I am really upset and angry that the National Board revoked your membership. You have my full support and solidarity. Now they are expelling their critics. So much for inner party democracy. We saw the same thing happen in Canada in the early 90s when the Hewison leadership began expelling its criticis. These guys want to eliminate all criticism and build a party of passive members who just accept orders. John (Bachtell) did not even provide any clear reasons why “your continued actions are incompatible.” Like many members who are concerned about the direction Webb has taken the Party, you bravely spoke up.

Anyways, I am glad that you are remaining in the Houston Club. As the Webb leadership seems hellbent on turning what is left of the CPUSA into an appendage of the Democratic Party, I think it is important that Communists maintain local clubs wherever possible as a nucleus for a new Marxist party that will have to be formed in the near future when the time is right.

A comrade in Canada