Marxist Eco-Gnomics: Tory council scorns gifted statue of German revolutionary
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Reuters / Thomas Peter

Reuters / Thomas Peter


A Tory council has refused to display a commemorative statue of the philosopher and revolutionary Karl Marx. The sculpture was gifted to Gloucester by the German town of Trier, Marx’s birth place, which is twinned with the English city.

The statue of Marx has ended up in a back garden where it is currently functioning as a radically left-wing gnome.

Four feet high and made of bright red plastic, the statue was one of a batch of five hundred produced in Trier, west Germany, and originally gifted with the intention of marking Marx’s 195th birthday.

However, the local Conservative council did not think the statue deserved a prominent place and told the Daily Mail that doing so “would not be appropriate.”

Local resident Chris Yates is part of Gloslink, the cultural liaison organization which deals with ongoing relations between the two towns.

He put the spurned statue in his garden, telling the Mail: “It needed a home and my wife and I were quite happy to have it here. He is stood in the garden quite happily.”

“It is the sort of statue that guests will always make a comment about. It deserves a home somewhere in Gloucester. This whole thing started because the German people asked us what we had done with it.”

Conservative councilor Paul James explained to the paper: “It would not be appropriate to put it anywhere more prominent unless, perhaps, to warn people of the dangers of voting for [Labour Party leader] Ed Miliband.”

Born in 1818, Marx settled in the UK after being ejected from France for his dissident activities. He died in March 1883 and was buried in Highgate Cemetery in North London.

Visiting the father of communism’s grave costs adults £4, arguably lending some ironic weight to the arguments he made during his lifetime.

It is unclear whether the arrival of Marx in the Gloucestershire garden has influenced the revolutionary consciousness of Mr Yates’ other garden gnomes.

Colombian Government Asks United States to Consider Repatriating Ricardo Palmera/Simon Trinidad


Alliance for Global Justice

Colombian Government Asks United States to Consider Repatriating Ricardo Palmera / Simon Trinidad

An Opportunity for Peace–Please Take Action!

The news that the Colombian government has asked the United States to consider returning Simón Trinidad aka Ricardo Palmera to his home country is a major step forward for the likelihood of securing a lasting accord to end five decades of war. All peace loving persons must urge the US government to do what is necessary so that Trinidad / Palmera can take his place at the negotiating table.

Trinidad / Palmera is one of the primary negotiators for the Revolutionary Armed Forces in Colombia (FARC). The FARC have made clear that Trinidad must be consulted before a peace accord can be finalized. Trinidad is held in solitary confinement in the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, having been extradited to the United States in a process that undermines Colombian sovereignty and that is motivated by political considerations. By repatriating Trinidad, the US government can show a commitment to peace in Colombia that is based on actual deeds and not just words.

TWO Actions you can take:

1)  Call the Colombia Desk of the State Department and urge that the US government repatriate Ricardo Palmera (Simón Trinidad) in accordance with the request of the Colombian government. Calls are more effective than emails, so please take this step if you can! Use the sample email/script below as a guide. THE PHONE NUMBER IS: (202) 647-3142

2) CLICK HERE to send the following email to the White House and State Department. The form is editable, so if you have time, please feel free to add your own words.


The United States has the opportunity to take action in a real and meaningful way to help bring peace to Colombia and end more than five decades of war. The Colombian government has requested that the US consider repatriating Ricardo Palmera aka Simon Trinidad to Colombia. Palmera is one of the primary negotiators for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and is currently being held in solitary confinement at the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. The FARC have made clear that Palmera’s presence is required for any final peace accord to be achieved. The Colombian government’s request underscores how important is his participation. I urge the White House and State Department to take whatever actions are necessary to repatriate Palmera and assure that a meaningful and durable peace agreement can be reached. I also urge the US to end the tactic of requesting the extraditions of both insurgents and paramilitary members. This practice undermines Colombia’s own sovereignty as well as the peace process and investigations into paramilitary ties to Colombian politicians and government officials.

