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D. Koutsoumbas: “The austerity memorandums must be thrown in the trashbin of history”

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

D. Koutsoumbas: “The austerity memorandums must be thrown in the trashbin of history”

“Popular uprising everywhere. The memorandums of austerity must be thrown in the trashbin of history” said among other things the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Dimitris Koutsoumbas who attended the large strike demonstration in Athens on May 17. Talking to journalists, Secretary Koutsoumbas made the following statement:

“Actually, class war is now in progress, it is a marathon, not a rifle shot in the air. Class war must be a daily and lasting one. The harsh antipeople measures, the 4th memorandum along with the previous memorandums (of austerity) must be thrown in the trashbin of History and for that the only responsible are the Greek people, the labor-popular movement. 

For that reason, our call is: Popular uprising everywhere, not a day or hour must be gone; the struggle doesn’t end today or tomorrow but continues. 

The KKE, the class forces, the militant movement, PAME, the Social Alliace will be present, every day, everywhere, in the streets and in the Parliament, in industries, in the cities and the villages. This is a lasting struggle, (which) must lead to the overthrow of this rotten and corrupt system, of its government, for disengagement from the EU, with a social and economic plan which will have in its epicenter the working man, the ever-expanding needs of our people”.
Within the framework of the 24h General Strike numerous demonstrations, organised by PAME, took place in Greece’s large cities. In Athens, thousands of people- workers, unemployed, self-employed, pensioners, students- gathered at Kotzia Square and marched in the city center. A respective militant demonstration took place in Thessaloniki.
New PAME-organised protests against the new austerity memorandum will be held on Thursday evening in the country’s major cities.

Info: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.

Demonstration in Athens, May 17, 2017.
Demonstration in Thessaloniki, May 17, 2017.
“We will not become the slaves of the 21st century”: The KKE calls for people’s counterattack

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“We will not become the slaves of the 21st century”: The KKE calls for people’s counterattack
A 24hr general strike will be held in Greece on 17 May 2017, as well as the strike rallies and demonstrations of the All-worker’s Militant Front (PAME) in dozens of cities, against the measures which the coalition government of the “Left” party of SYRIZA and the nationalist party of ANEL is bringing for discussion on that day in Parliament. 
Protest demonstrations will be organized by PAME all over the country on 18th of May, the day the measures will be voted on.
The SYRIZA-ANEL government is bringing these measures after the negotiations with the imperialist unions of the EU and IMF for the 2nd evaluation of the 3rd Memorandum. It is clear from the results that the government negotiated with the lenders on behalf of the interests of the domestic monopoly groups and not the people, with the aim of accelerating the process of an exit from the capitalist crisis that favours capital.
The new raft of anti-people measures further escalates the assault, thrusts new burdens onto the already struggling popular households, at the same time when better conditions are being formed for the activity of the business groups (such as the new measures to liberalize the market and accelerate privatizations).
In brief, the measures provide for:
  • New reductions in pensions, with the result that the pensioners will lose a sum equivalent to two months’ pensions a year
  • Increase of direct taxation even for those who have a low income, through the reduction of the tax threshold. So, for example, a salaried employee who earns 615 euros a month and who does not pay any direct taxes today, will be called onto to pay up to 300 euros of tax a year, i.e. almost half a month’s salary.
  • New reductions in public funds for healthcare spending.
  • New cuts to various benefits (unemployment, heating).
  • There are other measures to support capital in the new agreement, such as the increase of privatizations, the complete liberalization of mass dismissals for big capitalist businesses, the legislation of new obstacles to the calling of strikes, the consolidation of all the anti-workers laws on collective labour agreements passed since 2011, the creation of new obstacles for the signing of collective labour agreements, the legalization of “lock outs” organized by the employers, the abolition of the Sunday holiday with painful consequences for retail workers and small shopkeepers, with aim of accelerating the concentration of the retail sector into department stores and supermarket chains etc.
These new measures will have a cumulative impact in a period when the situation of most employees and self-employed has already deteriorated dramatically due to the policies both of the previous ND-PASOK governments and the current SYRIZA-ANEL government.
In 2016, 45% of the population had an income under the fixed poverty line.
The KKE calls on the people to protest against the new agreement in a combative way, on the basis of their needs, which are constantly being sacrificed at the altar of the recovery of the profits of the monopolies. It calls on the people, beginning with the strike of the 17thof May to organize their counterattack decisively, to demand the immediate recovery of the great losses they suffered during the period of the crisis, against the new offensive of the ruling class, EU, IMF, which is being unleashed by the SYRIZA-ANEL government.
The workers with their mass participation in the strike of the 17th of May, in the other mobilizations, with their organization in the workplaces, must declare that: “We will not become the slaves of the 21st century.”
People Rise Up: Greece’s Labour movement prepares for national General Strike on May 17

