via the World Peace Council

11 November 2010 ,

The WPC expresses its solidarity with Manuel Olate Cespedes, member of
the Communist Party of Chile who has been recently arrested by the
Chilean authorities and is facing extradition to Colombia.

The accusations of the Colombian state for collaboration with
terrorist groups is based on the perception of Colombia and its
governments which denies the social and political character of the
armed conflict in Colombia for decades long, labelling activists from
different countries as “terrorists”, while they are in favour of a
negotiated peace agreement and the release of hostages by the

It is the same forces and mechanisms who are attacking and
assassinating in Colombia progressive trade unionists, journalists and
political leaders, who are not even hesitating to prosecute the
Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba.

The WPC denounces any plans to extradite Manuel Olate Cespedes to
Colombia, which constitutes today the most loyal ally of the US
imperialism in the region, another Israel of Latin America.

We demand his immediate release from custody and the drop of the

We furthermore express our solidarity to the Colombian people in its
struggle against the deployment of new US military Bases in their
country and region, which is aiming in the control and interference of
the area by the imperialists.

The Secretariat WPC

November 11, 2010