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Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2012 2:03 AM
Subject: [AcademicsforJustice] DNC member apologizes for criticising Israel , resigns from position

DNC Member Forced to Resign After Criticizing Israel

After the revelation of a series of emails critical of American support for the Israeli occupation, a candidate for Florida ’s House of Representatives was forced to resign from her position as a member of the Democratic National Committee. Evelyn Garcia, a veteran Democratic activist and candidate for a seat in Florida ’s state assembly, sent a series of emails she believed would remain private regarding American policy in the Middle East to a fellow Democrat in 2011. The emails, which included shocking language like, “The continued Israeli occupation of Palestine is ugly on moral, ethical, religious and legal grounds,” were published earlier this month, prompting widespread criticism from her fellow Florida Democrats, some of whom termed the emails anti-Semitic. Garcia quickly apologized for her words and resigned her position as a member of the Democratic National Committee. In related news, President Obama has been accused of anti-Chinese racism for his criticism of the Chinese government. Will he apologize and resign too?