By James Thompson

It is nice to have a candidate for president of the United States who has been so effective in proving Karl Marx correct. Marx proved through scientific analyses of capitalism that in order for a capitalistic enterprise to continue to exist, it must constantly increase profits. Such enterprises will do just about anything to continue to increase profits. This means that labor costs must be reduced continually by any means necessary.

Recently some segments of the news have reported that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital announced they plan to close their Sensata Technologies plant in Freeport, Illinois and relocated it to China. This is being done in spite of the fact that the plant was bringing in a notable profit for the owners. Although the business was profitable, the owners came to the conclusion that they could increase their profits by moving the plant and laying off the loyal workers at the plant.

Although this incident does not justify voting for Mr. Romney, it is a clear example of how right Marx was in his studies of the workings of capitalism.

There are many reasons to vote against Mr. Romney. The above cited incident is one of the best. However, there are many more to include:

His selection of Mr. Ryan as a running mate. Mr. Ryan represents one of the most reactionary candidates for public office ever thrown at the American public.

Mr. Romney’s position on a variety of social issues to include women’s rights, immigrant rights, and civil rights in general. During last week’s regrettable debates, Mr. Romney kept pounding away for states’ rights just as you might expect from a reactionary Dixiecrat.

Mr. Romney’s failure to address this nation’s meaningless, wasteful and destructive multiple wars around the globe. In fact, it appears that Mr. Romney favors military expansion at the expense of working people.

Mr. Romney’s failure to address the issue of climate change. He berated Mr. Obama for creating “green jobs”as if this was some crime against humanity.

Mr. Romney’s 47% remarks.

Mr. Romney’s lies about his policies and positions. It is clear to most people that he intends to cut taxes for the wealthy while simultaneously cutting benefits for workers.

There are many more reasons to vote against Mr. Romney and working people should make an effort to educate themselves fully about all candidates running for public office. The electoral struggle is an important arena for struggle for progress for working people. Unfortunately, in this country, the electoral struggle is about what form of capitalism can be tolerated by working people. Nevertheless, important concessions from the capitalists have been won through the years for working people. This process has been beneficial in the short run but not useful in the long struggle for socialism and democracy.

As working people watch the debates and begin to vote, they should keep in mind what is truly in their best interest and vote for that. Working people should never lose sight of their own interests and vote for a candidate who fights for wealthy people’s interests with the hope that such a candidate will fight for them. Working people know that hope may make a person feel good, but you can’t eat hope and you can’t pay your bills with it.

Working people need a party and candidates for public office that truly fight for workers’ interests. Indeed, workers need a party which will help workers attain political power. It is clear that Mr. Romney is not a worker’s candidate and the GOP is not a worker’s party. It is up to progressives to educate themselves about the alternatives to Mr. Romney and his GOP and make their best decision to vote in their interests in the upcoming elections which are crucial to the future of this nation and the world.