Dear Sisters and Brothers,
The Galveston County Commissioners Court and Sheriff are currently considering participation in the 287(g) program, and they are already engaging in the repression of our immigrant brothers and sisters without legal status. Last Thursday, Gerardo Martinez was pulled over by a deputy for a minor vehicle infraction and ended up being held in the Galveston County jail over the weekend. Early this morning, he was turned over to ICE. During the past eight years, well over 2.5 million people have been deported from the U.S. and now the Trump administration and its minions in state and local government aim to forcibly expel millions more, shatter countless additional families, and destroy innumerable lives.
We apologize for the short notice, but we urge you to attend the meeting of the Galveston County Commissioners Court at 1:30 pm tomorrow if possible. The meeting will be in the old county courthouse at 722 Moody Avenue, also known as 21st Street, in Galveston. Individuals can speak for three minutes during public comments, but you must sign up to speak before the meeting. It is important to let the County Commissioners know that people care about what happens to Gerardo and other undocumented immigrants–and that the growing repression of hardworking people without papers will generate growing resistance in a county that prefers to be known for tourism and recreation.
Many thanks to the activists from Asamblea Popular de Houston, Deportation Defense Network, and FIEL who have been spreading the word about this terrible injustice and trying to help Gerardo and his family. Houston Socialist Movement is glad to support this important effort, and we hope to see some of you in Galveston tomorrow afternoon.
In Solidarity,