1- On the past Saturday, 11th Feburary, we held in Lisbon a gigantic demonstration in which more than 300 thousands workers from the entire country participated, under the motto “No to exploitation, inequalities and impoverishment”. This powerful demonstration was a magnificent response of the Portuguese workers to the policies of austerity, economic recession, social and civilisational regression and attack on the Portuguese workers’ rights and gains, which are contained in the measures of the Troika’s aggression and interference programme, aided and abetted by the ultraliberal proposals of the Portuguese government.

Meanwhile, the struggle will be stepped up and already on 29th February, the CGTP-IN will be promoting, in the framework of the European day of action, events in all our country’s regions, under the motto “Against austerity, exploitation and poverty – for jobs, salaries, rights and public services”.

In March, we already have on our agenda several protest and struggle actions, namely on 8 March (International Women’s Day), 28 March (National Youth Day), with initiatives taking place in companies and enterprises. On 31st March there will be a big national youth demonstration.

2- We recently held the International Trade Union Conference and CGTP-IN’s 12th Congress, from 26 to 28 January 2012.
More than 110 international trade union organisations from all continents replied positively to CGTP-IN’ invitation, by directly attending or sending solidarity messages to these important events. Presence and messages that were a strong expression of internationalist solidarity, giving an extremely important contribution to the success attained by these initiatives.

The International Trade Union Conference, with the motto “the international crisis – impacts on employment and on labour and social rights – trade union response”, was attended by 250 participants (around 90 international delegations and 160 Portuguese trade unionists). There were approximately 40 speeches, with important contributions on the theme and with expressions of solidarity with the struggle of the Portuguese workers and of other countries.

On the 27th and 28th we held CGTP-IN’s 12th Congress, which was a crucial moment of the Portuguese workers’ organisation and struggle, specially because of its fighting, determined and unity spirit.

The congress was attended by 870 delegates from all the country, including from non-affiliated unions.

The congress adopted constitutional amendments, the action programme, a Chart of Demands with immediate claims for the 2012-2016 term of office, as well as several resolutions and an international motion.

The congress carried out a profound renewal of the leadership – 54 new members out of 147 National Council members (the council was elected with around 95% of the cast votes). Having met at the end of the congress first day, the National Council elected a new General Secretary – Arménio Carlos – with more than 80% of the cast votes, as well as the Executive Board and the Secretariat. No alternative lists were presented for any of these bodies or for the position of General Secretary.

Already after the congress, the new executive bodies adopted their internal organisation structure for the next 4-year period (annex 1).
Fraternal trade union greetings,

Augusto Praça
International Secretary
CGTP-IN Executive Board