Click HERE to take a stand for peac in Colombia! And if you can, be sure and call the State Department Colombia desk to ask that the US government repatriate Ricardo Palmera to Colombia. The phone number is: (202) 647-3142

Background Information:

The imprisonment of Simon Trinidad, aka Ricardo Palmera, in the United States is a very particular obstacle to the negotiations. Trinidad was a university professor and belonged to a Leftist teachers’ organization. All but two of its members were murdered for their activities. One survivor, Imelda Daza Cotes, went into exile in Sweden. The other survivor, Trinidad, joined the FARC in 1987.

The CIA seized Trinidad in Ecuador, while he was traveling under terms of “safe passage”. Trinidad was on his way to meet an aide to UN chief Kofi Annan so they could discuss terms of a prisoner release by the FARC. Trinidad was extradited from Colombia to the US on Dec. 31, 2004 to face terrorism, hostage-taking and drug charges. The terrorism and hostage-taking charges stemmed from a Feb. 13, 2003 incident in which three US mercenaries were taken prisoner after their plane crashed inside FARC-controlled territory. Trinidad himself had nothing to do with this and was charged entirely on the basis of his membership in the FARC. In fact, the prosecutor at one point identified 20,000 FARC members as co-conspirators, later reducing it to 50 FARC officers. Trinidad was convicted on one count of hostage-taking and sentenced to 60 years. Prosecutors were unable to get convictions on the other counts.

According to journalist Hernán Camacho, writing for the Colombian newspaper Voz, “Simón Trinidad was chosen as an envoy and negotiator of this guerrilla army in the peace dialogues in Havana, Cuba because of his profound knowledge of the regional and national economy, his political capacity and boldness, in addition to his experience as a negotiator in the Caguán peace process [1999 – 2002]. Today Simón Trinidad passes his hours in the federal prison of Florence, Colorado (United States), with only one hour of sunlight per day. He is a political prisoner held in unjust captivity.”

The rightful place of Simón Trinidad is not in solitary confinement in the Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, but at the negotiating table in Havana.

For more information:

Free Ricardo Palmera!

Could Ricardo Palmera be Released to Participate in Colombia’s Peace Negotiations?


Send an email in support of peace in Colombia!

Attack of the Doomed

Original article: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alya Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf

I received some details about the battles at Shirokino from the First Slavyansk Brigade who had conducted combat operations there, repulsing enemy units during the “Turchinov offensive.” As expected, behind Turchinov’s noisy PR action there was another lot of dead men who paid with their lives for the informational phantoms. According to the Brigade, in these battles the enemy lost around 150 men killed and wounded (though it is not clear whether this number includes losses of the Sich Battalion or whether those should be considered separately). In fact, not for nothing do even fans of the junta call Turchinov “the bloody pastor.”

Attack of the Doomed

In spite of recurrent ceasefires the confrontation at Mariupol has been in the acute phase for a long time. One can even say more—the acute phase has become chronic. Despite the fact that the war is positional—mostly exchanging artillery strikes—from time to time the soldiers of the so-called territorial battalions conduct desperate attacks on the Militia’s positions at Novoazovsk. Doomed attacks.

The latest such attack by a fairly massive contingent was ventured only recently. The grouping, consisting mainly of soldiers of the Azov Battalion, reinorced by a small group of fighters from the Donbass Battalion and units of the Sich Battalion (formed in Kiev from local policemen and members of the Svoboda organisation) undertook an impetuous attack on several settlements near Mariupol and even managed, thanks to the element of surprise and the recklessness of the action, to push the fighters of the DPR MoD [Ministry of Defence -ed.] back to their reserve positions. But, caught up in martial excitement, the NatsGvardi decided not to consolidate the seized positions and began to plough into the Militia’s defences, heading for Novoazovsk. For which they paid. The Azov regiment lost about 150 men; the entire staff of the Sich Battalion was completely eliminated. The main losses were taken near the town of Shirokino, once a very popular and flourishing resort area, but now completely destroyed.

