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Repost: CPUSA NY district expels Austin Hogan Transit Workers club
CPUSA NY District Expels Austin Hogan Transit Workers Club
| April 9, 2014 | 9:20 pm | Action


By Angelo | April 9, 2014 |

There should be alarm bells all across the left this week as the Transit Workers Club of the New York District Communist Party was expelled by one man: Bill Davis. The Austin Hogan Club was the shop club of the CPUSA in NYC. Its members worked primarily for the Metro system. Bill Davis had this to say in a letter addressed to the expelled members: “Enclosed is a check for $96.00 that was submitted on 12/3/13 as dues. It can’t be accepted as dues since the people involved are not members of the Party.” Notice here that the dues were sent in on 12/3/13 and the CPUSA’s response is dated March 20, 2014, some 3 months later. Does it take the CPUSA 3 months to process dues payments? The letter goes on to say that “[T]he Austin Hogan Club has demonstrated in many ways and on many occasions that it does not respect the Communist Party, its duly elected Leadership and enacted policies. The club has not participated in any of the events and activities of the Party nor has it supported the national or district policies of the Party, including those related to transit.”

In response, the leadership of the Austin Hogan Club issued this response: “the NY District has purged our Transit Club, Austin Hogan Club of the CPUSA. We will continue to send Pre-Convention documents to the Party in keeping with the Pre-Convention period. And, we will send them to other comrades; both those who are still in the Party and those who chose to step away. ”

This purging is in line with the factional leadership’s unwritten policy of “dropping” “expelling” or simply not accepting dues as payment as spelled out in the CPUSA Constitution. First, the Gus Hall communist club in New York was dropped from membership. Then the Arts and Entertainment Club was dropped from membership by Mr. Bill Davis himself! Then the CP Houston club was dropped and its members purged. This was followed by the Los Angeles Metro Club, and now the Austin Hogan Club. Instead of building up the party, the paid agents of imperialism are driving out honest comrades, usurping power, and moving the party away from Marxism in the direction of social-democracy.

“Given the underhanded and deceitful way in which the NY District has uncomradely treated our club, a club with excellent attendance [a club that functions in a Leninist manner], with solid transit experience and very good influence in transit matters in our union and NYC, we don’t expect a response from them. The very few who remain in the NY District are not known for direct discussions. There has not been an official District-wide meeting since the last convention.” We at the National Council of Communists have to ask, is this the proper practice of “democratic centralism”?

“The upcoming pre-convention District meeting is the first,” states the club’s statement. “They clearly do not want us at that meeting. We are ready to meet if they do hold a hearing on our appeal.”

So what does the future hold? Our party has been hijacked by Quislings and imperialist agents. There is little hope of saving it. “Clearly the 23rd Street leaders, soon to be the Halstead Street leaders, have a lock down on the June convention. Their choice of leadership leaves out most of the more active Districts from participation. That leadership is very narrow and small. It does not reflect the Party, that is, those who are still in and those who are looking at June to see what happens.”

LGBT of the Party of Communists
| June 29, 2015 | 8:53 pm | LGBT, Party of Communists USA, Party Voices | 2 Comments

——–LGBT of the Party of Communists—-Gay Pride Parade Jun 28 2015


Communists have always fought for social and economic equality; battling against racism, sexism, disability and LGBT bias. In fact, the Soviet Union was the first country to decriminalize “homosexuality” in 1917 and many important LGBT people held important positions of power in the USSR. In the United States, LGBT rights were important to the communist party and many comrades like HARRY HAY who created the Madison School were involved in the fight, even during the repressive 1950’s. East Germany was the first country to legalize birth control, abortion, sexual education, and even advocate LGBT rights as one form of sexuality equal to others during the early 1960’s.


Like racism and sexism; LGBT bias is caused by Capitalism’s need to create scapegoats and pit one set of workers against others to prevent solidarity. Just like racism did not exist for example during the Roman period or the Middle Ages, LGBT bias is a modern creation of Capitalism. Sigmund Freud, for example, when he declared that all men and women were bisexual was not postulating a new theory, but one that had been accepted. LGBT bias and the use of terms like “homosexual” were modern 20th century creations; gaining momentum specifically in the 1920’s with the rise of Fascism. Like Jews, LGBT people were also scapegoated whether in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, or Capitalist America.


One may argue that after the historic Supreme Court decision allowing same sex partners to marry in the US, why is there still a need for LGBT to support communism or join the communist party? Because “Same sex” marriage is not enough. In 29 states for example, it’s still legal to fire someone for being LGBT. Moreover 40% of LGBT youth are homeless. In addition, attacks against the LGBT community will continue as long as Capitalism needs scapegoats to detract attention from economic ills. In fact, the Supreme Court just happened to pass the “Gay” Marriage Act, as Congress passed the TPP. The TPP is a brutal free trade act that undermines all worker and community rights. Under the TPP, states and countries will no longer be able to set or enforce pollution controls or even a minimum wage if it interferes with corporate profits. We need real progressive change. An End to All Discrimination!! Not smokescreens.



  • Everyone should be entitled to healthcare benefits, not just married couples.
  • Increase number of School Counselors for all students, including LGBT
  • End all discrimination in the workplace, housing, adoption services, and public services.
  • End homelessness, including the 40% who are LGBT. In the former Soviet constitution, shelter was a basic right as was medical care, and education to the university level.            


Join us and make a difference.

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