Monday, May 15, 2017

People Rise Up: Greece’s Labour movement prepares for national General Strike on May 17
A nationwide General Strike is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2017 with rallies and demonstrations in Athens-Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Patras and all major cities of the country.
On the occasion of the General Strike, the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) calls the people to rise up against the new harsh measures imposed by the bailout agreement of the SYRIZA coalition government and the creditors (EU-IMF). More specifically, the PAME statement writes:
All together, workers, Unemployed, self-employed, scientists, small farmers, young workers, we must stop the continuous destruction of our lives.
We must demand the recovery of all our losses
We must fight for new demands, based on our contemporary needs
The new Agreement-4th Memorandum of the SYRIZA Government-Capital-EU is:
  • Further destruction of the branch level Collective Contracts. Further attack on the already cut National Minimum Wage and the division between young and older workers. They destroy our wages
  • Liberalization of massive layoffs and legalization of Lock Out
  • New brutal taxation to the people which will cost additional 1.5 salaries every year in taxes.
  • New pension cuts! They steal from the pensioners up to 2 pensions every year.
  • They abolish Sunday as a day off from work. They turn the workers into slaves of the multinationals, who will work 7 days a week. They take us back into the dark ages.
  • They cut whatever rights and benefits were left, as the unemployment benefit. With more than 1.000.000 unemployed and less than 1/10 of them receiving any financial support from the unemployment agency, they cut further €1.5 million a year from unemployment funding.
  • More cuts are imposed to a series of benefits that existed to support the most vulnerable and poor workers.
  • New privatizations are imposed in state companies in Electricity, Gas, Water, Oil. This will also lead to higher costs for the workers.
  • They open the door for auctioning off and foreclosures of people’s homes etc
  • Under the demand of the “big investors”, they want to block trade union action. To block the foundation and activity of unions, to stop the organization of struggles.
  • We must stop the new attack against our lives
  • The new measures are the 4th Memorandum, which will burden the working class. It includes new privileges and funding to the big business groups, new misery for the workers.
We can see clearly what is the meaning of the so called “fair development”. It is growth and development for the benefit of the capitalists, that is built over the destruction of the workers’-people’s rights. Development based on extreme exploitation. Growth which means huge profits for the few, poverty for the many.
For these profits the SYRIZA Government, also, promotes the participation of Greece to the geopolitical bloodbath that we witness in our region. Their goal of “geostrategic upgrade” of Greece is why they participate in the imperialist interventions and wars.
We demand no participation in the imperialist plans
The workers, the unemployed, the young workers, we demand the recovery of our losses, our contemporary needs.
We condemn the unified line of the political parties (social democratic, liberal, centrist, etc) that supported the 3rd Memorandum., who support the policy of the monopolies and the exploitative system. They are responsible for our situation.
We take the responsibility for the organizations and success of the General Strike in our hands.
We overcome the obstacles and the undermining of the forces of class collaboration, the trade union forces controlled by the Government and the employers. We overcome the ETUC members in Greece (GSEE-ADEDY), who are the most stable ally of the capitalists.
We have the right on our side!
We have the power!
May 17 – National General Strike
May 18 Demonstrations and Rallies in All Greek Cities.
ATHENS, Kotzia square at 10.00 am.
THESSALONIKI, Venizelos’ statue at 10.30 am.
PIRAEUS, Karaiskaki square at 10.00 am.

