September 19, 2012 (Houston TX, USA) – My father, Alfred Molison Jr., is a candidate for Texas State Representative, District 131. My mother, G.C. Molison is a candidate for State Board of Education, District 6.

Dad is currently in the Houston Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in the DeBakey wing tonight. He checked in late Monday evening, They gave mom his clothes to take home. The night before, dad had fallen outside their home and couldn’t get up until an ambulance came and medical people helped him into the house. He refused to go to the hospital until the next evening.

I asked him what he would like to say to the public. He said, “Vote for me. I’ll work to get the people what they need rather than what big business wants.” Dad also wished that everyone, not just veterans, had easy access to excellent healthcare like he receives at the VA. Many if not most Americans don’t have access to free medical care or medicines. Many people go bankrupt attempting to pay for medical care for themselves or loved ones.


What exactly is going on? Why is he being given an iv drip and being forced to stay overnight? What will his doctor tell us tomorrow?

Mom and I visited with dad for a couple of hours before I had to drive her back home and get back to my wife, who’s also sick. While we were at the VA hospital mom did most of the talking. Dad said a few good and clear headed things. He seems to be doing fine.

So why did one person, perhaps violating protocol, say Dad had three months to live? Why are they doing so many tests if he’s supposed to be released tomorrow?

Mom and Dad mentioned that during the great depression a few relatives got in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and WPA (Works Progress Administration). Dad remembered that they did lots of skilled and unskilled work projects in and around New Orleans. Mom remembered how proud they were of Dave Weston, her cousin who served in the CCC and had a uniform.

Dad remembered that Huey P. Long built teaching hospitals throughout Louisiana, that treated all people, regardless of income. Charity Hospital in New Orleans was considered an excellent place of health care. It was also a place that paid a living wage to employees and was even an entry to the middle class for lots of people. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the federal government offered the City of New Orleans money and support to rebuild Charity Hospital. The city (illegitimate) fathers refused the money and help.

Mom and dad both think that the government should provide more direct jobs as opposed to waiting for the wealthy and big corporations to trickle down all over us.

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Alfred Molison III