This New Year’s Eve/ Day will mark 53 years since the Cuban people, led by their liberation movement today expressed in their Communist Party, the trade unions, the Joven Rebelde, the women’s organizations, the cultural organizations, and others……freed their country from the clutches of US imperialism. They have built a socialist society that has survived eleven US presidents whose aim of destroying that society has ranked near the top of their foreign policy objectives. They have been a force of example in the less-developed countries. The very existence of socialist Cuba is a powerful message: people do not have to live in poverty, miseducation, bad health and other conditions of inhumanity. The peoples of the world do not have to live this way!

In celebration of all this…below,
the link to the movie “The Buena Vista Social Club”. Enjoy, and pass the link on to others. And a Happy New Year of victorious struggle against capitalist barbarism.

Gary Hicks
Berkeley CA