By A. Shaw

“Are you seriously congratulating yourself on stealing the dues from the members of the CPUSA? On childishly withholding websites, FB profile and other things which show only that you INTEND to mislead and confuse anyone looking for the local branch of the CPUSA? You can’t vote to not dissolve, it was not in your power to admit yourselves to the CPUSA in the first place and it is not in your power to insist you still are “the same club”. Any more than if you were expelled from the Boy Scouts of America would there be an ounce of logic in insisting you are the REAL Boy Scouts. If you have any integrity, show it,” G.L. Morrison heatedly writes against the Houston club after the split of Houston Communists by intrigue of national CP leaders.


Thank you Mr. Morrison. Even though I strongly disgree with what you say, I agree with your right to say it and I’m glad you exercised your right to say it here.

As for “Are you seriously congratulating yourself on stealing the dues?”

The funds of the Houston Club belong to the members of the Houston club. When members of the club quit the club, the quitters lose their right to vote on the disposition of the funds of the club, because the Houston club doesn’t entitle non-members or former members to vote on funds or on anything else. So, the club can’t “steal” what already belongs to it.

As for “childishly withholding websites.”

The argument in the preceding paragraph dealing with funds applies to websites, too.

As for “You can’t vote to not dissolve.”

We have in fact so voted, because our reality is a social and political relation, not an opinion of CP national leaders.

As for “if you were expelled from the Boy Scouts.”

We defer to your opinion about Boy Scouts.