You have my continued support and solidarity in your ongoing campaign to eliminate the old anti-communist laws in Texas. I will do whatever l can to help your cause.

I am very impressed and inspired by you comrades. You have an outstanding, attractive website which l have been reading regularly over the last year. The articles are critical, thought provoking and informative. Your website is more interesting than the central CPUSA website. I have also enjoyed reading the articles posted by your club criticizing the Webb leadership. A lot of us in Canada have been concerned and dismayed about the direction Webb has taken the CPUSA in recent years. We see strong parallels between what happened in Canada prior to 1991 and what the Webb leadership is doing today. Former CPC party leader George Hewison and his cohorts nearly dismanteled the party here: dissolving the YCL, allowing party publications to separate and close down, ceased running candidates during elections, closing down bookstores, expelling members who were critical, etc… The Webb leadership has undertaken similar actions in the USA. In particular, we were shocked here when they decided to cease publishing the PWW and Political Affairs, both widely read by Canadian Communists. We are fearful here the Webb leadership has designs to liquidate the CPUSA.

I have a question for you if you don’t mind answering me. How has the Webb leadership treated the Houston club as the result of your open and well founded criticisms?

A comrade in Canada

Answer from the website: They ignore us!