By Arthur Shaw

Everybody knows Capriles will lose.

So, the talk has to deal with lies about Capriles false “win” that’s being prepared.

Capriles intends to use a exit poll that will be released about 3:00 PM (Caracas time) — that is, three hours before the polls close — showing deceitfully that Capriles won by 10 points.

The editors of the bourgeois media — especially in the USA — will order their “journalists” to write that the 3:00 PM exit poll is infallible and, therefore, incapable of error. Naturally, the docile and worthless journalists of the bourgeois media will obey their editors and then explain privately that if journalists didn’t obey editors, journalists would lose their jobs. Cowards!

It’s unclear which firm will claim credit for conducting the rigged exit poll. One side of the Capriles campaign wants to give the contract to tell lies about the exit poll to a Mark Penn firm, because a Penn firm — namely, Penn, Schoen, Berland — lied for the opposition in a similar situation in the 2004 presidential recall referendum.

An opposite side of the Capriles campaign wants to give the contract to lie about the exit poll to a Venezuelan firm called Consultores 20 which has been lying for Capriles during the whole general election.

Consultores 20 was paid peanuts for its critical services from the beginning of the campaign and now some people in the Capriles campaign want to cut Consultores 20 out of its big payday.

The Capriles campaign can postpone making a choice only until late Sunday morning.

It’s peculiar that Communists, Social Democrats, Maoists, Trotskyists, and anarchists (excluding Norm Chomsky’s anarchist sect) in the USA have assiduously avoided coverage of the class struggle in Venezuela during the last year. In a couple of days, these same tendencies on the US “Left” will pose as experts — supporting of course the imperialist line with their usual two-faced “balanced” approach.