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59th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution: Message of the CC of the KKE to the Communist Party of Cuba

Friday, December 29, 2017

59th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution: Message of the CC of the KKE to the Communist Party of Cuba
On the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) send to the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) the following message:
Athens, 29 December 2017.
Dear comrades,
we are delivering to you our comradely regards for the 59th anniversary of the victory of the Revolution in Cuba which created the first free territory in the american continent, liberated from imperialist repression and capitalist exploitation.
The KKE over time has practically expressed its internationalist solidarity with the Revolution and the people of Cuba. We condemn the measures and the anti-cuban rhetoric of the Trump government and criticize the insidious undermining policy of the EU. We support the struggle of your people for the removal of the criminal blockade of the USA, for the closure of the american base of Guantanamo, for the respect of the cuban people’s sovereign right to determine its own future.
Cuba, with the benefit of socialist construction, the aid of the USSR and the socialist countries and the internationalist solidarity of the world’s people, resisted the attacks of imperialism, having unprecedented achievements by the standards of the region’s countries and beyond.
The victory of the Cuban Revolution consisted a source of inspiration for the oppressed of the whole world. It confirmed the viability of marxism-leninism, of the revolutionary struggle and proletarian internationalism against defeatism and subjection to the negative correlation of force, against parliamentary and reformist illusions which were tormenting the labour movement. It (Cuban Revolution) will always remain in the heart of the working class and the people who are struggling for their liberation from capitalist exploitation and imperialist barbarity.
The Central Committee of the KKE”.
Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
Russia: Thousands of people celebrated the October Revolution’s centennial despite Kremlin’s deliberate silence

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Russia: Thousands of people celebrated the October Revolution’s centennial despite Kremlin’s deliberate silence
With numerous events, rallies and parades, thousands of people of every age celebrated the 100 years since the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia and other countries of the former USSR. The celebrations took place despite the deliberate effort from the side of the Russian government to “distract” public opinion from the great anniversary. 
Large rallies, organised by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) and the Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP), took place in Moscow, Leningrad (St.Petersburg), Novosibirsk, Omsk and other smaller cities. 
In Moscow, the demonstrators marched through the Pushkin Square to the Revolution Square waving the flags of the Lenin Komsomol, portraits of Lenin and Stalin, as well as chanting communist slogans. Then a rally was held in front of Statue of Karl Marx in the Revolution square. Many representatives of communist parties and left-wing political forces participated in the events.
Among the participants were representatives from the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), members and friends of the National Union of Fighters of National Resistance – Democratic Army of Greece (PEAEA-DSE), as well as the Secretary General of the World Peace Council, also member of the CC of the KKE, Thanasis Pafilis. 
Greek communists holding banners of the Democratic Army and the KKE /
Banners of the KKE and TKP in Moscow /
From Cuba, on behalf of the Cuban Communist Party and President Raul Castro, the member of the PCC Central Committee Secretariat, Jose Ramon Balaguer, laid a floral wreath on behalf of the Cuban people to commemorate the Great October Socialist Revolution. The head of the International Relations Department of the PCC paid tribute to the revolution at Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. Balaguer, during his address, stressed that the revolution must be kept in memory as a reference point for the desired world design.
As we noted in the beginning, the Russian government avoided to organise any event in honor of the 1917 October Revolution, apart from a parade dedicated to the 76 years since the 1941 Red Army parade before leaving to the front against the Nazis. The “silence” from the side of the Kremlin over this extremely significant anniversary of a revolution which changed the route of History confirms the reactionary and anticommunist orientation of Vladimir Putin’s government. 
Fidel Castro and the apologists of capitalism

