by James Harrington

First of all I am neither a republican nor a democrat. I firmly believe that both of these parties are parties of WAR! I just happen to be a communist!

It seems the republicans have several immoral candidates running for the highest office of the land this year.

First there was Herman Cain, the bigoted anti-Muslim candidate who is the former C.E.O of Godfathers Pizza. There is a Godfathers Pizza right around the corner from where I live in Texas. They always send out these flyers which mention that they serve halal meat. Halal is the Muslim tradition of saying a prayer for the animal before it is slaughtered.

Mr. Cain said early on in the campaign that he would not place any Muslims in his administration if elected president. He also said anti-Muslim stuff to a Christaian group located in Florida.

Cain was trying his best to deflect comments from several former female employees of his, calling all of them liers. He boasted that he was a family man who had been faithful to his wife for many years. His wife even came to his aid.

Finally, the straw that broke the camel’s back fell when his mistress of sixteen years came forth and spilled the beans about her affair with Mr. Cain. Thats when the do-do hit the fan and he had to drop out of the race!

Gingrich, one of the strongest attackers of Bill Clinton, was cheating behind his wife’s back with another woman. Now we see how Mr. Morals wanted an open marriage with his second wife!

The Republicans seem to want to make the world safe for hypocrisy.