By James Thompson

A Texas judge sentenced former U.S. Congressperson Tom DeLay to 3 years in prison for conspiring to launder and direct some $190,000 in corporate contributions to Texas Republican candidates in 2002. DeLay was also known as the “Hammer” for his unscrupulous misuse of power in manipulating the U.S. Congress to uphold the interests of the most wealthy in this country.

Many Texans are asking “What took you so long?” and would just like to see the disgraced Congressperson get his just due.

His attorneys are, of course, appealing his conviction.

Texans and other interested parties will just have to wait as the justice system carefully considers what is the least punishment they can mete out to Mr. DeLay without arousing the working people who were his victims when he was in Congress.

Some may ask why it is that such a corporate criminal gets such lenient treatment by the justice system when poor working people get the book thrown at them for minor offenses. Perhaps we should ask “what is the purpose of the criminal justice system?” Is it to protect working people or corporate interests?