after they passed the new nuremburg laws

after the long
years of accomodation
comes the occupy
to say no to everything
to say yes to everything
to tell a majority
we don’t have to
live in the old way
and then like
the rat in the
corner comes
the occupation
to say no to us
to say yes
to constantly
pharaoh and
of the wealth
created by all but
enjoyed by few
to confirm that
franklin of fed reserve
benjamins fame
was right when
way back when
he warned that
a country trading
liberty for security
would have neither
and some of us
look at these new
children of the
alien and sedition
fugitive slave
dred scott
jim crow
criminal anarchy
laws and we know
from past times
these laws are just
itching to be
broken and the
standards and
flags once again
strewn at the
feet of a newly
red army having
that city having
the effrontery
to be the
new berlin of
a fourth reich
about which
even now people
the world over
are placing their
wagers on how
long this monster
will last. so
thank you whoever
you are for
creating yet more
to get it on
until all this gets
historical scrap
heap upon the
already existing
junk of past
empires whose
was ignored
by gangsters
with drones and
other toys
who thought
they could get
away with
this time and
once again
like the boxer
said we don’t
get along
so we’ll just
have to
get it on.

december 16, 2011
berkeley ca

gary hicks