by James Thompson

The 2016 bourgeois elections in the United States and the aftermath have been interesting to watch. It should be clear to all by now that the political system in the United States is a one-party system. All parties represented are merely factions of the Capitalist Party. Communist and/or Marxist Leninist parties do not appear on any ballots.

Trump and Sanders proclaimed in their respective campaigns that “the system is rigged.” They are both right. The system is rigged to preserve the interests of the capitalist class and marginalize the interests of the working class. The system works very effectively in fulfilling its mission of alienating workers from their political interests.

However, the system is so vicious and competitive that it produces huge ideological splits over minor issues and the result is highly self-destructive.

In the current situation, there are several major factions that have emerged as a result of the recent election. The factions are organized around issues having to do with the reform of the capitalist system. On the one hand, the President-elect has allied himself with vicious racists, xenophobes and other despicable reactionary capitalists. On the other hand, the same President-elect seems at this time to be trying to reverse the hyper militaristic, interventionist, provocative stance of the US government towards foreign countries, most recently focused on China and Russia. No one knows whether the President-elect will follow through with his grand plans of detente with major nuclear, capitalist competitors of the United States. However, there can be no doubt that he will follow through with his plans to “Make American capitalists great again” while fighting to “Make American workers remain subservient.”

The President-elect’s closest competitor in the recent election was friendlier to diverse cultures but was a vicious war hawk who advocated confrontation with Russia and China. Her policies could have led to catastrophic nuclear war which would have been the end of humanity, civilization, industry and capitalism itself. The President-elect, to his credit, seems to understand that nuclear war would mean a sudden end to capitalism, profits and all the rest of it.

A right wing faction seems to be emerging which advocates confrontation and war with Russia and China as well as vicious repression of diverse sectors of the population. There seems to be the possibility of a coalition forming between these war hawk racists and the war hawk antiracists in an effort to resist the policies of the antiwar racist President-elect. No one knows where this madness will lead.

What we do know is that the feckless working-class lost another election in a political system rigged against them. We do know that there is no current faction representing the interests of the working class. We do know that all factions that have a voice in the development of policies of the US government are blatantly anti-worker and there is no oasis in the current ideological desert dominating thought in the USA.