Sen. Rubio takes anti-Communist hypocrisy to a new level
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by James Thompson



In the article previously posted on this website from the Huffington Post, Igor Bobic writes:

“Rubio, who is the son of Cuban immigrants, loudly protested the shift in policy all week. He chided the president on Wednesday for “coddling dictators and tyrants” and for dealing with a regime that has “harassed, imprisoned and even killed” its own people.” He is writing about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).


It appears there may be some weaknesses in the esteemed Senator’s argument. The rhetoric has been intense among congresspeople from both the Republican and Democratic party on the President’s admirable actions towards Cuba. The president is to be commended for his brave new policies towards Cuba. With the actions he took last week, President Obama has earned his Nobel Peace Prize.


Now the hypocrites are coming out of the woodwork. Sen. Rubio’s remarks stink of hypocrisy. The USA has a long history of “coddling dictators and tyrants.” Prior to the Cuban revolution, the US fully supported Batista. Batista was one of the most terroristic dictator/tyrants in human history. He terrorized the Cuban people, harassed them, imprisoned them and murdered them mercilessly with full US support. Similar terrorists receive full financial and propagandistic support from the US government around the world today.


The Zionist regime in Israel receives full US support for its terroristic activities towards the Palestinians. Dictators throughout Africa continue to terrorize their populations with full US support. The right wing regime in Colombia receives full US support for its terroristic activities towards its own citizens and towards the people of Venezuela. The US imposed fascist government in the Ukraine receives full support from the US as it advocates the extermination of Jews and Russian speaking people in the Ukraine. Saddam Hussein received full US support when he used gas purchased from the US on the Kurdish people. However, when he refused orders from the US, shock and awe was unleashed on him. The US supported the terrorist regime of Diem in Vietnam and slaughtered innocent people in Vietnam who opposed this nasty dictator.


Not only has the US supported petty dictators around the world who do the bidding of the wealthiest elite, agents of the US state (including CIA, NSA, etc.) have carried out terroristic operations directly. The US now has a reputation for violating international law and previous US heads of state cannot travel to many parts of the world since they risk arrest for war crimes. The US has a reputation for torture, drone attacks and the list goes on and on.


Rubio’s application of the phrase “‘harassed, imprisoned and even killed’ its own people” to Cuba is particularly egregious. The USA leads the world in the number of incarcerated people and in the application of capital punishment.


We must also remember the spectacular police killings of African-American males in the USA. These murders are on a par with the terroristic activities of the vicious Nazi regime in Germany. It should be remembered that the Nazi regime in Germany was partly financed by the Bush family, Henry Ford and many other wealthy people of the US.


Of course, it should be remembered that the only military use of nuclear weapons in the history of the world against a foreign country, i.e. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, occurred as a result of the direction of a President of the United States who was a member of the Democratic Party. The US also participated in the firebombing of Dresden at the same time in history.


No one has accused Cuba of using nuclear weapons  against a sovereign nation. No one has  accused Cuba of waging terroristic, imperialistic wars against sovereign nations.


So, perhaps Sen. Rubio should also criticize President Obama for attempting to normalize relations with a country, i.e. Cuba, that wants to normalize relations with its northern neighbor, i.e. the USA, that has a history of “coddling dictators and tyrants” and has “harassed, imprisoned and even killed its own people.”


Sen. Rubio and many others are fighting hard to make the world safe for hypocrisy.

2016 Presidential Campaign Kicks Off With Two Grown Men Fighting Over Cuba
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By Igor Bobic


Huffington Port, Dec. 19, 2014



A dispute between two possible presidential candidates escalated on Friday around the topic of newly opened diplomatic relations with Cuba, and the latest jabs took place on — where else — the Internet.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took to Twitter and Facebook to lambaste Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who claimed Thursday on Fox News that his fellow Senate Foreign Relations Committee member “has no idea what he’s talking about” on Cuba. Paul came out in support of the Obama administration, which reached a historic accord with the communist island that included the release of U.S. Agency for International Development worker Alan Gross.

“The United States trades and engages with other communist nations, such as China and Vietnam. Why not Cuba?” the Kentucky Republican wrote on Facebook. “I am a proponent of peace through commerce, and I believe engaging Cuba can lead to positive change.”

“Seems to me,” Paul continued, “Senator Rubio is acting like an isolationist who wants to retreat to our borders and perhaps build a moat. I reject this isolationism. Finally, let’s be clear that Senator Rubio does not speak for the majority of Cuban-Americans. A recent poll demonstrates that a large majority of Cuban-Americans actually support normalizing relations between our countries.”

Rubio, who is the son of Cuban immigrants, loudly protested the shift in policy all week. He chided the president on Wednesday for “coddling dictators and tyrants” and for dealing with a regime that has “harassed, imprisoned and even killed” its own people.

The spat highlights a fissure in the Republican party, and is a sign of things to come should both senators decide to run for the White House. But it’s not the first time the two have tangled over foreign policy. Last year, Rubio delivered a speech in Paul’s home state in which he passionately made the case against isolationism — a philosophy the libertarian senator from Kentucky has flirted with in the past.

At this rate, we may as well just cancel the debates.