May Day 2017: Mass participation in PAME’s militant rallies in Athens and Thessaloniki (Photos & Videos)

Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day 2017: Mass participation in PAME’s militant rallies in Athens and Thessaloniki (Photos & Videos)
Info from / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
With a massive gathering at Syntagma square and a march towards the U.S. Embassy, thousands of people participated in PAME’s May Day rally in Athens. Under the slogan “With the Workers of all Countries for a World without exploitation, wars, refugees”, the protesters expressed their commitment to continue the class struggle against the new antipeople measures of the SYRIZA coalition government and the EU. 
The 1st of May rallies by PAME consist a step towards the escalation of struggle against the policy of government-EU-capital which will be expressed with a nationwide strike on May 17th.
Attending the May Day rally in Syntagma square, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Dimitris Koutsoumbas made the following statement:
“The 2017 May Day must consist a real beginning of new big dynamic working-popular struggles for the movement’s regroupment, in order to take back everything they stole from us during the crisis period, to cancel all the antiworker antipeople laws, to unilaterally disengage our country from the EU and NATO wolves-alliances, to unilaterally delete this debt and of course to pave the way for the socialization of the mode of production, of the services, of the whole economy with a centrally elaborated plan. So that our people’s prosperity really exists, against wars, with peace, with the working class, the people in power. This way can- and must- open from today on, every day, every hour. This is the invitation of the KKE to the people”
The major speech at the PAME May Day rally in Athens was delivered by Giorgos Perros, member of the PAME executive committee, while greeting messages were read by the Ambassador of Palestine Marwan Emile Toubassi and the representative of the striking workers at “Coca-Cola Thessaloniki” Anestis Metaxas. 
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In Thessaloniki, a militant rally took place at the city center where thousands of workers, women and students participated in PAME’s May Day gathering. The rally concluded with the laying of carnation wreaths at the place where workers were murdered during the May 1936 uprising in the city.

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In Piraeus:

