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August 20, 2015



Staten Island, NY, August 20, 2015– Our organization demands a halt to U.S. provocations against Russia

“U.S. War games against Russia are more dangerous than at any time in our history”

Angelo D’Angelo, Chair, USFSP


The U.S. Friends of the Soviet People organization opposes and rejects the escalation of the previous Cold War into a New Cold War. This has happened because the United States and the European Union continue to support the illegal coup government installed in February 2014 that overthrew the legally elected government of President Viktor Yanukovich. The USA/EU supported the neo-Nazi Ukrainian Right Sector, Svaboda, and other groups who are followers of Stephen Bandera (the Nazi Ukrainian butcher of Jews, Russians, Communists and other leftists during WW2. They were the Storm Troopers of this coup d’état.  It is well documented from the Nuremberg trials   after WW II that the Ukrainians Nazis were the most vicious concentration camp guards, for example, Ukrainian Nazi  Ivan the Terrible, who cut off ears and broke legs of concentration camp victims. Yet the US Congressmen and Senators, who are backing these Nazis by pushing for lethal weapons for the Junta in power in Kiev, will only continue the slaughter of Ukrainians East and West in the current civil war. This is all being planned by the USA/EU to push the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) closer to Russia’s border.  “Fight Russia to the last Ukrainian,” this is what the US Senate and Congress are backing; blood is on their hands already from instigating all the violence in this civil war since April 2014!  It was agreed by Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan that NATO would not move one inch when East Germany combined with West Germany. Subsequent provocative deceit by the USA/EU has created what we refer to as Cold War 2, which could lead to a Nuclear Holocaust with Russia, by threatening their national security. This escalation of tensions threatens lives here in the USA and in the EU. Stop these plans of the war mongers who use blatant lies to brainwash the public toward war and threaten life on our planet, before it is too late! If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Angelo D’Angelo, Ph.D. at US Friends of the Soviet People or e-mail at