Bernie Sanders Pushes Back Hard Against The GOP Plan To Cut Social Security and Medicare
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By: Jason Easley
Dec. 19, 2014
Source: PoliticusUSA

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is pushing back hard against a Paul Ryan inspired Republican idea to cut both Social Security and Medicare next year.
In a statement Sen. Sanders (I-VT) responded to House Republicans who are already pushing for cuts in Medicare and Social Security, “At a time when poverty among seniors is increasing, and millions of elderly Americans lack sufficient income to buy the medicine or food they need, it would be a moral outrage for Congress to cut Social Security. In fact, instead of cutting Social Security benefits, we should be expanding them….I will also fight the Republican effort to end Medicare as we know it and convert it into a voucher program.”
Sanders was responding to comments by incoming House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) that he will pursue cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Price’s blueprint is the Ryan budget which calls for $129 billion in cuts to Medicare.
What is being set up for 2015 is a fascinating battle between Bernie Sanders and Paul Ryan. With Sanders being elevated to the top Democratic seat on the Senate Budget Committee, the Vermont Independent will be in a position to challenge any cuts to Medicare and Social Security that the Republicans propose.
  In 2012, Sen. Sanders called Rep. Ryan (R-WI) a class warrior for the wealthy, “I think clearly what Ryan is about is continuing the Republican effort to engage in class warfare. Who in their right minds could support a proposal which says more tax breaks for the wealthiest people and yet we’ll cut Medicare and Medicaid in drastic form.”
Earlier in 2014, Sanders called the Ryan budget vulgar and obscene, “The problem with the Ryan Budget is that it is so vulgar, so obscene, so out of touch with what the American people want and need that it is literally hard to believe, hard to believe. The richest people in this country are doing phenomenally well. The Ryan budget substantially lowers taxes for millionaires and billionaires. Working families and low-income people are struggling. The Ryan budget makes savage cuts in nutrition programs, in education and healthcare. It does exactly the opposite of what the American people need, and what the American people want, and as you indicated, this is a continuation of the war against the middle class and working families that the Republican Party has been mounting and fighting for a number of years now.”
It appears that Harry Reid promoted Sanders to the budget committee for the purpose of taking on Paul Ryan and the other Ayn Rand followers who are dreaming of killing beloved and needed social programs. The promotion Sanders to Budget Committee was the beginning of a nightmare for Republicans.
Republicans can dream of cuts to Medicare and Social Security, but the fact is that Bernie Sanders and the Democrats will continue to stand in their way.
Letter to the editor regarding the release of the Cuban 5
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The Cuban 5 have always been in my heart, from the inception when they were put in prison…I contacted a group in Philadelphia , the Answer Coalition and they sent me literature about them and a t-shirt with the 5 images on the front…I attended a conference in Toronto, Canada and a friend N. R. asked me to take part in a radio interview he did with History Professor Gerald Horne from the University of Houston, Texas, this live broadcast took place at ‘A different booklist’ bookstore on Bathurst Street in Toronto…I drove down there from Guelph, Ontario where I was staying and sat in at ‘A different Booklist’ for the Horne interview, while in the bookstore I had on the t-shirt of the Cuban 5 and the owners of the bookstore asked me about them and they said they were going to try to get materials about them…
Why I’m mentioning this I feel like I may have brought some awareness to their plight and lots of people kept asking me who were the Cuban 5 because of that t-shirt…
E. Wilson
Worker/activist in North Carolina
Video of the return home of the three heros to Cuba
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Bernie Sanders defends Social Security
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Bernie Sanders: Destroy the big banks before the big banks destroy you!
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Travis Gettys 16 Dec 2014 at 13:40 ET


SOURCE: Raw Story


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) plans a legislative push for the breakup of Wall Street’s largest banks and lifting the cap on contributions to Social Security.



“If Congress cannot regulate Wall Street, there is just one alternative,” said Sanders in a speech Saturday. “It is time to break these too-big-to-fail banks up so that they can never again destroy the jobs, homes, and life savings of the American people.”



Sanders, who has signaled he may run for president in 2016 to offer a true progressive alternative, said he would introduce legislation at the start of next congressional session to break up the largest investment banks.



“If a financial institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist,” he said.



He made the remarks during a debate on a controversial spending bill that contains provisions written by Citigroup lobbyists to weaken Dodd-Frank oversight of banking.


“If Wall Street lobbyists can literally write a provision into law that will allow too-big-to-fail banks to make the same risky bets that nearly destroyed our economy just a few years ago, it should be obvious to all that their incredible economic and political power is a huge danger to our economy and our way of life,” Sanders said.



Sanders also said he would introduce legislation intended to strengthen Social Security to lift a growing number of American seniors above the poverty level.


“The best way to expand Social Security is to ask the wealthiest people in our country to pay more into the system by scrapping the cap on income that is subject to the Social Security payroll tax,” he said.


Sanders said current rules allow a billionaire to pay the same amount into Social Security as a person who earns $117,000 a year.

“This is regressive, this is unfair, this is absurd,” the senator said. “If we lifted this cap and applied the Social Security payroll tax to income above $250,000 — not $117,000, but $250,000 a year, we could not only extend the solvency of Social Security for decades to come, which is what we want to do, but we could also provide the resources necessary to expand Social Security benefits. That is exactly what we should be doing, and that in fact is what the American people want us to do.”


A poll conducted in August found that 90 percent of Democratic voters supported lifting the cap, the senator said, along with 73 percent of independent voters and 73 percent of Republican voters.


“Sadly, despite this overwhelming support for expanding Social Security, the CEOs at the Business Roundtable — the organization representing the largest corporations in America — came out with a plan last year which does exactly what the American people do not want to do,” Sanders said. “The American people want to expand Social Security and the Business Roundtable came out with a plan that would increase the Social Security retirement age from 67 to 70 and severely cut the COLA of senior citizens and disabled veterans.”

Watch his speech before the U.S. Senate posted online by Bernie Sanders: