Statement of the Central Committee of the New Dutch Communist Party

No military interference in Libya

Central Committee of the NCPN, Amsterdam, 17 March, 2011

The NCPN rejects the use of military force against the Libyan people’s uprising, but is strongly opposed to this new military intervention in a sovereign country.

The NCPN disapproves of the US Security Council’s resolution, which advocates a military interference of Libya. Instead of real solidarity with the People of Libya and the defense of their legimitate human rights, the resolution is meant to justify the agenda of the Western [imperialist] powers to directly intervene in the internal struggles of a sovereign state; they want geostrategic control of Libya’s natural resources, in particular, Libya’s oil.

The NCPN is against every aggressive action against Libya that will worsen their internal conflicts and that will eventually lead to even greater internal instability in the entire Maghreb region and the Middle East.

The NCPN condemns the US Secretary General’s conduct of supporting a strategy that prioritizes a war of the imperialist countries violating the UN Charter, namely, the promoting and supporting of diplomatic initiatives of countries such as Venezuela and the African Union to find a peaceful solution to the internal conflicts of Libya.

The NCPN critisizes the hypocrisy and false information campaign in the media that is only meant to conceal the warlike motives of the imperialist countries (which of course of part of NATO). This is reflected in the fact that the US Security Council supports military aggresion against a sovereign country in the name of a “defense of human rights”, while at the same time, one can perceive a total silence that these recent events clearly violate international law and the rights of the People. A few examples of this are the continuous crimes , provocations and unjust measures of Israel against the Palestinian people and the invasion of Bahrein by the Saudi Arabian military (which the United States entirely knew about) with the objective of crushing the People’s uprising in that country.

The NCPN condemns the slavish attitude of the Dutch government and the entire parliament, a new proof of their service and colaboration with the strategy of the big imperialist powers and NATO. The NCPN is against the participation of the Netherlands in the agression against Libya, whether by direct involvement of the military forces and military means, or through indirect involvement by means of logistic support for military operations in this current aggression.

The NCPN gives its support for any initiatives taken against the attacks against Libya, an attack that is essentially comparable to the aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan in its objectives, media propaganda, and the ideology that it supports. The NCPN calls for unity in action of all peaceful, democratic, and progresive forces, with the slogan of rejecting a military intervention in Libya and for solidarity with the people of the Middle East that are still fighting for their social rights, labor rights, democracy, freedom, peace, and sovereignity.

Translated by Raskonikov Radek

(Original text from Manifest 3,