Friday, May 5, 2017

Fidel Castro and the apologists of capitalism
By Nikos Mottas:
Translated abstract of a speech given in honor of Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz; Greece, 28.4.2017*.
The death of Fidel Castro last November unfolded, both in Greece as well as internationally, an orchestrated attack against the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution and socialist Cuba. A patchwork of anticommunism, from the far-right to the edge of social democracy, didn’t lose the opportunity to slander the cuban revolutionary, either by attributing to him various characterizations (e.g dictator, controversial personality, etc) or by reproducing proven lies about his supposed fabulous wealth and personal life.
They tried to vilify Fidel with numerous slanders…. That he was a dictator who installed a repressing establishment, that socialism was proved- as some claimed- a ‘chimera’ which gave birth to authoritarianism, lack of democracy and freedom.
Of course, the slanderers of Fidel got their response from the people of Cuba who, by hundreds of thousands filled the squares and the streets throughout the country, from Havana to Santiago, with tears in their eyes in order to pay their respects to the revolutionary and communist leader.
However, a question arises: What was the reason behind this attack against Castro and why did they consume so much ink in order to vilify Cuba?
The answer is simple. What disturbs the slanderers of Fidel Castro- and thats why they attack so fiercely- is what the Cuban Revolution herself symbolizes: This is the capability of the people, of the working class, to fight for a society free from the capitalist shackles and man’s exploitation by man.
Behind any slander against “dictator Castro” hides the agonizing effort of the bourgeoisie and her praetorians to obscure and distort the achievements of Socialism in Cuba, so that no conclusions can be drawn from the struggle of the Cuban people.
The example of the Cuban Revolution shows that the people who will walk towards Socialism, even beginning from a very low level of productive forces development, can achieve great things regarding the working people-popular needs.
It is evident that the great achievements of the Cuban Revolution in a series of social life’s sectors annoy the apologists of capitalist barbarity. It annoys them, for example, the fact that Fidel’s revolutionary government took over a country- colony of the USA- with a very low level of productive forces and steadily transformed her, with the invaluable and crucial economic contribution of the Soviet Union, in a state with very high quality, accessible to all people, public services of Healthcare, Social Welfare, Education, Culture, Sports.
They (apologists of capitalism) are annoyed by the fact that the socialist construction in this small island of the Caribbean, managed in a very short time to almost completely eradicate illiteracy which was dominant in pre-revolutionary Cuba. They are annoyed, of course, because the small Cuba of 11 million inhabitants became a protagonist in internationalist aid and solidarity towards people who were fighting and fight against imperialist barbarity- from south America to Angola.
Exactly because the example of Cuba disturbs them, they decided to turn white into black, to vilify Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution.
However, they silence the truth.
They deliberately silence the fact that in Cuba the right to Social Security is for all the people, for the entire population, while on the same time, in the neighboring superpower- the capitalist “paradise” of the USA- dozens of millions of people have no Social Security coverage.
They deliberately silence the fact that in Cuba there is not even one homeless man or woman, while on the same time the large cities of the European Union and the United States have been transformed into “camps” of homeless people.
They deliberately silence the fact that the Cuban National Health System- free and accessible for the entire population- has been characterized by UNESCO as an “example” for the whole world. You see, contrary to the capitalist world where Healthcare has become a commodity and issue to speculation, in small Cuba it remains public good.
They deliberately silence the fact that Fidel’s Cuba managed to decrease child mortality from 42% to 4%, while it is the only Latin American country without child malnutrition.
They deliberately silence that Cuba has one of the lowest illiteracy rates in the world, with the 13% of the annual state budget allocated for the improvement of the public Education System; a number which is double and triple from the respective of the governments in the USA and the EU.
While they silence all the above, Fidel’s slanderers and the anticommunists of every nature have the audacity to speak about “lack of democracy in Cuba”. Of course, we know very well about the kind of “democracy” and “freedom” the apologists of capitalism care.
It is the “freedom” in exploitation, the “freedom” of a minority to exploit the work of the majority, the “freedom” in the frantic race of capitalist profit and competitiveness that flattens lives, rights and needs for the majority of the people. It is the “freedom” that limits in capitalist ownership in the means of production which is the regarded as “sacred” and the bourgeois states protect in every possible way. The same “freedom” which leads the struggle for the share of markets and territories that creates military conflicts and imperialist interventions. It is the “freedom” and “democracy” which stop before the entrance of industries and corporations.
Indeed, this kind of “freedom” was trampled by Fidel’s socialist Cuba- like in the other socialist countries of the 20th century- because that consists a prerequisite for the working people, for those who produce the wealth, to take the power in their hands and to free themselves from the shackes of exploitation.
One thing is therefore evident: The fact that just a few kilometres south of the shores of the imperialist superpower, with a genocidal, criminal blockade that lasts for 55 years, the small island of socialist Cuba has managed not only to stand upright but to progress and achieve great conquests for the workers-people’s needs. These are conquests which in capitalism are unthinkable.
The apologists of capitalism will never forgive Comandante Fidel Castro and Cuba the fact that they didn’t bend, they didn’t make a step backwards, even when the counterrevolutionary overthrows in the beginning of the 1990s in the USSR and the socialist countries of eastern Europe were dramatically changing the correlation of forces worldwide.
In spite of the various apologists of the capitalist system, Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolutionaries have been vindicated by History. 
Comandante Fidel’s historic legacy, the capability of the people to assert their liberation from the shackles of the exploitative system haunts – and will haunt forever- the praetorians of bourgeois ideology. 
Indeed, being a Revolutionary in practice and not in words, Fidel, alongside his comrades, along with the Cuban people, proved that the only superpower are the people who resist, who fight against capitalist barbarity, who pave the way to socialist perspective, for a society without exploitation of man by man. 
Political event in honor of Fidel Castro Ruz in Thessaloniki, Greece, organised by the Greek-Cuban Association of Friendship and Solidarity and the Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace.
KKE Gen. Secretary Koutsoumbas met with Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in Athens

