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All-Workers Militant Front (PAME): ITUC and the Goals of the EU-IMF in Greece
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All-Workers Militant Front (PAME): ITUC and the Goals of the EU-IMF in Greece
In a message to its members in Greece, the GSEE-ADEDY, the international mechanism of the multinationals within the trade unions, the ITUC, “criticizes” the IMF-EU that they promote “wrong” policies in Greece and “do not succeed in their goals”.
We inform the ITUC that the IMF-EU-Greek Government have succeeded their goals 100%, because their goal is to destroy workers’ rights, so as to guarantee the profits of the monopolies.
Having no relation with class struggle, nor with the meaning of class exploitation, imperialism, capital, or working class, the ITUC repeats the arguments of the Greek Government of SYRIZA and the nationalist-racist ANEL party, about a “just growth”, which will supposedly will benefit the workers. 
Such arguments the Greek workers have been hearing them for years. Based on this “just growth” the Government of SYRIZA imposed a new Memorandum, while the ITUC members, the GSEE-ADEDY agreed with the wages cuts of more than 30% the last years.
It is not by accident that during the last strike, on May 17, the rally of GSEE-ADEDY numbered no more than 500 people….
KKE slams Tsipras’ government: Greece must be disengaged from imperialist interventions and wars!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

KKE slams Tsipras’ government: Greece must be disengaged from imperialist interventions and wars!

The Parliamentary Team of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) submitted a written question about Greece’s disengagement from imperialist interventions and wars to the Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs. The text of the question is the following:
Source: RizospastisTranslation: In Defense of Communism *.
“The decisions of the governments of ND and PASOK in the previous years, as well as the ones of the SYRIZA-ANEL government today, for the involvement of Greece in imperialist interventions and wars, have put and continue putting our people in great adventures and dangers.
The slogan “Neither land nor water to the murderers of the people” has been diachronically expressed by our people. They shouted it in the war of USA, NATO,EU against Yugoslavia in 1999 and in the later wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. Our people shout it in demonstrations throughout the country, denouncing the governmental decisions for the participation of Greek military forces in NATO’s exercises, for the disposal of the base of Souda and other military bases and headquarters to the broader imperialist plans.
These days, the working people, the youth, with mass demonstrations in Chania demanded the closure of the US-NATO base in Souda, while in Alexandroupolis and other cities in Thrace, they demand that no Greek territory will be used for the transition of foreign military forces which will participate in NATO’s “Noble Jump” exercise in Romania. 
According to published reports 4,000 military officers from Albania, Bulgaria, Britain, USA, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Norway, Holland and Poland will participate in NATO’s exercise in Romania. Greece participates in the exercise by providing “Host Nation” support, during the transition of British, Spanish and Albanian military units from the axis Alexandroupolis-Ormenio and Krystallopigi-Promachonas in northern Greece. 
According to official statements, the Greek government is committed for “providing facilitation at the airport and the seaport of Alexandroupolis during the deployment and redeployment of personnel and vehicles. Accommodation for the personnel. Services for their safety during the reception, transition and exit from the country. Operation and staffing of local coordination center in Alexandroupolis. Facilitation for logistics and medical treatment services. Access to ground and satellite communications.”
It is a fact that this NATO exercise too prepares the soil for new wars and interventions, for the formation of an inter-state military power capable to be used against the people, wherever needed. 
The SYRIZA-ANEL government, following the way of the previous governments and in the name of the so-called geostrategic upgrade dogma, bears big responsibilities because it offers Greek territory, military camps of our country and multiform facilitations to the murderous mechanism of NATO. 
Within these circumstances, the positions and the struggle of the KKE and the labor-popular movement gain especial significance: “Neither land nor water to the murderers of the people”, immediate disangegament of the country from imperialist interventions and wars, closure of the Souda base and other US-NATO bases and headquarters, return of the Greek military forces from missions abroad, definite disengagement of our country from NATO and the other imperialist organisations.
Messrs. Ministers are asked: what is the position of the government in the popular demand for the non-engagement of the country in the imperialist plans and the non-use of Greek territory, camps and sections of the Greek Armed Forces in NATO’s “Noble Jump” other similar military exercises?
What is the position of the government in the popular demand for the non-renewal of the agreement with the USA for the Souda base, the closure of this base and other US-NATO bases which are directed against our people and other people?”

* This is an unofficial translation of the original Greek text. 

