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HSM Anti-Fascist Educational Program on Sunday, February 26
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Houston Socialist Movement is hosting an educational program on Sunday, February 26, 3-5 pm, in Room 111 of the Montrose Center, 401 Branard Street, in Houston. The program will address two important questions: Are we seeing the rise of Fascism? What can we do to stop the Far Right?

We will discuss the nature of the new right-wing regime in Washington, DC and the threat it poses to workers, people of color, immigrants, women, LGBT communities, and democratic-mind​ed people. We will also explore how independent working class political action by workers and oppressed people can defeat the Far Right and lay the foundation for revolutionary social change.

For more information, please call 832.692.2306 or 281.935.9248.

In Solidarity,
Upcoming Protests in Houston
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Dear Sisters and Brothers,
On Friday at 4 pm, there will be a Super Bowl Weekend #No Ban! No Wall! Protest at the intersection of Westheimer and Post Oak. This action was initiated by our friend Sayed and several other individuals. Co-organizers include Students for Justice in Palestine, the University of Houston Muslim Student Alliance, Houston Socialist Movement, Black Lives Matter, Familias Inmigrantes y Estudiantes en la Lucha, Standing Up for Racial Justice, Latinos Inmigrantes Triunfadores, and other groups.
On Saturday, the group Houston Stands with Standing Rock will meet at City Hall, at 2 pm, then march to Discovery Green at 3 pm. Their action is called, “Punt the Pipelines for the People and Planet.” Another group of people under the banner, “Resist Trump! Resist Hate!”, will meet at City Hall at 3 pm, then march to Discovery Green.
On Sunday, Houston Stands with Standing Rock will have a “Punt the Pipelines for the People and Planet” gathering at NRG Stadium around 2 pm. Yet another group will assemble there at the same time under the banner, “Occupy Super Bowl 51 Houston.” In addition, the Alliance for Action will march from Hermann Park to the NRG Stadium.
We know many of us have been in the streets a lot since Trump was inaugurated, but we hope you can participate in one or more of these upcoming actions. We will see you there.
In Solidarity,
Upcoming Protests against Trump’s Ban, Wall, and Other Repressive Measures
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Dear Sisters and Brothers,
The inauguration of Donald Trump as President marks the beginning of a new, increasingly dangerous period in our history. But the unprecedented mass demonstrations of the past 10 days signal the beginning of a new era of resistance. The Houston Socialist Movement urges you to participate in as many protests and other acts of resistance as possible. Here are three important actions occurring this week:
Tonight, at 7 pm, FIEL is holding a vigil, “We shall Overcome/Juntos Venceremos,” at City Hall, 901 Bagby St.
Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5:30 pm, LITE, HSM, and MEAP are holding a demonstration, “Protesta contra Pena Nieto y Trump,” at the Mexican Consulate, 4506 Caroline St.
Friday, at 4 pm, our friend Sayed and other individuals and groups are holding a rally, “Super Bowl Weekend #NoBanNoWall Protest” at Westheimer Rd. and Post Oak Blvd.
HSM is glad to support these events and other upcoming actions. We will get another email about demonstrations next weekend out to you ASAP.
In Solidarity,
Not My President! Resist Trump! March and Rally in Houston on Friday, January 20
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Donald Trump is the most openly racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, and authoritarian candidate to become president of the United States in modern history. He was not democratically elected, and he will never be a legitimate president for scores of millions of us. As this billionaire sociopath moves into the White House and the threat of fascism grows, it is imperative that workers, women, oppressed people, and democratic-minded allies make clear: Not My President! Resist Trump!
The January 20 coalition is organizing a march and rally to protest the inauguration of Trump on Friday, January 20. Our application for a parade permit was denied, but this will not stop us from forcefully opposing Trump from his first day in office. We will assemble on the sidewalk at 900 Smith St., next to Hermann Square, at 1 pm. Beginning at 1:30 pm, we will march on the sidewalks down Smith St. to the Leland Federal Building at 1919 Smith St. Our rally there will include speakers, chants, spoken word artists, and the dramatic smashing of a new Trump piñata.
The January 20 action will be an independent political action by workers and oppressed people, without any ties to organizations led by the Democrats or Republicans. As Trump moves into the White House and the threat of fascism grows, our message will be that only the masses of workers and oppressed people can effectively resist Trump, defeat fascism, and lay the foundation for revolutionary change. And the January 20 action is only the beginning of our resistance.
Together, we will demand: Stop the attacks on immigrants! Stop the attacks on women! Black lives matter! Brown lives matter! Stop racist police terror! Defend the Muslim community! Defend and expand the rights of workers and the 99%! Defend the LGBT communities! Stop the rise of fascism! Stop US imperialist wars! Stop the destruction of Mother Earth!
The January 20 coalition includes Alianza Mexicana, Familias Inmigrantes y Estudiantes en la Lucha, Houston Communist Party, Houston Socialist Movement, International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran, Latinos Inmigrantes Triunfadores, Organizacion Latino Americana Pro-Derecho Del Inmigrante, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and other organzations (list in formation). If your organization would like to endorse the January 20 action or if you would like more information, please call us at 832.692.2306, 713.447-4106 (se habla espanol), or 713.714.5361. If you would like to help spread the word about the action, please share our “hold the date” event page at
In Solidarity,
Houston Socialist Movement
Condolences to Russia over the recent tragedies