Trophy banners of Azov Battalion and insignia of the Black Corps of the Donbass punitive battalion. The Nazi flag is probably the one used as a backdrop during Azov’s New Year celebrations.

Some very surprising findings were collected on the battlefield after the rapid flight of the remnants of the Ukrainian strike group. Is it just me or are the group’s flags similar to those the SS battalions took into battle not long ago? And how does happy, fascism-conquering Europe look on their allies’ priorities? In the ’30s of the last century, European society also did not pay much attention to flags with swastikas atop the Reichstag. How that ended for Europe and for the entire world, we all remember. Is Europe again wilfully going to overlook a new surge of fascism on its territory? Or do they think they will be able to rein in the brown plague by directing it to Russia? A tragic delusion…

Response to “Bernie Sanders Slams Netanyahu’s Warmongering Speech to Congress”
By A. Shaw
Naturally, we can’t expect even a just man like Bernie Sanders to be evenhanded on the struggle between Israel and the Palestinians or the Arabs or Muslims.
After all, Sanders is a US citizen, a Jew, and something of a Zionist.
Sanders however differs from many US citizens, Jews, and Zionists, because he can still distinguish between Israeli patriotism and Israeli national chauvinism and between US patriotism and US chauvinism.
With many US citizens, patriotism is national chauvinism and vice versa, and consequently, they are possessed by an irresistible urge to wreak another holocaust on Arabs and Muslims under this or that pretext or this or that big lie.
Sanders and Obama told the Israeli prime minister that his current pretext or his big lie about Iran is not good enough for starting a war.
The Israeli prime minister is enraged that he suddenly cannot impose his will on the powerful bourgeois regime in Washington and on the US people, like he has done many times in the past.
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were the only presumptive candidates for the presidential nomination from either the DP or GOP who stood up for US patriotism and dignity.
Most of members of Congress groveled like dogs as they were lectured by the arrogant Israeli visitor.
Bernie Sanders Slams Netanyahu’s Warmongering Speech to Congress
Source: PoliticusUSA
Sen. Bernie Sanders stood firmly behind the diplomacy of President Obama today while shredding the warmongering speech that Netanyahu delivered to Congress.
In a statement, Sen. Sanders reacted to Netanyahu’s speech:
More than a decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us thousands of lives and trillions in treasure and made a difficult situation even worse. Those experiences should reinforce our resolve to make every diplomatic effort to avoid another rush to war.
It goes without saying that Iran must not be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. It goes without saying that the United States will stand by our long-standing friendship and support for the nation of Israel. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Netanyahu did not offer any serious alternatives to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
At this point, harsher sanctions won’t stop Iran’s nuclear program. Neither would a dangerous resort to military action. The sanctions currently in place have brought Iran to the bargaining table and current negotiations resulted in Iran freezing its nuclear program. And for the past year, Iran has been subject to heightened international inspections. All of those things have made us safer.
I commend President Obama for his continued cooperation with the United Kingdom, France, China, Germany and Russia to reach a final agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Sen. Sanders (I-VT) saw right through Netanyahu’s language of seeking a better deal. Netanyahu was trying to push for a better deal. Netanyahu compared Iran to ISIS and North Korea. That is not a comparison that gets made if a leader believes in diplomacy.
Besides boosting his reelection chances back home, Netanyahu was trying to provoke military action against Iran. The Democrats who skipped the speech did not miss anything. Netanyahu’s remarks could have been delivered by Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, or any number of a variety of Republican neocons. There was nothing in his speech that the American people didn’t hear thousands of times during the Bush administration.
Netanyahu tried to argue for war, and Bernie Sanders called him out on it.
Response to “New poll: Emanuel, Garcia in ‘dead heat’ in mayoral runoff”
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By A. Shaw
In Chicago, we have Jesus Garcia, a liberal county commissioner, trying to unseat Rahm Emmanuel, a reactionary mayor seeking reelection.
Both Garcia and Emmanuel are DPs, members of one of the big bourgeois parties.
Garcia is Mexican-American and Emanuel is Jewish-American.
Obama endorses and campaigns for reactionary Emanuel, but the mass of the African-Americans, in Chicago, supports Garcia. The schism between the African Americans and Obama chiefly grows out of Emanuel’s decision to close 50 public schools that were predominantly black and transfer most of the money from the closed schools to private schools that are predominatly white. The closing of public schools and the re-segregation of all education are important planks in the Koch brothers platform.
Garcia is member of the middle class. Emanuel, a multi-millionaire, belongs to the bourgeoisie, like Obama who has a net worth of five million.
Garcia runs on a base composed chiefly of Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, white liberals and other Latin American citizens.
Emanuel runs on a base of reationary Jewish-Americans, reactionary Polish-Americans, the billionaire Koch brothers and their front organizations, and crack-pot Cuban-Americans .
What role, if any, does the hard Left play in this race?
DSA and related news outlet “In These Times” have done good, solid work on the organizational, individual, and propaganda level for Garcia.
The CPUSA and its related outlet  “People’s World” (PW) seem to be following a more or less minimalist policy toward any participation on either side of the race.  Two days after the Feb. 24 election in which the mayor failed to win a majority, PW published an article that mildly favored Garcia. Members of the CPUSA seem to be working in both the Garcia and Emanuel campaigns in their individual capacities. The run-off election is on April  7.
In line with its bizarre ideology, the SWP appears to be completely out of it, except for a few Latino SWP members working for Garcia in their individual capacities.
About a half dozen anarchist groups agitate in Chicago for abstention by African American and Latin American voters, using the old argument “There isn’t a dime worth of difference between Garcia and Emanuel. So, why vote for either them?”
There are maybe 50 leftist spin-offs in Chicago that do nothing but engage in “discussion” about political matters. From all reports, the “discussions” so far have been intense.
Most of the Left in Chicago consists of about 100,000 individuals who don’t belong to any group. Some of these individuals so far have provided important support for Garcia in voter contact, fundraising, and volunteers.
Can liberal Garcia win over more if these “unorganized” leftist individuals?
Most recent polling:
Poll source Date(s)
Margin of
Ogden & Fry February 28, 2015 1058 ± 3.07% 42.7% 38.7%
New poll: Emanuel, Garcia in ‘dead heat’ in mayoral runoff
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Posted: 03/01/2015, 10:09pm |
Mayor Rahm Emanuel (left) and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia are in a “dead heat” in the mayoral runoff, according to a new poll. | Al Podgorski/Sun-Times file photo

