On Tuesday I worked as a poll worker at my local voting site, 3150 Broadway at Grant Houses, 67 ED 70 AD in Manhattan. During a break, I cast my vote for a third-party candidate, Tony Gronowicz, candidate for Mayor of the Green Party. At the end of the night, when the two scanners put out the tape with the voting results and were taped up on the wall, I looked at the results. Both scanners had “Tony Gronowicz 0.” Therefore my vote (and anyone else’s at that site who voted for Tony Gronowicz) was not counted.

Many people have speculated that the scanners are very easy to program to alter the results, without the voters knowing it. My experience seems to confirm this. Have the scanners been programmed to undercount votes of progressive third party candidates? I plan to report this to the Board of Elections as well as to make this public as widely as possible.

George Gruenthal
Poll worker #279642