Department of International Relations…….

In view of the tensed atmosphere surrounded the last negotiation session took place in Sharm-Sheikh, the Department of International Relations-PLO confirms once again its steady position towards settlements’ issues; the Palestinians along with the International community announced before negotiation initiation their refusal of partial freeze of settlement’s construction, stressing no peace with settlements, and denounced all forms of settlements’ building, land confiscation and other Israeli violations that hinder the peace process.

According to a report issued by the leftist Israeli movement (Peace Now), Israel insists on keeping on settlements’ building. The movement revealed; By the expiration date of Israeli settlement freeze, the settlers will be allowed to start building 2066 new settling homes, and another 11,000 one could be built without getting the approval of the Israeli government or defense Minister.

Besides, Mr. Netanyahu hinted lately “The partial settlement building” saying there are plans to build 19,000 new housing units: (some people asks us to build settlements from the zero point, others ask us to complete building; between the zero and the ten we have many choices to select).Quotation

Therefore, the Department of International Relations calls upon the supportive international parties including the United States of America, the Quartet, European Union and the UN to take immediate procedures to halt the Israeli policy regarding settlements’ building that represents an obstacle in face of solving the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

The Palestinian people urges the international community to push the next negotiation sessions forward on the basis of international legitimacy resolutions, in order to end the Israeli occupation and establish the Independent Palestinian State on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, to live in peace side by side with the state of Israel.

Department of International Relations-PLO


Sep. 16th, 2010