union movement achieved a great victory that shifted the international trade union arena.

The delegates decided that COSATU shall affiliate with the WFTU.

The debate was vivid and substantial with ideological and trade union arguments.

Before the resolution the delegates were addressed by two speeches delivered by the General Secretary of WFTU, comrade George Mavrikos and the General Secretary of ITUC, Mrs Sharan Burrow.

Great militant South African trade unionists, cadres of the heroic South African Communist Party (SACP) decisively supported the need for COSATU to become a member of WFTU and join its class-oriented brothers and sisters in the whole world.

The WFTU salutes this decision, thanks the delegates and all the militants that struggled these last seven years to prepare the momentum for this important resolution.

With this resolution, which is a first positive step, COSATU comes back to its family, to its big family that struggles against the capitalist exploitation and the imperialist barbarity. From today our struggles, the struggles of the international class-oriented movement will be stronger.

The Secretariat

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