David Rovics spoke highly of the importance of the red flag and the hammer and sickle

By James Thompson

HOUSTON – Houstonians were treated to a wonderful performance by legendary folksinger David Rovics on May 31, 2012 at the Houston Institute for Culture/East End Gallery. The performance was inspiring at a time when the left is struggling to regain its identity in the face of massive assaults by the two major political parties in this country, the Democrats and the Republicans. Music truly is a medium that can move people and spur them to action. Our hope is that this performance will spur working people to fight for their rights at a time when they are under assault from multiple fronts.

David Rovics had some very complimentary things to say about the history of the CPUSA and its history of fighting for working people’s rights. He commented that he had noticed recently that the party was not doing much in the way of fighting for working people and he was glad to see the positive things happening in Houston.

He wowed the crowd with his song “The last Lincoln veteran” which reminds us of the glory of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade which was organized by the CPUSA. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade was a group of people who went to Spain to fight against the fascist onslaught headed by Franco and supported by Nazi Germany. The song lauds the bravery and courage of those people who fought selflessly against fascism.

Rovics’ songs were filled with love and as Che Guevara said, love is one of the most important characteristics of a revolutionary.

He ended with his own rendition of the “Internationale.” This was especially moving and appreciated by many in the audience.

If Rovics comes to your city, do yourself a favor and go out to see him. It will be well worth it. If he is not scheduled for your city, contact his website www.davidrovics.com and work with them to arrange a tour.


David Rovics sings in Houston