I guess no one remembers the time when Ronnie Ray-gun fired all the air traffic controllers!

Oh, let us not forget all of his austerity measures which really hurt the veterans at the V.A. hospitals.

I am very embarrassed to admit that way back when, I donated a large sum of money $500- to this moron because I thought he would fight communism.

Guess what? I’m now a proud member of the Communist Party USA and the Houston Communist Party!

James F. Harrington

Editorial Comments:

Does anyone remember when President Reagan threw all the mental health disability recipients off of social security and made them all reapply? The reapplication process took a long time and many people with mental illness died as a result of loss of benefits (social security, medicaid and medicare)? Does anyone remember that things have only gone downhill in this country since the end of the Soviet Union? The Soviet Union, which Reagan is credited with destroying, provided an example for working people to strive for and for the capitalists to compete against. Since the Soviet Union’s temporary demise as a result of counterrevolutionary forces, real wages have fallen in the U.S., health care and education are now more and more reserved for the extremely wealthy or those who are willing to go into astronomical debt in an effort to achieve a better life in the U.S. Exploitation of African Americans and other oppressed populations in the U.S. has increased since the end of the USSR. Wage disparity between the rich and poor has never been higher. Imperialist wars are raging across the globe and some are blatantly counterrevolutionary, i.e. Libya. Meanwhile, the global capitalist economic system is on the verge of collapse and unemployment around the world is at an all time high. We can be sure that few people in the U.S. remember that the Soviet Union provided universal health care, access to education and advocated for peace, including the founding of the World Peace Council. We can be sure that few people in the U.S. remember that the Soviet Union achieved universal employment and built worker’s democracy at the worksite and promoted culture accessible to all people.

How quickly they forget!