KKE: PM Tsipras and his government are the “best students” of NATO

Friday, May 26, 2017

KKE: PM Tsipras and his government are the “best students” of NATO
Info: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
On the occasion of the NATO Summit in Brussels, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued the following statement:
“The Summit of NATO’s leaders of states and governments took the baton from last year’s Warsaw Summit and, despite individual contradictions, decided the escalation of its (NATO’s) attack against the people, thus confirming the criminal role of this imperialist organisation.
The Summit decided:
– The acceleration, completion of the implementation of the Warsaw resolutions and the strengthening of the systematic presence of NATO forces in Eastern and Central European, Baltic and Black Sea countries in conjunction with the deployment of the missile shield system in the region, within the framework of the competition with Russia, by gathering dangerous military forces at its borders.
– The strengthening of NATO’s involvement on the war in Syria with participation in the imperialist coalition of states in which the USA have a leading role, for the promotion of their interests in this country and the wider region of Middle East-Northern Africa.
– The presence of NATO forces in Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, the continuation of the intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The multifaceted pretext about “combating terrorism” and “control of migratory flows” do not convince anyone, when it is known that NATO, the USA, the EU firmly supported the so-called islamist terrorism for the destabilization and partitioning of countries, for the promotion of their war plans. These are the causes of the exacerbation of migratory and refugee flows.
The SYRIZA-ANEL government and the Prime Minister are becoming the “best students” of NATO. They overbid the role of Greece in the framework of the Alliance, as it is proved by the expansion of the Souda base and the coverage, from the Greek side, of the enormous NATO’s expenditures. The goal of the “geostrategic upgrade” has to do with the Greek capital’s participation in the “prey” of the wars, while for the people it means huge dangers.
The developments require the intensification of the struggle for our country’s disengagement from NATO and the other imperialist organisations. No involvement in the war plans and interventions. Closure of the foreign military bases in Greece and return of the Greek soldiers who serve outside of the borders. Common struggle and people’s solidarity against the imperialist wars, the bourgeois classes and their warmongering policy for their own profits.”
The SYRIZA government serves capitalist barbarity: KKE MPs denounce the new austerity measures

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The SYRIZA government serves capitalist barbarity: KKE MPs denounce the new austerity measures
Dimitris Koutsoumbas (Left) and Thanasis
Pafilis during their Parliament speeches.
As the Parliament prepares to vote upon the new austerity package (a 4th memorandum agreed by the government, the EU and the creditors), the MPs of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) unleashed an attack against the government’s new antipeople measures.
Speaking at the Parliament, the Secretary General of the CC of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas denounced the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL government as the one responsible for the shrinkage of people’s standards of living and labour rights. “The new antipeople agreement” said D.Koutsoumbas, “consists a new a 4th memorandum” and pointed out that the new measures “both directly and indirectly support the profitability of business corporations”. He also stressed that the policy followed by the government is based on directions which increase the exploitation of the working people and strengthen the concentration of the capital.
The KKE’s Secretary General said that responsible for this policy are Greece’s ruling class, the Greek industrialists, the Quartet as well as the SYRIZA government, the major opposition party of New Democracy and the rest bourgeois parties. Dimitris Koutsoumbas called the Greek people, the working class, to rise up against the new austerity measures, to give a militant response to the governmental policy, the monopolies and their imperialist alliances, such as the EU and NATO.
From his side, the parliamentary respresentative of the KKE Thanasis Pafilis said that the SYRIZA coalition government serves capitalist barbarity and tries to satisfy the demands of the capital. He attacked both the government and the major opposition of New Democracy for being engaged in a “false confrontation” which isn’t about the popular interests but about who is a better servant of capitalist development within the EU.
Taking to Flash Radio on Thursday evening, the KKE MP Nikos Karathanasopoulos said that “the measures included in the law consist a ticket to the labyrinth of capitalist development”. As he said, the current law proposed by the government is the continuation of the previous austerity memorandums and brings new burdens on the people in order to serve the needs of business corporations. Karathanasopoulos stressed out that the actual implementation of the new measures will be judged in the streets as long as the people are the ones who will have the final word.
“We will not become the slaves of the 21st century”: The KKE calls for people’s counterattack