200px-Hammer_and_sickle_svgBy James Thompson

Today A. Shaw and James Thompson presented a dozen red roses and a letter expressing our condolences to the Russian Consul General in Houston. The letter was as follows:

“December 29, 2016

Alexander Zakharov

Consul General, Russia

1333 West Loop South, Ste. 1300

Houston, TX 77027

Dear Alexander Zakharov:

The Houston Communist Party, Houston Peace Council and Houston Socialist Movement want to express our deepest condolences. We are very sad to learn of the tragic recent events. The crash of the airliner in the Black Sea and the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey cause us much sorrow.

Many of us are admirers of the Red Army Choir/Alexandrov Ensemble.

We are also concerned about the tensions between our two great nations and want to express our opposition to further conflict. We are hopeful that the President-elect of the United States will maintain his campaign positions in support of peace with Russia. Any sensible person can easily recognize that a major war between Russia and the US would reduce us all to cockroach food. As Pete Seeger sang many years ago “We can all be cremated equally.”

We applaud Russia’s efforts to establish peace in Syria and hope the next President of the US will work with Russia in an honest atmosphere of cooperation and dialogue in order to neutralize the terrorists who have done so much damage.

Peaceful coexistence rather than delusional allegations should be our one and only goal.

Peace and solidarity,

Houston Communist Party

Houston Peace Council

Houston Socialist Movement”

The consulate staff who received the letter were very gracious and professional. They showed us a display they had organized on a small table. It had flowers and a picture of the assassinated Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov. Needless to say, it was quite moving.

As we were leaving, the consulate staff member, Dmitri, called for better relations between our two countries. We replied simply, “We need peace!” Hopefully, 2017, the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution which ended the Czarist monarchy and marked the beginning of a socialist government, will bring better relations between the U.S. and the Russian Federation.Victoryoverfascism1945-590x260worker-and-collective-farm-woman

Shut Down Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer in College Station on December 6! No Platform for Fascists!
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is scheduled to speak at Texas A&M University on December 6, and activists in College Station are organizing an action against this white supremacist. Details from local organizers will be sent to you as soon as possible. Houston Socialist Movement, Students for a Democratic Society, Latino Inmigrantes Triunfadores, Socialist Alternative, and Latino Organization for Immigrant Rights call for the largest possible participation of people from Greater Houston. We believe it is absolutely essential to shut this neo-Nazi down! We believe there should be no platform for fascists!

As many of you know, Spencer is the head of the National Policy Institute and the ostensible originator of the term “alt-right.” He and his suppporters are really just neo-Nazis in business suits. At a recent conference, Spencer repeated the racist Big Lie that this country was built by white people alone and belongs to them. He ended his speech with a Nazi salute and the words, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” See the video and related article at

If you would like more information on this important anti-fascist action in College Station and participation from Greater Houston, please contact us at 832.692.2306. Please share this event as widely as possible.

In Solidarity,
Meeting to Commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
October 25 is the 99th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia. Led by Lenin and the Bolsheviks, this Revolution overthrew capitalism and established the first workers’ state in history. All over the world, workers and oppressed people greeted the Revolution with joy and celebration. Almost a century later, workers and oppressed people across the planet will be commemorating the Revolution and rededicating themselves to the struggle against capitalism and all its inherent evils.

Houston Socialist Movement and Freedom Road Socialist Organization are hosting a meeting to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The meeting will be held on Monday, October 24, at 7 pm, in Room 114 of The Montrose Center, 401 Branard Street, Houston 77006. The program will include two presentations and discussion among participants. Everyone who celebrates the world’s first socialist revolution or who would like to learn more about this extraordinary historical event is invited to attend. For more information, call 832.692.2306 or 832.788.7016.

In Solidarity,