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

With the workers of all countries, for a world without exploitation, wars, and refugees.
This 1st of May we are in the eye of the imperialist storm. The outbreaks of armed conflicts are spreading through from Ukraine to the Black Sea, the Balkans, the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.
Powerful forces are involved in the competitions, such as the United States, the EU, Russia with the active participations of the governments of our countries in for the control of oil, natural gas, the roads of energy transfer, markets, in the interest of the monopoly groups.
The war in Syria, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and turned millions of others into refugees, is the result of intra-imperialist competitions, a multiform imperialist intervention. It shows how capitalism, which increases the wealth for a “handful” of exploiters, at the same time, it creates crisis, social problems, war, refugees, with devastating consequences for millions of workers.
The imperialists divide the world with the blood of the people; they create nationalist rivalries among the peoples.
The Balkans have experienced the bloody and destructive dissolution of countries by imperialist war, the change of borders.
NATO army and fleet spread over from the Baltic to the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, defending the interests of this “alliance of wolves”, the interests of its monopolies in the area against their competitors.
The all-out attack which condemns the working classes in every country in unemployment, poverty and misery, is the one side of the coin of class policy.
The other side is the unfair imperialist war, which they wage in the interests of large monopoly groups.
Faced with the possibility of a widespread military conflict in our region, we build a wall of protection for the working class of our countries, for our people, in joint action and solidarity between the peoples and with the Trade Unions in the first line of this fight.
We fight for all of our rights, demanding the satisfaction of the contemporary needs of working-class families. We are fighting against exploitation and against our exploiters.
This fight is inextricably connected with the fight against any participation of our countries in the war prepared by our exploiters with their power, their governments and their alliances with USA – NATO – EU, against the workers in other countries.
The bourgeoisie promotes their class interest for profits as “national interest” both in times of “peace” and war.
We will not bleed for their profits; we will not become meat in their cannons.
There is nothing to divide among the working classes of other countries, among other people. On the contrary, we are united by the common interest of fighting for a life without riches and poverty, without bosses, this is the life that belongs to us.
That is why we are fighting for:
  • No involvement in the imperialist interventions and wars outside the borders. No involvement in the slaughterhouses of NATO and the EU.
  • Closure of all foreign military bases. NATO Out from the Aegean Sea and the Balkans.
  • No involvement in any capitalist political-military alliance.
  • Against the change of borders and the change of treaties that guarantee them.
  • Against the abolition of trade unions rights and other freedoms.
  • We say no to war expenditure for military action outside the borders, we demand funding to satisfy the needs of the working class, of workers’ families.
  • Against nationalism, racism, chauvinism.
  • Solidarity with refugees, migrants, solidarity to all people.
We Do Not Stand Behind The Foreign And Hostile To Us Flag Of The Capitalists And Their Allies. We Raise The Flag Of The Interests Of The Working Class.
We Are Fighting Against The Unjust Wars, To Eliminate What Causes Them.
Solidarity Is The Weapon Of Peoples.
Currently signed by:
PAME- Greece
Nakliyat Is – Turkey
Sosyal Is – Turkey
Birlesik Metal Is – Turkey
Autonomous Trade Union of Employees in Agriculture, Food, Tobacco Industry – Serbia 
SLOGA – Serbia
GFTU –Syria
WUCP – Palestine
Left Bloc – Austria
Cyprus – KTOEOS
USB – Italy
SGB – Italy
PAME expresses solidarity with the General Strike of the workers of Brazil on April 28

Thursday, April 27, 2017

PAME expresses solidarity with the General Strike of the workers of Brazil on April 28
The All Workers Militant Front (PAME) that represents the class trade union movement of Greece, expresses its solidarity with the working class and the unions of Brazil, the CTB and the friends and affiliates of WFTU in Brazil, for the General Strike of April 28
The workers of Brazil are going on General Strike on April 28 against the antiworkers’ reforms planned by the Temer Government on Social Security and labour legislation. The General Strike of April 28, which has been prepared systematically by the class trade unions of Brazil for weeks, aims to be the biggest strike action since the great General Strike of 1917.
PAME expresses its class solidarity with the General Strike of the workers of Brazil, in their fight for workers’ rights against the antiworkers’ policies that serve the capital.
* * * 
Nationwide General Strike slated for April 28 in Brazil.
Sao Paulo, Brazil – Labor unions, progressive political parties and social movements across Brazil have called for a general strike of all workers to protest the neoliberal anti-worker policies being imposed by right-wing politicians including the new president Michel Temer. Temer was put in office only after the illegal removal of progressive President Dilma Rousseff of the Workers Party.
“Teachers in Brazil face many of the same challenges that we do in Chicago. They face closings of neighborhood schools, cuts in teachers’ pension benefits as well as cuts to students in need. But a general strike to protest. Wow!” said CTU Executive Board Member Natasha Carlsen. “We are not there yet, but by organizing students, teachers and parents and applying class struggle methods we will get there.”
The call for a general strike follows protests and strikes by more than a million people on March 15. In Sao Paulo, the CTB president, Adilson Araujo, was one of those who used the microphone on the crowded Paulista Avenue saying, “Brazil woke up earlier today, willing to give a response to this illegitimate government which tries to impose at all costs an extreme neoliberal agenda.”
“All the unions are organizing for the General Strike. We had a meeting with every union in every sector. We are all united. We are striking to win back workers’ rights, win back our pensions and stop outsourcing,” said Campinas General Secretary for the CTB Paulo Jose Nobre, “Brazilian President Michel Temer is making an unprecedented attack on us. He wants us to work more hours and get paid less. He wants us to work more years for our pension and have less rights as workers.”