“Wealth belongs to those who produce it”

The World Federation of Trade Unions addresses a fraternal salutation to all working women and men around the world. The 1st of May is the day that reminds us of our irreplaceable social role in the production of all the wealth in the world. The 1st of May is the day that reminds us of the invincible power, that class unity can provide us with, to change the world according to our needs and abilities. A world of prosperity, peace and fraternal solidarity. The only obstacle standing in the way of this progress is the parasitic activity of the monopolies. The predatory exploitation of the wealth-producing resources for their own profiting in burden of the peoples and the environment.

In times of capitalist crises, especially at a deep and synchronized one as the one we are facing nowadays, their inter-imperialist rivalries intensify, their lust for more spheres of influence, control over the wealth-producing resources, larger markets and cheaper labour force is splashing. They get more ruthless in the course of competition. The fire of imperialist wars and conflicts caused by the imperialist interventions is spreading. The intercapitalist rivalries give birth to wars and conflicts.

The impact in the peoples’ lives is dramatic:

16% of the total population is undernourished.

Unemployment rises continuously.

1 out of 6 people worldwide do not have access to adequate clean water.

More than 100 million people are homeless. Millions live in slums. Hundreds of millions of people live on rent or have to pay unbearable house loans in order to get their own home.

920 million people remain illiterate.

8,1 million children died in 2009 before reaching five years of age.

Each year about 2,1 million people around the world die from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The workers’ rights in decent basic salary, social security, free and qualitative public services (education, healthcare, transport, electricity) are being undermined and attacked.

The freedom of association and the trade union freedoms in general are being attacked.

Trade unionists are murdered, imprisoned, fired.

On the contrary, the capitalist profits rise or remain defiantly high.

In 2010 amidst the capitalist crisis, the 50 more profitable companies earned profits more than 715 billion dollars.

This reality forces us, the workers of the world, into coiling and militant counterattack against the capitalist exploitation and barbarity for the fulfillment of the contemporary basic needs and a world without exploitation of man-by-man.

On the 3rd of October 2012, the International Action Day 2012, we will struggle side by side with strikes, demonstrations, mobilizations, activities in dozens of countries of the five continents to end the multinationals’ predatory exploitation, to demand our right in Food, Clean Water, Housing, Medication, Education, Transport and Free and Qualitative Public Services for all.

A world without workers is impossible
A world without capitalists is necessary