In spite of the unending ideological brainwashing promulgated by the U.S. corporate media, many residents of this great nation are waking up and recognizing the abuses of working people here.

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 11% of likely U.S. voters think communism is superior to the current U.S. system of politics and economics. 13 % were not sure which system is superior. 27 % did not believe that communism is a failed ideology.

Given the lies and distortions about communism which have become the mainstays of the mass consciousness, this is truly amazing. The corporate media has portrayed communism as something worse than a nuclear meltdown. However, it appears that in reality the real nuclear meltdown in Japan which threatens the very existence of life on the planet may be attributed to the capitalists who chose to cheap it on the construction of the doomed facilities in order to increase profits for the wealthy of the planet.

More working people need to wake up and realize that the corporate media has been deceiving them and turning them against themselves. Only with a party dedicated to defending working class struggles, can working people save our planet from the ravages of capitalism. That party is not the Democratic Party. It is not various Social Democratic Parties. It is the Communist Party!