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“We will not become the slaves of the 21st century”: The KKE calls for people’s counterattack
A 24hr general strike will be held in Greece on 17 May 2017, as well as the strike rallies and demonstrations of the All-worker’s Militant Front (PAME) in dozens of cities, against the measures which the coalition government of the “Left” party of SYRIZA and the nationalist party of ANEL is bringing for discussion on that day in Parliament. 
Protest demonstrations will be organized by PAME all over the country on 18th of May, the day the measures will be voted on.
The SYRIZA-ANEL government is bringing these measures after the negotiations with the imperialist unions of the EU and IMF for the 2nd evaluation of the 3rd Memorandum. It is clear from the results that the government negotiated with the lenders on behalf of the interests of the domestic monopoly groups and not the people, with the aim of accelerating the process of an exit from the capitalist crisis that favours capital.
The new raft of anti-people measures further escalates the assault, thrusts new burdens onto the already struggling popular households, at the same time when better conditions are being formed for the activity of the business groups (such as the new measures to liberalize the market and accelerate privatizations).
In brief, the measures provide for:
  • New reductions in pensions, with the result that the pensioners will lose a sum equivalent to two months’ pensions a year
  • Increase of direct taxation even for those who have a low income, through the reduction of the tax threshold. So, for example, a salaried employee who earns 615 euros a month and who does not pay any direct taxes today, will be called onto to pay up to 300 euros of tax a year, i.e. almost half a month’s salary.
  • New reductions in public funds for healthcare spending.
  • New cuts to various benefits (unemployment, heating).
  • There are other measures to support capital in the new agreement, such as the increase of privatizations, the complete liberalization of mass dismissals for big capitalist businesses, the legislation of new obstacles to the calling of strikes, the consolidation of all the anti-workers laws on collective labour agreements passed since 2011, the creation of new obstacles for the signing of collective labour agreements, the legalization of “lock outs” organized by the employers, the abolition of the Sunday holiday with painful consequences for retail workers and small shopkeepers, with aim of accelerating the concentration of the retail sector into department stores and supermarket chains etc.
These new measures will have a cumulative impact in a period when the situation of most employees and self-employed has already deteriorated dramatically due to the policies both of the previous ND-PASOK governments and the current SYRIZA-ANEL government.
In 2016, 45% of the population had an income under the fixed poverty line.
The KKE calls on the people to protest against the new agreement in a combative way, on the basis of their needs, which are constantly being sacrificed at the altar of the recovery of the profits of the monopolies. It calls on the people, beginning with the strike of the 17thof May to organize their counterattack decisively, to demand the immediate recovery of the great losses they suffered during the period of the crisis, against the new offensive of the ruling class, EU, IMF, which is being unleashed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government.
The workers with their mass participation in the strike of the 17th of May, in the other mobilizations, with their organization in the workplaces, must declare that: “We will not become the slaves of the 21st century.”
People Rise Up: Greece’s Labour movement prepares for national General Strike on May 17

Monday, May 15, 2017

People Rise Up: Greece’s Labour movement prepares for national General Strike on May 17
A nationwide General Strike is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2017 with rallies and demonstrations in Athens-Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Patras and all major cities of the country.
On the occasion of the General Strike, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) calls the people to rise up against the new harsh measures imposed by the bailout agreement of the SYRIZA coalition government and the creditors (EU-IMF). More specifically, the PAME statement writes:
All together, workers, Unemployed, self-employed, scientists, small farmers, young workers, we must stop the continuous destruction of our lives.
We must demand the recovery of all our losses
We must fight for new demands, based on our contemporary needs
The new Agreement-4th Memorandum of the SYRIZA Government-Capital-EU is:
  • Further destruction of the branch level Collective Contracts. Further attack on the already cut National Minimum Wage and the division between young and older workers. They destroy our wages
  • Liberalization of massive layoffs and legalization of Lock Out
  • New brutal taxation to the people which will cost additional 1.5 salaries every year in taxes.
  • New pension cuts! They steal from the pensioners up to 2 pensions every year.
  • They abolish Sunday as a day off from work. They turn the workers into slaves of the multinationals, who will work 7 days a week. They take us back into the dark ages.
  • They cut whatever rights and benefits were left, as the unemployment benefit. With more than 1.000.000 unemployed and less than 1/10 of them receiving any financial support from the unemployment agency, they cut further €1.5 million a year from unemployment funding.
  • More cuts are imposed to a series of benefits that existed to support the most vulnerable and poor workers.
  • New privatizations are imposed in state companies in Electricity, Gas, Water, Oil. This will also lead to higher costs for the workers.
  • They open the door for auctioning off and foreclosures of people’s homes etc
  • Under the demand of the “big investors”, they want to block trade union action. To block the foundation and activity of unions, to stop the organization of struggles.
  • We must stop the new attack against our lives
  • The new measures are the 4th Memorandum, which will burden the working class. It includes new privileges and funding to the big business groups, new misery for the workers.
We can see clearly what is the meaning of the so called “fair development”. It is growth and development for the benefit of the capitalists, that is built over the destruction of the workers’-people’s rights. Development based on extreme exploitation. Growth which means huge profits for the few, poverty for the many.
For these profits the SYRIZA Government, also, promotes the participation of Greece to the geopolitical bloodbath that we witness in our region. Their goal of “geostrategic upgrade” of Greece is why they participate in the imperialist interventions and wars.
We demand no participation in the imperialist plans
The workers, the unemployed, the young workers, we demand the recovery of our losses, our contemporary needs.
We condemn the unified line of the political parties (social democratic, liberal, centrist, etc) that supported the 3rd Memorandum., who support the policy of the monopolies and the exploitative system. They are responsible for our situation.
We take the responsibility for the organizations and success of the General Strike in our hands.
We overcome the obstacles and the undermining of the forces of class collaboration, the trade union forces controlled by the Government and the employers. We overcome the ETUC members in Greece (GSEE-ADEDY), who are the most stable ally of the capitalists.
We have the right on our side!
We have the power!
May 17 – National General Strike
May 18 Demonstrations and Rallies in All Greek Cities.
ATHENS, Kotzia square at 10.00 am.
THESSALONIKI, Venizelos’ statue at 10.30 am.
PIRAEUS, Karaiskaki square at 10.00 am.
PM Alexis Tsipras in China: Promoting the interests and aspirations of Greek capitalists