A Chicago polling firm is calling the city’s runoff campaign between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia a “dead heat.”

New numbers from Ogden & Fry show Garcia, a member of the Cook County board of commissioners, within reach of the one-term Emanuel. And the firm warned that the Hispanic population under-polls, meaning that population is underrepresented in the data.

“They’re likely dead even,” pollster Tom Swiss said Sunday night.

Ogden & Fry conducted two one-question polls for The Illinois Observer on Wednesday and Saturday. Emanuel had 42.7 percent support in the earlier poll of 1,058 likely voters one day after voters denied Emanuel a second term outright. Garcia had 38.7 percent support in that poll. The margin of error was +/- 3.07 percent.

In the Saturday poll of 979 likely voters, Emanuel had 42.9 percent support to Garcia’s 38.5 percent. The margin of error was +/- 3.2 percent.

Both polls show 18.6 percent of respondents were undecided.

Garcia campaign manager Andrew Sharp said in a statement that the challenger’s camp was not surprised by the results.

“We continue to believe that as the city learns more about Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia’s agenda for change, his support will continue to grow. We have seen a lot of polls over the last few months and we saw the results of the election last Tuesday. One fact remains constant — a majority of Chicagoans do not want four more years under Mayor Emanuel.”

Steve Mayberry, Emanuel’s campaign manager, said in an email: “Chicago voters face a clear choice between Rahm, who has a clear record and plan to create good jobs, and Chuy Garcia, who has failed to get much of anything done in nearly 20 years on the big issues facing the city, but who is all of a sudden making pie-in-the-sky promises and writing checks Chicago can’t cash.”