Saturday, April 22, 2017

KKE Gen. Secretary Koutsoumbas met with Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in Athens

Info from / Translation: In Defense of Communism.
The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Dimitris Koutsoumbas met this morning with the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Eduardo Rodriguez Parrilla at the Party’s headquarters in Perissos, Athens. The meeting took place within the framework of Minister Parrilla’s two-day visit in Greece.
After the meeting, Dimitris Koutsoumbas made the following remarks:

“We had a very interesting meeting and discussion with the Foreign Minister of Cuba and member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba, as well as with the delegation of the Cuban Party which is visiting Greece these days. […] There was an update for the situation in Greece, here in the region of Europe, as well as about the situation in Cuba, in Latin America and for the situation in the world in general. We referred to the dangerous situations for peace which are being created in various parts of the world.
I informed Mr.Minister for the developments in the EU, the course of the economic crisis in our country and in the EU, as well as for the KKE policy as it is developing after the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of Greece. We expressed our solidarity towards the people of Cuba, for their struggle for the country’s economic development, against the imperialist interventions, against the embargo, against all policies which make Cuba people’s life more difficult. On the same time, we expressed the need for development of our parties’ bilateral relations, but also our internationalist solidarity within the framework of the international meetings of the Communist and Workers Parties, of other regional meetings, for peace and progress in our countries, our regions, in the whole world. 
We will continue the discussion, the exchange of opinions, the solidarity and friendship between the KKE and the Communist Party of Cuba, mainly between the Greek and the Cuban people”.
From his side, Mr. Bruno Eduardo Rodriguez Parrilla conveyed  Raul Castro’s greetings to the KKE and the Greek people. He informed about the efforts of the CP of Cuba for the socialist construction in his country as well as for the situation in the region, stating that he shares the concerns regarding the existing dangers about new wars and also about the negative role that international financial institutions and formations play. 
The Cuban Foreign Minister pointed out his government’s will to continue the dialogue with the government of the USA, within a framework of complete respect of each country and non-intervention in the internal politics of each other. Furthermore, he thanked the KKE for its solidarity towards the Cuban people and its struggle against the economic, commercial and financial blockade and generally for its support to the Cuban Revolution. Minister Parrilla stated that he is happy that he is in Greece and has the opportunity to acquire a first-hand impression of the Greek people and their struggle.