Saturday, May 13, 2017

PM Alexis Tsipras in China: Promoting the interests and aspirations of Greek capitalists

The role of Greece as a “bridge” between China and the EU is the major aim of the Greek government, in an effort to promote and expand the aspirations of the country’s bourgeoisie. The visit of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Beijing, on the occasion of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (May 14-15) serves this purpose.

Greece is at a crossroads of three continents, it constitutes an important hub in the economic, energy and cultural sectors and can serve as a bridge between China and Europe, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Saturday in a meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Tsipras underlined that Greece has worked hard over the last year to upgrade the relation between the two counties which is based on the two ancient civilizations. He added that Greece is overcoming the crisis, has returned to positive growth rates and will soon tap the markets. The prime minister said that Greece aims at further strengthening the cooperation with Beijing as China’s strategic vision coincides with that of Greece.

On his part, the president of China stressed the particular dynamism and vigor that is now recorded in the two countries’ relationship. Jinping added that the Greek-Chinese relationship would be further strengthened. (ANA-MPA, 13/5/2017).

The visit of PM Tsipras in Beijing coincides with agreements between Chinese and Greek monopoly groups on energy projects. Here is an example:

China’s state Shenhua Group Corp Ltd., the largest coal producer in the world and one of the largest energy producers of conventional and renewable sources in the country, and Copelouzos Group, one of the largest investment groups in Greece, signed on Friday an agreement for cooperation and development in the green energy sector and in the environmental upgrading of energy generating units in Greece and other countries.

The estimated amount of the investments will total 3 billion euros, Copelouzos Group said in a press release.

“Our Group believes in green energy and the prospects of Greece. We are confident that the cooperation with Shenhua Group will act as a catalyst for the conclusion of important investments and will promote the energy industry in Greece, with an emphasis on green energy and the environmental upgrading of energy producing units,” the head of Copelouzos Group, Dimitris Copelouzos, said on the deal. (ANA-MPA, 12/5/2017).

According to the Reuters report from Beijing:

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered the prime minister of deeply indebted Greece strong support on Saturday, saying the two countries should expand cooperation in infrastructure, energy and telecommunications. Xi told Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that Greece was an important part in China’s new Silk Road strategy.

“At present, China and Greece’s traditional friendship and cooperation continues to glow with new dynamism,” China’s Foreign Ministry cited Xi as saying. Cooperation in infrastructure, energy and telecommunications should be “deep and solid”, Xi added, without giving details. Tsipras is in Beijing to attend a summit to promote Xi’s vision of expanding links between Asia, Africa and Europe underpinned by billions of dollars in infrastructure investment called the Belt and Road initiative.

Greek infrastructure development group Copelouzos has signed a deal with China’s Shenhua Group to cooperate in green energy projects and the upgrade of power plants in Greece and other countries, the Greek company said on Friday. The deal will involve total investment of 3 billion euros ($3.28 billion), Copelouzos said in a statement, without providing further details. China has been investing heavily in Greece in recent years.

Its biggest shipping company, COSCO Shipping, bought a majority stake in Piraeus Port Authority last year under a plan to turn Greece into a transhipment hub for rapidly growing trade between Asia and Eastern Europe. Xi said China and Greece should focus their efforts on turning the Piraeus port into an important international transhipment hub and key part of the new Silk Road, the Chinese ministry said.

China State Grid also agreed last year to buy a 24 percent stake in power grid operator ADMIE for 320 million euros. Greek government borrowing costs hit their lowest level in more than five years this week as the troubled euro zone state looks close to clinching a deal with its creditors to release new loans to it. After six months of tense talks, Athens and its international lenders – the European Union and International Monetary Fund – reached a provisional deal last week on the reforms needed to release new loans. (13/5/2017)

On the sidelines of his Beijing visit, PM Tsipras met with Turkish President Tayip Erdogan earlier today, while a meeting with the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde is on the schedule.


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